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You guys. YOU GUYS. The Green Hornet was AWESOME. I mean! Seth Rogen! He is a ruiner of things! But he didn't ruin this, it was too awesome. Probably because of the amazingness that is Jay Chou (the imdb says it was John Cho, what the hell, that is incorrect).

Is Seth Rogen Britt Ried an overgrown child with manpain, daddy issues, and a serious entitlement problem? Sure is! But Kato does not put up with that shit, what do you think he is, a fucking sidekick? No! He is the brains, muscle, and good looks on the team and the movie admits it. Britt is there to pay for shit and have a huge crush.

The movie is also incredibly gay. Not that Britt deserves Kato.

And Lenore! Played by Cameron Diaz and her fantastic smile! I don't want to spoil too much, but she's awesome and more than a love interest and neither of the boys deserve her (though I wouldn't say no to Lenore/Kato). I just wish she'd had more screen time. Maybe in the next one. I hope there's a next one.

Basically I spent most of the movie expecting it to fail and it didn't (it wasn't perfect but omg, I'm in no place to analyze). Instead there was fighting and shit exploding and sweet cars and hijinks and masks and kickin' outfits. I am over the moon.
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You know what's an awesome movie? Chak De! India is an awesome movie. Shahrukha Khan is a disgraced hockey player! Who ends up coaching a women's field hockey team! And it deals with race and anti-sexism and teamwork and awesome women and there is very little emo on Khan's part. Also it's pretty femslashy. You should watch it (if you have netflix, it's up on instaplay).

ETA: After talking to people who know better than I, I should note that it doesn't always do race and ethnicity well.
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I've been meaning to post this all day: If you're interested in 1) reality shows about a cappella singing, 2) reality shows about singing competitions, 3) reality shows where everyone is incredibly talented, 4) reality shows where the judges make intelligent and constructive critique and seem genuinely interested in helping contestants get better, then you should check out The Sing Off. It's on Hulu and the Bay, it just started its second season, it's fantastic.

Seriously, check this out:

Film Rec

Aug. 26th, 2010 10:35 pm
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So there's this movie, La mission. We just finished watching it and folks, it is amazing. I'll try and put together a more coherent review later but the bottom line is: you should see this film! It's streaming on Netflix if you have it! Just don't watch the trailer. Or read most of the reviews (wtf, Ebert).


Feb. 28th, 2010 11:37 pm
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Just saw Dostana (roomie has a friend over, it was an impulse buy at the local Desi grocery, long story). And it was amazing. It is tragic that there isn't anything up for it on Yuletide (next year, right?) - I'll have to check the [community profile] dark_agenda list to see if folks were talking about it.

Because they should be. It's slashy as hell. The ending.

Edit: And now I've got mehndi on my hand.

Edit x2: I shared this with [personal profile] bookshop over on this post's evil twin and should probably do the same here. Might... this might not be worksafe. Depending on how your workplace feels about rippling abs.


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