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I said back in December that the Robot/Shadow stuff in Gunnerkrigg Court was "obviously setting ... up to parallel Kat's gay freakout". I didn't realize (I should have) that the fans ("fans"?) reaction was going to parallel as well.

Youtube user mikahmomo has a response. (uh, spoilers if you're not up on the last couple of pages.)

ETA: I found the video via The Young Doyley, who writes a comic called Knights Errant that you should read.

Also, the more butthurt comments I read the funnier/more frustrating they get. Gunnerkrigg already has two canonically queer couples, I want to yell. How quickly you forget your angst over Zimmy and Gamma! And Robot and Shadow!

And, okay. Gunnerkrigg does not spell shit out. There are dozens of story threads, many of which develop quietly in the background of other story threads. This can be frustrating in the webcomic format. It's easy to forget details. But even with that, Kat's magical journey of self discovery has been really obvious. What is this 'out of nowhere' bullshit, where is your reading comprehension.
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I said, way back in 2010, that Rice Boy was a beautiful comic but bad about female characters ('it's also needlessly, obviously lacking in women (and the, like, two that are there are stereotypes)'). I've been rereading the Overside stuff* because it's kind of a Big Deal in webcomics and I, dunno, felt like I should? Because I love webcomics and want to talk about them.

Anyway, my opinions on Rice Boy and Order of Tales (which I hadn't read before) haven't changed much - they're lovely and strange and... pointed, I guess? With strong central themes. And not great about women. Order of Tales' main (almost only) female character is a walking plot device - there's lip service about her not wanting to be taken any where, about wanting her own path, but in the end... I was ready to be really pissed about it. Or at least wearily disappointed.

ButI Instead! I moved on to Vattu (the story currently running) and holy shit, someone must have talked to the author, and/or he did some learning, because there are women flipping everywhere. The protagonist, the titular character, is a girl! There are women who are fighters, priestesses, princesses, chemists, toymakers, members of a secret society, who are well rounded, distinct, with full character arcs... ugh.

Vattu is an excellent comic in other ways as well - it's about empires and expansionism and colonialism, about questioning authority and tradition, and, mmm finding and keeping ahold of yourself, maybe? Anyway. You don't need to read the other Overside stories to read Vattu and, while it's on-going, there are 422 pages to read before you're caught up. You should read it!

* Overside is a world - a storytelling device, really - created by Evan Dahm. A bunch of stories, including Rice Boy, The Order of Tales, and Vattu are set there. It's published as a webcomic.
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I'm spending a couple of days in Atlanta (well, Roswell, which is just to the north) visiting my dad and it is ridiculously, stupidly pretty out here. Trees! Trees everywhere! There are a ton of people living out here and you can't see them because 1: hills and 2: TREES. Plus flowers and vine things and tiny winding roads and perfect weather (after it stopped raining). It's exactly the mini-vacation I wanted.

I've also been working on transferring my webcomic feeds from Reader to Netvibes - it's only been 24 hours, but it seems to be doing the job so far. Although it doesn't seem to have picked up today's Nimona update yet...

I'm following 26 webcomics. There are another 14 in my 'check out/catch up on sometime soon' file. Webcomics are some of my very favorite things and there are so many! I should get working on an updated cool comics on the internet post.
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Would anybody be interested in a round-robin comic comm? Where X number of people sign up every month to do X number of turns, etc. I did something similar when I was a wee internet newb and it was a lot of fun.

It wouldn't be right away because, ha. Things are busy. But maybe in January?


When I'm not thinking about Life, working, looking for work, reading The Omnivore's Dilemma or Taxi!: A Social History of the New York City Cabdriver (guess which character that's for), playing Minecraft or Kingdom of Loathing, or plotting out Marvel'verse*/Losers**/original stories, I'm thinking about Teen Wolf.

I've been wanting to write something horror-ish and Teen Wolf was almost there a couple of times (especially in the school episode), it seemed like a good fit. It's already got a spooky house and a creepy nurse, throw in a Sanctuary crossover (I do what I want***), add some Derek/Stiles (see previous parenthetical) and I'm golden!

