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The job search continues to be bullshit (and if anyone knows anyone in Chicago who needs a graphic designer/receptionist/office worker/retailer, or a roommate for May onward, please let me know!), but Chicago is gorgeous in it's early Spring and I am otherwise content.

The family weekend went well; I was 'encouraged' to attend church (Baptist) with my aunt and tiny cousin, but aside from that the trip was fun, drama-free, and full of suddenly-adult!cousins, (when did that happen?).

Also! Every time I wonder why I bother with Tumblr something like this pops up:

And I remember it's my #1 pretty dealer. (That's a fanvid, folks, an 'original spec music video for the incredibly talented indie pop artist Marina and the Diamonds comprised of a supermix of tracks from her inspiring debut album, "The Family Jewels."')
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I read Tanya Huff's 'Smoke and Shadows' and volumes 1-5 of 'Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service' over the weekend, which is about as creepy as I can handle.

And then I watched a bunch of geeky horror videos which is really more than I can handle. I startle easily, okay.

And no Halloween is complete without:

Anyone have video clips to share? I'm not cruising Youtube by myself, it's spooky out there.

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I feel like I just ran some kind of frustration marathon. I mean, the lead-up to tradeshows and industry meetings is always frustrating, but this is the first time they've fired the guy I was working with* on the day he was supposed to give me reams of data which was five days before I needed to have everything designed and printed. I've been having mini panic attacks all week (and it still feels like I'm not getting enough oxygen).

But! It's done! I did it! Three flyers, one multi-page hand out, and a fucking pricelist in five days!

And it's Friday, and I have most of next week off, and my boss just gave me a bag of candy (which I'm working through like a champ. No regrets!). Mm, tootsie rolls.

Enough whine. Have an awesome video (via [personal profile] talitha78):

* I should acknowledge that, however bad my week's gone, his was worse.
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I've skipped a couple weeks and people keep posting things, so this is a long one. Fair warning!

* First out of the bag, #yesGayYA. For those who haven't read it, he original post by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith is here: Authors Say Agents Try to “Straighten” Gay Characters in YA. [personal profile] cleolinda has the best/most exhaustive coverage I've seen and [personal profile] coffeeandink has a good roundup of pertinent links.

* Related posts not mentioned above include [livejournal.com profile] swan_tower's Followup on "Say Yes to Gay YA" and [personal profile] bookshop's YA Publishing & the de-gaying of books.

* Speaking of co-written YA books, while I was typing this up Justine Larbalesteir and Sarah Rees Brennan announced one of their own! It's apparently about girls and female friendship and vampires and it's got a girl of color smack dab in the middle of the cover. I am excite.

Moving on:

Links about food )

Links about US politics )

Links about interesting things )

Pretty pictures )

ETA: For The Next Few Days, Portal Is Free! For the computer, and you have to sign up for Steam to get it, but still. Sweet beans.

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* [community profile] dark_agenda's got plans to host Kaleidoscope, a 'multimedia fanwork exchange for rare chromatic source fandoms', with nominations to start in July. It sounds fantastic!

* [community profile] scifi_fest is currently open for prompt claims! We've got a ton of great prompts in a variety of fandoms (and very low requirements for fanwork), you should come check them out.

* [community profile] kink_bingo is open for sign ups!

* I'm reccing Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanart on [community profile] fanart_recs this month.

Now, with the Community news outta the way:

* Racialicious: How you can help the victims of the Joplin and Alabama disasters

* Daily Kos: White Privilege Diary Series #1 - White Feminist Privilege in Organizations

* via [personal profile] cofax7, I'm pretty sure: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ebook Piracy. So, you may not be convinced, but I am. Giving stuff away helps. Having it for easy sale also helps. In fact, despite all our “new media” chatter about publicity in the digital age, about blog tours and Twitter contests and Facebook pages, these two things seem to be the only two things that actually make a measurable impact on sales. Give stuff away to increase your customer base, and then have it for easy sale to sift money out of those who are eager to pay. That’s it.

* NYTimes: A City Prepares for a Warm Long-Term Forecast. Climate scientists have told city planners that based on current trends, Chicago will feel more like Baton Rouge than a Northern metropolis before the end of this century.

* In case you missed it: DC UNIVERSE Reboots in September

* On ColorLines: Where is Our Culture’s Racial Subconscious? In Comic Books

* NYTimes again: Fine Print Blurs Who’s in Control of Online Photos. World Entertainment News Network, a news and photo agency, announced this month that it had become the “exclusive photo agency partner” of Twitpic, a service with over 20 million registered users that allows people to upload images and link to them on Twitter. The deal allows the agency to sell images posted on Twitpic for publication, and to pursue legal action against those who use such images commercially without its permission, according to the agency.

