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Happy Christmas Eve, folks who celebrate! I'm at work until 4pm, because that's how we roll at [my company], but after that my parents are swinging by to grab me and then my Aunt and Uncle (the groovy Berkeley ones) from the airport and it will officially be Christmas Time. Sweet.

ALSO, IMMINENT YULETIDE IS IMMINENT! I will be posting a shit-ton of recs all weekend, as per tradition. In the meantime, don't forget about the [community profile] dark_agenda Yuletide challenge - check it out, see if your story or prompts qualify, add to the joy <3

On a random note: I finally got around to checking out the webcomic Digger. It is fantastic, I highly recommend it!
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I found out the other day that [personal profile] bookshop has only just started reading Kate Beaton's history comics. Shock! Horror! And then I had a conversation with [personal profile] cimorene where I tried to push Gunnerkrigg Court and Templar, Arizona on her and I started thinking, what else don't people know about? Clearly it is time for a rec post.

Therefore, I am happy to present for your consideration:

Webcomics I read on a regular basis/subscribe to/devour/etc )

Webcomics I check every once in a while/wait to read in chunks )

Webcomics I keep meaning to read )

Artist pages/Links/other cool things )

Edit: So, what are you folks reading?


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