Except I started running scenarios and Head!Derek was all WOAH WAIT NO HE'S 16 I'M 22 I CAN'T. Which, how much Clark/Lex have I read, he's not getting that from me.

Rambling (hardcore rambling) and spoilers for Teen Wolf, possible trigger warning for sexual abuse. )

* The one that starts with Loki landing in 1962 and meeting pre-movie Mystique and ends with Darcy being a mutant sent to screw with keep an eye on Thor! The 5 Times Time Travelers Visited the Mansion fic! The inevitable Young Avengers spin-off of the 5 Times Time Travelers Visited the Mansion fic! The one where Darwin is all 'fuck y'all, I'm going to college' and ends up starting his own mutant movement/community!

** I've only got one, half written Losers fic and someday I'm going to finish it.

*** And it means less world-building for the vet and whoever the hunters called in. I took a good long look into that trap and stepped back.

**** This only applies to my own head canon, I'm plenty happy to read elsewise.
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I've skipped a couple weeks and people keep posting things, so this is a long one. Fair warning!

* First out of the bag, #yesGayYA. For those who haven't read it, he original post by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith is here: Authors Say Agents Try to “Straighten” Gay Characters in YA. [personal profile] cleolinda has the best/most exhaustive coverage I've seen and [personal profile] coffeeandink has a good roundup of pertinent links.

* Related posts not mentioned above include [livejournal.com profile] swan_tower's Followup on "Say Yes to Gay YA" and [personal profile] bookshop's YA Publishing & the de-gaying of books.

* Speaking of co-written YA books, while I was typing this up Justine Larbalesteir and Sarah Rees Brennan announced one of their own! It's apparently about girls and female friendship and vampires and it's got a girl of color smack dab in the middle of the cover. I am excite.

Moving on:

Links about food )

Links about US politics )

Links about interesting things )

Pretty pictures )

ETA: For The Next Few Days, Portal Is Free! For the computer, and you have to sign up for Steam to get it, but still. Sweet beans.

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Last Thursday I was working on my X-men fic and, at one point, I thought 'Raven's at the lake...where's that in relation to the house, again? I need a map.'

Google gave me one pretty quick but it's (one of) the comics!mansion and nothing like the mansion in the movie, which was filmed at the Englefield Estate in Berkshire. Englefield House is still mostly a private residence and there's not many interior photos or a floor plan online, so I decided to look up similar houses and mock-up something quick. I would not, I told myself, get too into it. I would not download and watch the movie for layout hints, I would not worry too much about Getting It Right.

That lasted about five minutes.

Floor plan under the cut ) (Reuploaded 9/23/12)

Notes )

Meta )
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* Amina, of A Gay Girl in Damascus, has been reported missing (possibly/probably abducted) on her blog. There's weird stuff re: her existence going around the blogosphere ([personal profile] glass_icarus has more on that), but I'm sticking to reserving judgment and hoping she makes it through okay.

* Why the Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood: When I think of the poverty-stricken, sexually and physically abused, self-loathing Native American teenager that I was, I can only wish, immodestly, that I’d been given the opportunity to read “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.” Or Laurie Halse Anderson’s “Speak.” Or Chris Lynch’s “Inexusable.” Or any of the books that Ms. Gurdon believes to be irredeemable. I can’t speak for other writers, but I think I wrote my YA novel as a way of speaking to my younger, irredeemable self.

* On Colorlines: The Ultimate 21st Century People of Color Sci-Fi List

* The Andrew Loomis figure drawing books are back in print *____*

* Internet Archive becomes archive of physical books, too. The Internet Archive, alarmed to see that many libraries discard books after they are digitized, has decided to start collecting copies of every book ever published, cataloging and storing them in modified shipping containers that serve as long-term archival storage. The stored print-books are to serve as canonical references for the digitized editions.

* They've added two new elements to the periodic table!

* The first volume of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal is up on Kickstarter


* [community profile] ladiesbigbang is open for signups!

* [community profile] scifi_fest is also open for signups.


On X-men: First Class*:

* The Quintessential Mutants of America and Mutie Go Home by Ta-Nehisi Coates

* Race and Women in X-Men: First Class on The Mary Sue

* [personal profile] marina wrote an essay about Erik as a Holocaust survivor. She's also got links to two other great posts.

