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But wait, there's more! A couple weeks ago [personal profile] such_heights linked to a photoset of Karen Gillian playing with Doctor Who action figures, which 1) finally got me using tumblr and 2) led to a batch of icons.

12 Karen Gillian icons, 1 Leverage icon, 1 Megamind icon )

ALSO. I was digging around one of my harddrives and found files of two doujinshi I photographed (never scanned [clutches]) ages ago. For a [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti auction that fell through I think? Anyway, might as well share them around.

Title: A to Z - # 01 (original)
Circle/Artist: East End Club (Sanami Matoh)
Pairing/Rating: Azumino/Zen - NC17
Notes: Plot right off the bat (ghosts!) and the boys appear to be an established couple (a fun change).

Title: Precious Time (Hunter x Hunter)
Circle/Artist: Syoujyokan
Pairing/Rating: Killua/Gon - PG13
Notes: I love this Killua and Gon. They're so... themselves - young, squishy, dorktastic, and super, super cool (I like HxH, what?).

Images are a little (sometimes a lot) blurry along the inside edge but are otherwise cleaned up and readable.
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One of the best parts about modding [livejournal.com profile] doujin_market is keeping on top of event pick-up service announcements. Like this one: [livejournal.com profile] feikoi is offering pick-up for Movies Paradise 14, a western fandom doujinshi + fanzine event. SWEET, RIGHT?

You have to let her know what circles/pairings/books you want, of course, the more information the better. Which is difficult (if you don’t already know what you want and you don’t read Japanese) because the event and circle pages are all in Japanese. Plus many of the circle pages are riddle-locked - you have to solve two riddles and enter them as an ID and password before you can access the site. Yeah.

I used Google Translate and the Japanese Wikipedia to sort through some of the information and figured I might as well share what I’ve got.

Navigating the Movies Paradise 14 site )

I mostly worked through Inception and Green Hornet, since those are the fandoms I’m interested in, but if you want help looking through the others (listed below) I’ll do what I can.

List key:

* - website is easy to access
! - website is inaccessible
? - website is riddle locked
x - no website listed

I’ve listed whether a circle is bringing a comic-based book or a fic-based book, plus whether or not the book has porn adult content.

Inception Circles )

Green Hornet Circles )

Mini-events )

Other fandoms listed )

If anyone figures out any of the logins (or just translates the riddles), please let me know! And as always, please don't pull art off of people's sites and then use it/post it without credit.

[dusts off hands] Alright, now to figure out what books I actually want... (I'll probably make a list of those too. I like lists. Watch this space.)

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Ah, Ojirougumi. Gorgeous art, great storylines, and incredibly prolific (seriously, they've got 30+ HikaGo books out) - what's not to love? These are books 14 and 16, the earliest I've got (outside the anthologies), which have related stories, yay!

'Shall We Battle?' by Ojirougumi )

'Miai' by Ojirougumi )
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Doujinshi! It's such sweet, sweet crack (except when it's hot crack, or back-slowly-away-from-the-book crack) and I... have a lot. Especially for HikaGo, so. In honor of HikaGo day, I bring you inside looks at some of my favorites. Inside photos are all photo-photos - I don't like bending spines to scan, sorry! They're a little shaky, but I think they turned out okay.

To the books!

Photobucket Photobucket
'Summer Children' by Rin-Low )

Photobucket Photobucket
'Sakura' by Ha-Shi-Zu )

And now it's past midnight! I have another three I want to cover, but this is taking longer then I expected. So! Let's make HikaGo day last all week, shall we?
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So! My contributor's (!!) copy of the Anthology of Tony Stark came last night. It is beautiful, y'all. So, so, so pretty. The cover, it shines! The interior printing and paper is fantastic! The gags comics are funny, the art is amazing, the stories are amazing (the ones in English, anyway - [livejournal.com profile] elspethdixon, [livejournal.com profile] pandanoai, and [livejournal.com profile] crimsonquills all contributed. Folks, T is for Thong is in here. You need this book. And for $12 + shipping, you can have it!

I, uh, didn't actually look at my pieces, because I have wussy artistic issues, but I imagine they look just fine!

Another thing that is shiny - Coraline. Which I will be seeing tonight and, barring unforeseen suckage (not possible), several more times over the next week. I love the book, y'all. I love Nightmare Before Christmas. I love stop motion animation. I LOVE Neil Gaiman. I love (genuinely) creepy children's stories. If you too love these things, see the film. If you're in the Dallas area and want company while seeing the film, let me know and we will hook up.

The shear awesome of all this may, in fact, completely counter the bit where I have to come in to work Sunday. We will see.
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I am happily flipping through my ill-gotten Comiket 73 Catalog. And, well. [livejournal.com profile] tokyogetter will be getting so much of my money this year, I kid you not - aside from my favorite circles, I spied at least one billing themselves as Duo/Wufei (it lives!) and there's a whole row of Kingdom Hearts circles.

Most amusing thing so far? Supernatural doujinshi. LOTS of Supernatural doujinshi, of the Sam/Dean variety. That fandom crossed over fast, yo.

Later...: I had vague plans to do a blow by blow but, HA, not going to happen. I'm 854 pages in and just hit the bulk of the hentai, time to call it in (will still skim the hentai, but not tonight!). Supernatural still reigns as crackiest (imo), but only because I haven't seen enough 'Sayonara Zetzubou Sensei' to properly quantify the WTF? levels.

But there is Reborn!, and Ranma, and xxxHolic, and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, and ES21, and Ookiku Furikabutte, and Harry Potter, and Ouran, and all the Big Name Series (some of which I just mentioned, but), and I'm kind of in a fuzzyhappy haze and it's really time for bed. So!
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I like doujinshi an awful, awful lot. Which is why I have an awful, awful lot. To keep track of it all, and to also consolidate my wishlist and sales in one location, I've created

[community profile] ink_and_tone. May it be a reference to myself and others. Currently up are series A - C: Bleach, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Chrono Cross (12 books total).

EDIT: And we're up through Hikaru no Go, with a sidetrack into East End Club's original work (94 books, 18 series). The posts are a wee bit image heavy - I'm trying to find a workaround.


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