* BoingBoing has a roundup of Terms & Conditions from various hosting services.

* via [personal profile] bossymarmalade: Their Islam and Ours. Always, it was so. Their Islam was always the Other for the West; whatever they imagined themselves to be, we must logically be the opposite. Read 19th century Orientalists on Islam; it is decried for being a sensual religion, Muslims are attacked for being lax on homosexuals, Muslims are too feminine … because 19th century westerners viewed themselves as being virtuous and a lack of virtue meant tolerance of homosexuality, sensuality and so on. Now, the West prides itself for being anti-sexist and gay friendly; so we must be the opposite. Always, it was so.

* This is the response Grand Rapids, MI, had to being named one of America's "dying cities."

I wasn't born in Michigan and I've never lived there, but Grand Rapids is where my parents are from and where most of my family's lived (and continues to live) for several generations. We go up there every couple of years for Thanksgiving, my grandma's always sending me stuff about new art exhibits and festivals and public transportation (it's like she's trying to tell me something). Which is the long way of saying this video made me cry like a baby.

* Lastly, some pretty )

In personal news, my sister was successfully bribed into picking up the cat (currently named Felicia) and taking her to the clinic. If everything checks out I might even have a home for her, so fingers crossed!

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* Janelle Monae was amazing last night. SO AMAZING. And Bruno Mars is adorable.

* NPR's Monkey See blog has rundowns of the new shows airing in the fall: ABC, FOX, NBC Dramas, and NBC Comedies. CBS and the CW haven't put theirs up yet.

Awake (NBC), Grimm (NBC), Alcatraz (FOX), and Terra Nova (FOX) all have interesting premises (not that I'm predictable in my SFF love or anything) but the only one I have any hope for is Alcatraz (even though the premise is pretty silly) - Fringe has convinced me Abrams doesn't always disappoint.

...I'll probably try the Charlie's Angels (ABC) reboot, too. And Scandal (ABC).

* The Disappearing Face of New York - beautiful old store signs

* Silent Choices, a film that 'explores not only black women’s personal and political struggles around reproductive freedom, but also the complexities of abortion too often ignored by the mainstream media', is streaming free for today only. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but it looks good.

* This has been making the rounds, which makes sense because it's fantastic - Rosanne Barr on the Lack of Change in the TV Industry

* Super Obvious Secrets That I Wish They’d Teach In Art School. I need to print this out and put it by my desk. Maybe tattoo 'Draw Every Day' somewhere.

* Fannish fests about ladies: [livejournal.com profile] thelittlebang is open for prompts, the fandom poll for [community profile] femslash11 is also open, and the Female Character Trope Fest is indefinitely open for fanworks.

* The OTW is looking for anime/manga/manhua/manwha fans to help organize the Fanlore wiki

* [community profile] scifi_fest is still taking prompts (and will until the 29th)! The turn out's been great so far (so much better than I was expecting!) and the existing prompts are hella fun, you should come join us :D

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Happy Friday, everyone! And wishes for a good Passover to those in the middle of it. And Good Friday, that's today too, right?

I'm heading home to spend Easter with my family - like most of our religious holidays it's evolved into a big family dinner followed by presents, pie and a movie. Only we have to hunt for the presents :D There's also an egg hunt, despite all three of us kids being over 20 and Grandma invariably forgetting where she hid the last egg.

Hope you folks have a good weekend however you spend it. Here, have some links:

* [personal profile] sitara and I need a third roommate by June for our apartment in Uptown Dallas. Details are back thataway if you or someone you know is interested!

* Boingboing: iOS devices (iPhone/Pod/Pad secretly log and retain record of every place you go, transfer to your PC and subsequent devices. WTF, Apple?

* Slacktivist: The 0.014 percent solution

Planned Parenthood — a major source of health care for working class women in this country — receives a portion of federal Title X grants, somewhere between a tenth and a fourth of that funding.

Title X grants last year totaled about $317 million. That’s about 0.0000917 0.00917 percent of the federal budget.

None of that fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of this funding went to provide abortions. The Hyde Amendment has been law for decades. (Oddly, the same members of Congress who vote to ensure that the Hyde Amendment remains law are the ones who love to pretend it doesn’t exist — railing against “federal funding for abortion” as though they didn’t realize no such funding exists because it would be illegal under the Hyde Amendment.)