* ETA: the Racialicious roundtable

* Which I saw Tuesday night and, well. These essays made me care more about the movie than the movie did. ALSO: Armando/Alex 4EVAR. If comics!Armando can come back from the dead (like every other X-Men, ever), movie!Armando can do it too.

On the DCNu:

* The good - Static's getting his own title! Also John Stewart and Guy Gardner are getting a buddy book. I usually don't care about the Lanterns, but this could be amazing.

* The ambivalent - Jaime's getting his own book. Which is awesome! Except it's a reboot and the original was so fantastic (and so recent, DC, c'mon) that I'm worried this new version won't stand up.

* The bad - they're knocking Barbara Gordon back to Batgirl - no more Oracle, no more wheelchair and, while the Birds of Prey still exist, chances are good she's not in charge**. In fact, all the news coming out of Gotham (except maybe Batwoman) sounds messed up - [profile] musefool talks about it here better than I could.

** I'm holding out hope for a Babs who's PwD and Batgirl and secretly Oracle and in charge of All The Things, but I don't think DC likes happiness that much.


Jun. 1st, 2011 09:05 pm
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I vaguely knew Flashpoint was coming but I didn't know they were rebooting the whole goddamn DCU.

I vote we liberate all our favorite characters and hide them somewhere safe. Maybe start our own comics universe.
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Things I'm reading:

I'm still working on my To-Read pile - I finished Charitable Getting, but the review wants to be either one sentence ('I love this book but it's really, really white') or a multi-page academic analysis, so I'm sitting on it until it settles. I'm currently on A Princess of Roumania.

I've also recently finished the first volumes of Chew, The Invisibles, iZombie, and Persepolis, along with American Born Chinese, Skim, and The Vesuvius Club. Yay, comics!

I may or may not have bought another three books at Half Price over the weekend.

Things I'm Watching:

Fringe! Roommate D is a big fan and watching season 3 with her has finally convinced me to go back and watch season 1 (Abrams has burned me before). I'm on episode 14 and it's fantastic. All of the love for this bizarre little gem of a show <3.

Doctor Who, obviously. The new season has been awesome and creepy and awesome and creepy so far, I'm so glad my show is back on my TV.

Tiger & Bunny, which is an anime about a reality TV show about superheroes. It's like someone made a list of my favorite things and checked them off one by one - reluctant partners with homoerotic subtext, a diverse cast, explicitly queer characters, well rounded women, wacky hijinks, commentary on the media, celebrity, and the shaping of identity, and general ridiculousness.

It's not perfect - it's barely passed the bechdel test, dispute having four women in the main cast, and I'm still waiting to see if Fire Emblem (a queer black man) will allowed to be more than 'the flamboyant gay one'. There's hints that he's 'the one who owns his own company and sponsors himself and can do whatever the fuck he wants, including being flamboyantly gay and a respected superhero' and I hope they continue in that direction.

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - there's a fun story here, buried under the stupid tropes and sexual assault, and I enjoy the look inside the manga industry. Unfortunately it's... buried under stupid tropes and sexual assault. I'm kind of rewriting it in my head while I watch, we'll see how long I can keep it up.

I'm way behind on Community, Wandering Son and Sanctuary, woe.

Three Weeks for Dreamwidth:

I want to do something but I don't have any ideas. If there's anything you've ever wanted me to talk about - food, books, movies, Dallas, college, miniature horses, art, religion, whales, doujinshi, music, queerness, whatever - let me know!

SciFi Fest

The resource post for [community profile] scifi_fest went up yesterday, chock full of science blogs, articles about space battles and examples of science fiction in fanfic. Only 10 days until prompting starts, I am excite.
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I hate Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. Loathe it. It’s not really rational - there are plenty of movies that fail worse than it does (although it fails a *lot*) - but it hits some kind of magic nerd!rage + sexism!rage + racism!rage combo that shorts out my logic circuits.

...that's a terrible opener, but I figure everyone should know my biases up front. Anyway, I haven't seen a collection of the franchise's various problems and I want something to link people to later (as an alternative to ranting at them), so I'm putting this here. Let me know if I've missed anything!

