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* My sister and I are going to Washington DC next month! Apparently there is this thing called a 'vacation' (and places that are not Texas!), we are going to try it out (this is actually true for my sister - she's 19 and hasn't had a trip that didn't end in a horse show since she was 10). We will hit up the Library of Congress! And the Mall! Get lost in the Smithsonian! Take ridiculous pictures outside the White House! Meet fabulous people! Other things!

And I'll be getting first hand references for the Princess Project (totally not why I pushed for DC. Totally), I am so excited.

* Speaking of the Library of Congress, did you hear that they've acquired the entirety of the Twitter archive?

* Speaking of fabulous people, authors Sarah Rees Brennen and Holly Black are stopping in Dallas (for some unfathomable reason) during their US tour, ALSO next month! Shortly after I get back from DC, even. I have no idea where they'll be, seeing as how Dallas doesn't have a single indie bookstore to its name, but wherever it is I will be there.

* There is a volcano going off in Iceland (photos!) - are all you northern European types doing okay?

* A coworker brought in one of his dogs yesterday - a sweet yellow Lab who weighed in at about 96lbs. Which is admittedly large for a Lab! But everyone was all 'oh, he's so big' and 'oh, he's the size of a pony' and 'oh, that dog is huge' - all of which apparently pushes a great big Annoy button I didn't know I had.

You know what are big dogs? English Mastiffs (also all the other breeds of Mastiff). St. Bernards. Great Danes. Irish Wolfhounds (also Borzois. I <3 Borzois). Hell, even Rottweiler's weigh more than that (my parent's old Rotti/Heeler cross was 110lbs). 96lbs is big compared to, idk, a Jack Russell, but it's a pretty normal weight.

[sheepish] This is probably the stupidest rant I've gone on - I know not everyone grew up on a farm or has a veterinarian for a mother or has been otherwise exposed to large breed dogs (or has ponies available to compare said large breed dogs too), but still.

* I know I just linked him yesterday, but y'all should check out Ta-Nehisi Coates' Honoring CHM: One Drop and the discussion in the comments (TNC's blog is the only mainstream blog I'll ever say that for).


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