Yet Congressional Republicans spent the week pretending two things that were not true: 1) That cutting Title X funding would make a significant difference in the federal budget, and 2) That this had something to do with abortion.

* Colorlines: The Casual Violence That Dehumanizing Language Breeds. Part of Colorline's campaign against labeling people 'illegal'.

* Sociological Images: Visual Overview of Inequality in the U.S.

* Colorlines: On Brooke-Lynn Pinklady and the Importance of Self-Definition

* Ta-Nehisi Coates: Lies Damn Near Everyone Told Me

If you had told me before I began this research that 30,000 blacks fought for the Confederacy, I would not have been surprised. That was me barely four years ago. People fight against what we perceive to be their own interest all the time, right? Even being black, even being skeptical, I really had no sense of how deeply the Confederacy was rooted in the explicit and outright domination of black people. Not some amorphous "people of color." Specifically black people.

* Boingboing: Why the weather is wacky

* Boingboing: Save Google Video before it goes dark!. I need to set up the script on my desktop when I get home, let it run over the weekend.

* Smithsonian Magazine: When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?

* ProPublica: Unraveling the Spin on the Fight Over Hidden Debit Card Fees. Note to self: research ways to deal with banks as little as possible. There's gotta be a better, if less convenient, option.

Videos go under a cut )

Finally, Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane adventures, died on Tuesday. i09 has a wonderful obituary.
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A couple of links:

* Al Jazeera's 'Disaster in Japan' live blog for March 15th (previous days linked in the post)

* On Good.is: Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan: How to Help

* Nuclear energy 101: Inside the "black box" of power plants. Also, Fukushima Nuclear Accident – a simple and accurate explanation.

* Al Jazeera's spotlight on Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, and Algeria.


There's more - sweet baby bunnies, there's more - but I'm not in a good headspace for going over it right now. Let's talk about TV instead.

I've been faithfully watching Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko) since Crunchy Roll started airing it and folks, let me tell you, this show is amazing. Amazing. You should click on that link and watch it (it's free!).

Wandering Son's a lovely, slow, slice of life story about trans kids in Japan - growing up, struggling with identity, and love, and family, and friendship, and puberty. It's gorgeous, beautifully animated and acted and full of sympathetic characters and, just [flails].

Let's move on to something I can talk about coherently, shall we? My roommate D and I spent Saturday afternoon burning through both seasons of The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and, well. Never have I seen that much Awesome and that much Fail packed into the same space.

The basics: LXD (for short) is a webseries that runs on Hulu. It's about dancers! There's a nominal plot, but mostly it's about showing off the work of some incredible artists.

The awesome: The vast majority of the characters are people of color - something like 13 out of 19 of the reoccuring characters (in the first season). Ditto for the background dancers (though I didn't go back and count, heh). Every single one of them is a fucking amazing dancer. We've got b-boying, we've got ballet, tricking, krumping, hip-hop, roboting, popping, tap... all integrated into the environment and the (again, nominal) plot. There's no special effect or wire work, everything's shot on location, the cinematography is beautiful. Also, there is Harry Shum, Jr.

The fail: The show is really, really, really bad with woman. Only 3 of the aforementioned repeating characters are female, only two of them are dancers (there are more in the background, but not many). All three are love interests/plot devices and, ugh. In the 7th episode of season 1 (S1Ep7), one of them literally has control of her body stolen by a dude in a sequence that should come with a trigger warning. The only all-female dance routine (S2Ep5) is all about how women seduce and kill men, good times. There's also some messed up race stuff (especially the Eaters in S2Ep3 - black demons, really?) and ablism (the psychiatric hospital scenes, especially in S2Ep8). There's also a weird weaponization of dance/art that I'm iffy about.

The neutral: The writing is terrible - they basically threw a bunch of Cool Stuff (chi chakra Ra! Secret organizations! Boarding schools! The occult! Love triangles! Etc!) at a wall to see what would stick. The end of season 2 is so hilariously bad it comes out into awesome. The acting's not great either, but most of these guys are dancers, not actors.

So. If you want to watch a bunch of amazing, often adorable and/or attractive dudes dance and can ignore the fail (and the plot), LXD's worth a look. If nothing else, you should catch Harry Shum, Jr's intro chapter (he shows up at 1:08, dancing starts at 2:20):

Why is there no fanfic for this, fandom? I am disappoint.