NOTE: I am not trying to say that you shouldn’t like the Batmovies - there’s plenty to like! Heath Ledger was a fucking awesome Joker, Bruce/Jim is a fun 'ship and the explosions were all very satisfactory! - or that being excited for the new one makes you a bad person. My button issues are not your button issues, etc.

Moving on, the issues include:

* The whitewashing of Ra's Al Ghul (This one’s tricky, given how badly Nolan would have handled an Arabic Ra's Al Ghul + how much the ‘muslim terrorist’ trope sucks in general).

* The fridging of Rachel Dawes.

'I've been informed in the comments that Rachel Dawes was NOT in the comics and that her movie character was not based on any recognizable pre-existing Batman character. So Nolan created a woman and introduced her into the Batman universe solely for the purpose of killing her off. Not only does her death provide angst for Bruce Wayne, it turns Harvey Dent evil and Jim Gordon borderline-suicidal. Wow, screw fridging, that's like a deep freeze!'

* The erasure of Barbara Gordon

Instead, Barbara was shunted off to the side in favor of a son, because Nolan had no faith in the demonstrably popular and meaningful relationship Barbara Gordon has with her father. You see, little girls aren't important, and their fathers don't love them. And little girls don't grow up to be heroes.

* The erasure of Renee Montoya

They've already had their Latina detective, what if people got confused? )

Nolan's fine with making up police roles for his favorite white dude actors to play (and I like JGL too), but god forbid we include the canon kickass queer latina cop.

* The whitewashing of Bane (and possibly Selina)

As far as I can figure, the film will either erase Bane's Latino+Caribbean heritage or have Tom Hardy pretend to be someone with that heritage. I can't decide which option is worse.


It looks like Batman's getting a reboot* after The Dark Knight Rises, though, so at least this'll be the end of it.

Except Nolan will be producing the reboot.

* Oh, Hollywood. I think I'm finally ready to quit you.
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* If you want to keep on top of the protests in Africa & the Middle East, the quake in New Zealand, and the Union Strikes in Wisconsin, [community profile] politics is the place to be (I'm assuming you already know about Al Jazeera and The Guardian). The folks over there are fantastic.

* Mother Jones continues in it's excellent current events primer series with What's Happening in Wisconsin Explained and What's Happening in Libya Explained.

* Dwayne McDuffie, founder of Milestone Comics, writer, and creator of beloved canons, has died. Comics (and the world) is poorer for the loss.

And a couple videos off my Google Reader:

Janelle gets to be outside the cut. )

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Current fannish projects: Finished my [community profile] intoabar story, waiting on the amnesty round (whenever that is) so I can post it. Got my Yuletide assignment (which is *not* for a fandom I added at the last minute and a pairing I've never thought about), hurray! Still poking at the Inception/Hikaru no Go crossover and a Yusuf/Saito drabble.

TV I'm watching: Community (current season), Sanctuary (current season), Lost Girl (current season), and Monk (season one).

Sanctuary got good, you guys. Even though they've toned the Henry/Bigfoot vibe way down (woe!). And how cool is that city hologram puzzle thing Helen and Tesla are working on? And they're actually dealing with Will's PTSD! And referencing Ashley and the Cabal! And writing plots that make sense! And have emotional impact! And Kate is awesome and has a character arc! And there are lots of women and PoC (and woman PoC) who aren't defined by being woman and PoC. Show, you have grown so much.

Kenzie and Trick are my favorite Lost Girl characters; my roommates want to put a giant picture of Dyson on our living room wall.

Community continues to be the best.

Books I've read: Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire, Summon the Keeper, The Second Summoning, and Long Hot Summoning by Tanya Huff.

Wasn't particularly impressed by Rosemary and Rue, though I might pick the next book up at the library. Wish I had reread the Keeper books in time to nominate them for Yuletide, I'd love some Diana/Kris or Lance/Dr. Dammit, what was his name.

