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Last Thursday I was working on my X-men fic and, at one point, I thought 'Raven's at the lake...where's that in relation to the house, again? I need a map.'

Google gave me one pretty quick but it's (one of) the comics!mansion and nothing like the mansion in the movie, which was filmed at the Englefield Estate in Berkshire. Englefield House is still mostly a private residence and there's not many interior photos or a floor plan online, so I decided to look up similar houses and mock-up something quick. I would not, I told myself, get too into it. I would not download and watch the movie for layout hints, I would not worry too much about Getting It Right.

That lasted about five minutes.

Floor plan under the cut ) (Reuploaded 9/23/12)

Notes )

Meta )
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[looks around all confused] Geez, [personal profile] cimorene was just here, where did she go?

'Cause, see. First we had a conversation.

And then I made this. )

And now she's not online so I can share the glory. Woe!

The second will not make sense without the first. Or with it, really.


Aug. 23rd, 2009 09:49 pm
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I made a thing!

And, dammit, it's as done as it's going to be )

Context: This is totally [livejournal.com profile] astolat's fault.

I had this looked over by my dad, my dad, because none of ya'll were online. So, uh, thanks to him!
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I have committed fanart! Clamp Campus Detectives fanart, in honor of the truely fantastic Suoh/Nokoru fic [livejournal.com profile] chrysa wrote for me for Yuletide - A Christmas Caper.

But. I'm at my parent's for the holidays, and it turns out they don't have a scanner, so. The posting of today and tomorrow's pieces will be delayed, our apologies for any inconvenience.
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Hey, Internet! It's 2009, we made it!

It's been a good year. Slow, admittedly, mind-numbingly slow for most of it - but with the move to Dallas, a new job (one month today!), new roommate, new friends, these last two months have been very exciting. Not that I, uh, told you about any of it, Internet. Because I am a bad journal-er.

So! To rectify that, and in an effort to be more creative on my own time, I'm self-imposing a challenge - one fanart a day for the month of January. I'm titling it (yes, the challenge. Just. Don't ask) '31 kisses for the New Year." 'cause they'll all be pictures of making out smooches, you see (got to keep myself motivated!).

Each one'll be a different fandom (uh, mostly. I'm fudging with the Marvel stuff) - I've got a list partially made up, but there are a couple slots I haven't decided on yet - suggestions are totally welcome.

The current standings, in no particular order, is here )

And it's already the first, better get cracking! After I sleep, that is. Lots of sleep.


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