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* If you want to keep on top of the protests in Africa & the Middle East, the quake in New Zealand, and the Union Strikes in Wisconsin, [community profile] politics is the place to be (I'm assuming you already know about Al Jazeera and The Guardian). The folks over there are fantastic.

* Mother Jones continues in it's excellent current events primer series with What's Happening in Wisconsin Explained and What's Happening in Libya Explained.

* Dwayne McDuffie, founder of Milestone Comics, writer, and creator of beloved canons, has died. Comics (and the world) is poorer for the loss.

And a couple videos off my Google Reader:

Janelle gets to be outside the cut. )

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A quick one today, for I am ill and also swamped at work (hurray).

* There are major protests going on in Egypt and Yemen and smaller ones going on in Libya, Jordan, Algeria, and other North African and Middle Eastern countries. There have been several protester deaths in Egypt and the Egyption government is attempting to shut down internet access and restrict information...and the twitter feed I'm following (@SultanAlQassemi, an Op Ed writer for The National) says army vehicles are moving into Cairo. This is a big deal, folks. Al Jazeera has a spotlight on Egypt, BBC News - Middle East has general coverage. Mother Jones has 'What's going on in Egypt, explained.'

* [personal profile] colorblue has a followup/link roundup to the last round of Book!Pirates: piracy & literary festivals

* Speaking of book pirating, History is a weapon has the entirety of Howard Zinn's 'A People's History of the United States' online. Fellow USians (and anyone else who's interested), if you haven't read this yet you need to. Know your history.

* The first Potluck food carnival, as hosted by [personal profile] glass_icarus, is live! YUM.

* [community profile] notgreenorblue, a characters of color in comics fest, is open for prompt claiming! I snagged 'Jaime Reyes, an a/u in which Jaime Reyes is part of the Young Avengers' because I am incredibly predictable.

* Porn Battle XI is up and running until Feb. 3rd!

* [livejournal.com profile] bb_shousetsu is still taking signups for their all-women Bang*Bang Special #1.

* [community profile] purimgifts is open for signups

* [community profile] festivids has gone live! Sweet, sweet vidding goodness. I'm especially fond of Space Oddity (Community).

* [personal profile] talitha78 has a roundup of three incredible non-festivids vids.

* [personal profile] the_future_modernes has a post up about pretty, pretty dreadlocked dolls.
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Let's start with disaster relief:

* The flooding in Australia is still bad, bad, bad, but you probably know that already. Both the Australian Red Cross and the Queensland Government homepage are good places to donate (via [personal profile] copperbadge).

* There's also flooding in Brazil, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. And Columbia is still recovering from flooding in early December. Googling gets me the Brazilian Red Cross (in Portuguese), the Philippine Red Cross, the Malaysian Red Crescent, the Thai Red Cross, the Sri Lanka Red Cross, and the Columbian Red Cross (in Spanish). Anyone know of other repudiable organizations?

* It's been a year since the earthquake in Haiti and they're still rebuilding (while fighting a malaria outbreak) - [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti has a roundup of organizations still operating in the country.

Opinions go under a cut )

Enough opinionating, on with the links:

* Why is nobody calling Jared Loughner a terrorist?

* On Tiger Beatdown - The Arizona Shooting: An FAQ

* On Slacktivist - Only a crazy person would take what we say seriously

* From Ta-Nehisi Coates - On Loughner

Comments were good reading on all of these last time I checked.

Other things:

* From Sara Mayeux, one of Ta-Nehisi Coates' recent guest bloggers Fun with numbers, high school student drug use edition

* From Jamelle Bouie, also a guest blogger - A brief history of welfare for middle class Americans

* On boingboing - US orders Twitter to hand over account data on Wikileaks and multiple Wikileaks supporters

* You've heard about the 'Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior' article on the Wall Street Journal, yes? Turns out it had been edited without [Chua's] input, and by the time she saw the version they intended to run, she was limited in what she could do to alter it.

"I was very surprised," [Chua] says. "The Journal basically strung together the most controversial sections of the book. And I had no idea they'd put that kind of a title on it. But the worst thing was, they didn't even hint that the book is about a journey, and that the person at the beginning of the book is different from the person at the end -- that I get my comeuppance and retreat from this very strict Chinese parenting model."

Good job, WSJ.

Fun shiny things go under a cut )

Videos go under a cut. Wow, this post is long. )
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Is not here! It is thisaway in the shiny new [community profile] readathon comm.

I've had a couple people tell me 'oh shit, was that today?' - if this has happened to you, let me know. We can push things back a week if we need to.