Books + comics I've bought*: Titan, Wizard, and Demon by John Varley, Neveryóna by Samuel R. Delany, China Mountain Zhang and Mission Child by Maureen F. McHugh, Bambi and Her Pink Gun, v2 by Atsushi Kaneko, Dogs: Prelude, Vol. 0 by Shirow Miwa, Baker Street: Honour Among Punks and Baker Street: Children of the Night by Guy Davis and Gary Reed, Mondo Urbano, v1 by Eduardo Medeiros, Mateus Santolouco, and Rafael Albuquerque, and Queen & Country, Operation: Broken Ground by Greg Rucka and Steve Rolston.

BOOKS. I'm excited about Mondo Urbano, Rafael Albuquerque was my favorite artist on Blue Beetle. The Baker Street books are about a queer, female, punk re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes (set in the 1980's) and are fabulous thus far.

* Over the last five days, mostly in Berkeley, how did I even get them home.
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You guys, you guys, you guys. The video promo for the possible Blue Beetle tv show's hit the net and I think my heart exploded.

I've talked about Blue Beetle before but to reiterate: we're talking about a series with a Hispanic majority cast, including our hero, his family, and half his friends. We're talking multiple amazing female characters (a quick mental headcount puts them at 50%ish of the main cast) including Traci 13 - sorceress, British born Chinese, Jaime's girlfriend and light of my life. We're talking about a series that's rooted in community, in how important support systems are and how, despite his spiffy magical bug suit, our Hero can't do this alone.

Can they fuck this? Yes. They probably will, I'm not gonna lie to myself about that. But right now I've got just over a minute of Jaime and Khaji Da being awesome (and a glimpse of an aged up Milagro? The hell?) and the potential has me giddy.

And even if it sucks, maybe they'll be enough interest that they'll restart the comic.

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Yes, I spent all day on this. No, no one is interested (except possibly [personal profile] zanzando. Zan, it grew). Regardless, I present:

My Shipping Manifest* )

This does not include all the pairings I read in, all the pairings I OTP, or all my favorite characters. Just the couples that have moved into my head.

* I couldn’t help myself.
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* The Last Airbender opens on the 5th. [livejournal.com profile] ssj10 lays out why you shouldn't see it: If you pay for this movie, knowing full well why its cast and its production are racist and problematic, then you are actively, in good conscience, supporting institutionalized racism. Period.

* Related: Racialicious' Of Hollywood and 'the American People': How the status quo is maintained and The Hathor Legacy's classic Why film schools teach screenwriters not to pass the Bechdel test.

* In comics news, DC's been killing off or otherwise sidelining heroes of color in favor of white characters. And they're being assholes when confronted about it. Racialicious talks about it here and >here and A. Lee Martinez takes a whack at it here. Now with bonus misogyny.

* There's an active conversation about scans/scanslations over in the manga blogosphere - Erica Friedman has The Solution to the Scanslation Solution (crossposted to Hooded Utilitarian) and Jake Forbes has Dear Manga, You Are Broken and Dear Manga, a Postscript. Some of you might have noticed that MangaFox was asked to take down the licensed properties on their site and complied - chances are good OneManga and other distribution sites will follow.

* On the NYTimes - In Nigeria, Oil Spills are a Longtime Scourge: The Niger Delta, where the wealth underground is out of all proportion with the poverty on the surface, has endured the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez spill every year for 50 years by some estimates. The oil pours out nearly every week, and some swamps are long since lifeless.

* Discussion about the current round of Racefail is still going strong - [personal profile] amazonziti's original links+ discussion post reached it's LJ limit, you can find the new one here. There are many, many worthwile essays to read through but I especially want to point out [personal profile] facetofcathy's How Could They? How Could Anyone?, [personal profile] ephemere's Itys and [livejournal.com profile] maychorian's On Fandom Reactions.

TRIGGER WARNING ON BOTH OF THESE (abusive relationships):

* Fugitivus - On Interpersonal Badness: If somebody is putting in the work to knock you down, it’s because they’ve got something to fear about you if you’re standing up.

* From [livejournal.com profile] issendai - How to Keep Someone With You Forever

AND ALSO THIS (body image, fat shaming):

* Golda Poretsky over at Body Love Wellness has an interview with Kai Hibbard, a finalist on The Biggest Loser: From seeing her fellow contestants forced to workout with injuries against doctor’s orders, to the extreme dehydration prior to weigh-ins, to the resultant eating disorder that Kai still is working to heal, the story she told was nothing like the fantasy that the Biggest Loser seeks to promote. | Part one | Part two | Part three |

Also, Perez Hilton is a plagiarist.

