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I've been rewatching season 1 of Veronica Mars, which remains one of the best seasons of tv ever made. And I got to thinking - someone, somewhere, must have written an urban fantasy AU, right? Where Ghost!Lily is actually a ghost? And Veronica dives head-first into the world of supernatural crime? And I'm not saying it has to be Lilly/Veronica, but that would be a bonus. EDIT: And more of Wallace and Weevil being awesome. Especially Wallace.

Or at least a Buffy or Supernatural crossover (other than the one where Veronica investigates with/hooks up with Dean).
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I spent yesterday alternating between chores and cartoons, which is the second best way to spend a Sunday (the best way has less chores). I watched 6 episodes of Gravity Falls! And the first 2 episodes of Motorcity!

Gravity Falls is the (far) better show in terms of storytelling, voice acting, and animation. The animation is *gorgeous*. Ugh, those backgrounds. And it's all about cryptozoology! And family! And magic summers in the Pacific Northwest!

Motorcity is... very early-ninties (with fancier graphics). A small group of teens must protect their dystopian undercity from an evil overlord! Using cars! Set in Detriot! The world-building's terrible (so far, anyway), and there's no explanation as to why five 17 year olds (with sweet cars) are all that stands between Motorcity and unstated doom. The writing is... pretty bad. But It's got *way* more PoC than Gravity Falls (who's core cast is entirely white), including an ambiguously brown lead dude, and signs point to it having more women. And it's better for fannish/shipping purposes. I'll give it another couple of episodes.

Detour into original story rambling. )
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Would anybody be interested in a round-robin comic comm? Where X number of people sign up every month to do X number of turns, etc. I did something similar when I was a wee internet newb and it was a lot of fun.

It wouldn't be right away because, ha. Things are busy. But maybe in January?


When I'm not thinking about Life, working, looking for work, reading The Omnivore's Dilemma or Taxi!: A Social History of the New York City Cabdriver (guess which character that's for), playing Minecraft or Kingdom of Loathing, or plotting out Marvel'verse*/Losers**/original stories, I'm thinking about Teen Wolf.

I've been wanting to write something horror-ish and Teen Wolf was almost there a couple of times (especially in the school episode), it seemed like a good fit. It's already got a spooky house and a creepy nurse, throw in a Sanctuary crossover (I do what I want***), add some Derek/Stiles (see previous parenthetical) and I'm golden!

Except I started running scenarios and Head!Derek was all WOAH WAIT NO HE'S 16 I'M 22 I CAN'T. Which, how much Clark/Lex have I read, he's not getting that from me.

Rambling (hardcore rambling) and spoilers for Teen Wolf, possible trigger warning for sexual abuse. )

* The one that starts with Loki landing in 1962 and meeting pre-movie Mystique and ends with Darcy being a mutant sent to screw with keep an eye on Thor! The 5 Times Time Travelers Visited the Mansion fic! The inevitable Young Avengers spin-off of the 5 Times Time Travelers Visited the Mansion fic! The one where Darwin is all 'fuck y'all, I'm going to college' and ends up starting his own mutant movement/community!

** I've only got one, half written Losers fic and someday I'm going to finish it.

*** And it means less world-building for the vet and whoever the hunters called in. I took a good long look into that trap and stepped back.

**** This only applies to my own head canon, I'm plenty happy to read elsewise.


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