So we're not completely One Piece-less over here:

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I've been meaning to post this all day: If you're interested in 1) reality shows about a cappella singing, 2) reality shows about singing competitions, 3) reality shows where everyone is incredibly talented, 4) reality shows where the judges make intelligent and constructive critique and seem genuinely interested in helping contestants get better, then you should check out The Sing Off. It's on Hulu and the Bay, it just started its second season, it's fantastic.

Seriously, check this out:

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* I'm in a constant state of [facepalm] re: Wikileaks and the way things are going down (when I'm not busy being struck by the cyber-thriller narrative - did you know Anonymous has gotten involved?). I'll put up more links in my next readalong but in the meantime: Boing Boing is a good (if unabashedly biased) source for news. Also, [personal profile] tsukinofaerii has a minor PSA + links: "Keep up on the WikiLeaks news. Whether you agree with what they do or think that they're dangerous, read the documents".

* Sarah Dopp wants to build an online marketplace for gender-variant clothing solutions and could use some help.

* via [personal profile] copperbadge: the USA network's Characters Unite campaign is donating $1 to charity for every pledge made on its website. It's very rahrah USA and kind of pompous but hey, a dollar is a dollar and pledging is free.

* Also from [personal profile] copperbadge: A Not So Brief Lesson In Holiday Giving. To sum up: when people ask you for money, be critical. Know who's getting your money, know what they believe, and if you can't get hard facts, be suspicious.. Many links in the comments.

* via [personal profile] bossymarmalade: [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking is open for wishlists and fills! Recs, icons, fic, art, music, vids, it's all good. Mine is here :D

* Thought of You is a beautiful short animated piece (if you can get it to work, Vimeo's giving me grief).


* The Hathor Legacy has a holiday gift guide up: 66 Gifts for the Rockin’ Anti-Sexist, Anti-Racist on YOUR Friends List

* So does Boing Boing (I don't have anyone to give the Giant Bucket of Legos to but omg, a giant bucket of legos! Also I think I'll bite the productivity bullet and check out Minecraft.).

* [livejournal.com profile] rm is hosting a marketplace for small business, artists, authors, crafters, and other entrepreneurial types.

* If you've missed it, [staff profile] denise has complied lists of artisans and other creative types (with things to sell) in the DW community.

* If you like comic books and are interested in supporting indie artist, a couple of my favorite webcomic creators have holiday packages up: Family Man, Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, and Lackadaisy. Spike of Templar, Arizona has her shirts on clearance (I <3 my Phineas Rage shirt). And any time is a good time to buy Hark, A Vagrant! swag (I <3 my Curies in Love shirt too).

Other artists who are not having sales (so far!) but have awesome stuff: The Thrilling Adventures of Babbage and Lovelace, Girl Genius, Gunnerkrigg Court (books separately available at Better World Books! And, you know. Amazon and places), The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (I just got a couple prints and they are gorgeous) and wow, I did not mean to shill quite that hard but there you go.

* While I'm at it, remember: the Hayate x Blade v.1-3 Omnibus is out in stores!

Do any of you folks have favorite indie artists, authors, musicians, creatives, et al that are selling things this holiday season?


I've got plenty of interest in the One Piece thing (reread? readalong? book club? I need a name for this thing), hurray! I'll get the details together and put a post up later this week.

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I'm back in Dallas! And at work but it's fine, it's Friday. And next week's a short week, so.

The Bay Area was fab - it's kinda counterintuitive to go to a bigger city (in a different state) to get away from people but there's something about being by yourself in a crowd, you know? Not to mention Angel Island (have I talked enough about how much I loved that place?):

I've got a couple more photos to post, will probably get to that tomorrow-ish.

Next: internet readalong is cut to spare your reading list. )
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* Current fannish projects: 1) finishing my (biosex-swapped Avengers IN SPACE!) illustration for the Cap/Ironman Reverse bang, 2) a fill for this Inception/Hikaru no Go crossover prompt at [livejournal.com profile] inception_kink, and 3) a Middleman/Losers crossover (with Wendy and Jolene!) for [community profile] intoabar.

* TV I'm watching: Current seasons of Castle, Community and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (why?), season one of Psych, Futurama and Darkwing Duck, season two of Sports Night and Mythbusters.

* Books I'm reading: Cold Magic by Kate Elliot and Borderlands/La Frontera by Gloria Anzaldua. I've been picking away at both of them for over a month because I'm in some kind of book-reading slump, it's terrible.