* Via [personal profile] redroanchronicles - Your Office Chair Is Killing You. Eep. [mentally rearranges home office]

* [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda talks about the tent city that sprung up for the 'Eclipse' premiere. 'Ware the comments on the linked ONTD post.
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No recent events today, honey. I have a headache.

* I also have allergies, which has never happened to me before. I am not dealing with it gracefully.

* We do have internet, sort of - Time Warner Guy told us something had gotten into the walls, eaten our internet cables, and the wait for repair was so long we'd be better off waiting until we could hook up our new apartment. My Dad's let us borrow an AT&T 3G wireless thingit which works as long as we don't stress it out too much. The PC unit hooked up to the TV doesn't get wireless, though, so we're still show-less (and I can't work from home).

The lack of TV's made us pretty productive, actually. Dee's taken up jogging.

* The Trouble With Tolerance by Tim Wise: So what is tolerance anyway? As I see it, tolerance means I don't burn your church down, or tie you to a fence and leave you to die, or drag you down a dirt road behind my pickup. It means I tolerate your existence and little else. I let you live and breathe for another day. How nice of me.

* Perry Moore's Who Cares About the Death of a Gay Superhero Anyway?: A History of Gays in Comic Books. By which he means the mainstream DC and Marvel 'verses with some Dark Horse and Image thrown in, but it's still a comprehensive and depressing list. [saves commentary on Moore's gender issues for another time, progress for women in comics my spandex clad ass]

* Queer Tropes by [livejournal.com profile] neo_prodigy: As many of you know, June is the month of LGBTQ Pride and I couldn't think of a better time to call out a few tropes that inundate comics and media when it comes LGBTQ characters/themes. Basic but a good read nonetheless.

* On The Nation, Brace Yourself: Good News on Africa: But in a world in which the conventional wisdom that Africa is a basket case is so strong, it's hard to break through. The Sala-i-Martin/Pinkovskiy paper "is going to produce a storm, but unfortunately it will be just among the academic types," Chege predicted. So far, it has been more of a mild breeze than a storm, but Chege was right in foreseeing that the study wouldn't get much attention beyond the world of professional economists. Fits in well with How to Write About Africa and a couple TEDTalks I need to dig up.

* A fourth season has been announced for Torchwood. It'll be airing on Starz. I... don't think I'll be watching it (unless fandom convinces me otherwise [peers through fingers]).

* LGBTFest fic is back from the editors and I'm 1/4 of the way through revisions (there are a lot) - super exciting! It's only ~4000 words long, about the same as Recoil and Grace, but I've accepted that as my current limit. Gotta be able to handle this length before I can get all those epics out of my head.

* This article was a kick in the pants and the... spark, I guess? For a series of personal revelations about myself and my creativity. Cut for a quick talk about depression and me )

* HikaGo post will go up when I get back from lunch! Mmm, lunch.
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I found out the other day that [personal profile] bookshop has only just started reading Kate Beaton's history comics. Shock! Horror! And then I had a conversation with [personal profile] cimorene where I tried to push Gunnerkrigg Court and Templar, Arizona on her and I started thinking, what else don't people know about? Clearly it is time for a rec post.

Therefore, I am happy to present for your consideration:

Webcomics I read on a regular basis/subscribe to/devour/etc )

Webcomics I check every once in a while/wait to read in chunks )

Webcomics I keep meaning to read )

Artist pages/Links/other cool things )

Edit: So, what are you folks reading?
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Next round!

Also, y'all should check out [livejournal.com profile] bookshop's post - The Most Influntial YA of the Decade? + Girls, yay! - for more woman and femslash awesomeness. Also books. Mmmm, books.

ETA: And [personal profile] resonant put out a call for YA books which has resulted in a lot of female-centric/friendly recommendations in the comments.

Comics/Manga/Etc Series )

Other Things )

How about you folks? What are your favorite slashy comics, books, and video games?
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And now Gail Simone is back with a relaunch of Birds of Prey! Holy fuck, maybe DC loves me after all.



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