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If I, someone who enjoys wearing tshirts fitted to curvy bodies, wear the same size as a dude's Large (L), that makes me Extra, Extra, Extra Large (XXXL). Which I can't actually buy, seeing as 'girly' sizes only go up to XXL. Better hope that works!

[just received a package containing shirts for herself (XXL) and her brother (L) in which the L was a whole fucking size bigger. thanks, Threadless!]
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JFC, Yahoo is shutting down Delicious. What. WHAT. WHAT.

I have 2700 bookmarks saved there right now, most of them (1613) fic. A lot of my fannish friends do too. And fannish comms. And challenges. And kink memes. And International Blogging Against Racism Week, and...

This isn't 'LJ's going under' levels of oshit, but it's still going to be bad - there really isn't anywhere (afaik) for people to go. A couple people (we're talking about this over on Twitter as I type) have mentioned Pinboard, which looks shiny, but that $7 sign-up fee's a big obstacle to fannish migration.

In conclusion, WHAT.

ETA: Both [personal profile] bookshop (DW/LJ) and [personal profile] copperbadge (DW/LJ) are hosting OMG WTF WHAT DO WE DO discussions.

Also, it turns out the AO3 can bookmark external links! Except there's no import and the interface is not-good. Maybe they can fix that?

ETA 2: Actually, everyone is hosting OMG WTF WHAT DO WE DO discussions. Via [personal profile] cimorene: 11 Ways to Backup your del.icio.us bookmarks. That's the first, most important step. Don't forget to do it!

ETA 3: The OTW just tweeted about the Delicious shut down and recommend the AO3, with a promise of more news to follow. So they know about it, at least!

Meanwhile, over at [livejournal.com profile] deliciouslymad, a former Delicious employee is talking about starting up a new fannish-friendly bookmarking service.


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