* Sunday night, round 9 pm-ish, my roommates and I decided to go sing us some karaoke. )

* We've settled on a 'Post-Colonial Monsters' theme for the big gayborhood Halloween block party - I'm going as Vampire!Judith Butler, D as Zombie!Emma Tenayuca, S as an Anarcho-Communist!Mad Scientist, and I'm told [personal profile] cheshire3000 will be joining us as a Sparkly! Muslim! Vampire! Plus maybe a couple other people? IDK, but it's going to be amazing.

* My boss left yesterday for a two-week business trip to China. Without telling me he was leaving on a two-week business trip to China. Or leaving any instructions. Sadly, no one is surprised.

* There are only two volumes to go in the Totally Epic Hikaru No Go Reread! We're planning a party type thing for the final discussion post and everyone is invited :D More details when we have them!

* Is the spacing on my header borked or is it just me?
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* Y'all know this already, but [personal profile] meloukhia is hosting an anonymous love meme. I'm on there, as are many other wonderful people deserving of love (indexed by [personal profile] dingsi).

* The second round of [livejournal.com profile] thelosers_kink is open for prompts and fills!

* [personal profile] copperbadge has put together a special Radio Free Monday post on LGBT rights and the struggles of queer youth. Because it's been a terrible couple of weeks. Contains a ton of links to organizations and resources.

* The Texas State Board of Education continues to fail: The State Board of Education narrowly approved a resolution Friday [Sep. 24th] that instructs publishers to counter a “pro-Islamic/anti-Christian bias” in future world history textbooks.

* An older links: [personal profile] deepad's roundup of responses to Elizabeth Moon.

* From roommate S, who knows some of the people involved and asked that this be spread around: The FBI recently raided the homes of antiwar activists in Chicago and Minneapolis on very flimsy charges. More information and the latest news can be found at fightbacknews.org.

* Avatar remix - A.V.A.T.A.R. (Anglos Valiantly Aiding Tragic Awe-inspiring Races) )

* The same people also made 300: This is Revisionism, which I plan on playing the next time my family tries to make me watch it. Fucking wretched film.

* Karen Healey talks about the anti-vaccination movement

* I never read Christoper Pike as a tween and now I am grateful. Geez'um.

* Stumbled across while doing fic research: Your Rights and Remedies When Stopped or Confronted for Photography.

* Ten things you should know when using Google Search

* Wow, Park 51 is going to be pretty. Look at that latticework!

* BoingBoing has the scoop on newly discovered, potentially habitable planet Gliese 581g. Additional info/caveats over at Bad Astronomy.

* [livejournal.com profile] rm's keeps mentioning Inception: The Musical, a wondrous (it has to be, just look at that title) thing created by [livejournal.com profile] mithrigil and being put on at some unspecified future date in New York. I can't find out much aside that it's in rehearsal and [livejournal.com profile] rm's playing Arthur, but I'm crossing my fingers it'll eventually end up online. Inception! The Musical!

[checks 'post linkspam already' off to-do list] Next up, updating the Yusuf post! And posting about last night's karaoke adventure, it was magical.

For Monday

Sep. 20th, 2010 01:35 pm
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We played this video on a loop all weekend:

He later gave the Quran to a local imam.

Now with autotune!

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The latest LJ ruckus seems to be over, but in case you missed it:

* [personal profile] zvi did an informative roundup.

* [personal profile] cleolinda posted about the bigger social media picture: And now Livejournal's [syncing up with Facebook] too. The real reason this is a problem--besides any general concerns you might have about the centralization of everything on the internet ever--is that Facebook is a massive collection of dicks.

* I'm four years late to the party on this one, but [personal profile] rydra_wong's been keeping up a massive Great Race Discussion Linkspam.

* [personal profile] deepad recently hosted a discussion on the morality of electronic piracy.

* [personal profile] jonquil has a review up for Tim Gunn, A Guide To Quality, Taste and Style. It sounds fabulous.

* [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna wants to know what male-bodied orgasms feel like. The responses are informative!

* 75% viral marketing, 25% shits and giggles: Ikea let loose a herd of 100 cats into one of their stores (after mostly-cat proofing and with supervision) to see what would happen.

In Inception (I swear I have other fandoms) news:

* [personal profile] zanzando talks about what actually goes into Arthur's job (hint: a lot!)

* [livejournal.com profile] butterflythread talks about Arthur's clothes in the movie and what it means for the character (aka What Fanon Is Getting Wrong)

* [livejournal.com profile] ineffort biosex swapped the cast (with bonus chromatic casting!). The photos zie used are really lovely, to boot.


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