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So it's about noon, New Year's Day, and I'm at my parent's ranch with my siblings and my sister's boyfriend. Mom and Dad are in New Orleans for their anniversary. And this happened (I told Twitter first):

special_effex: Jesus fucking christ. You guys. YOU GUYS.
special_effex: The excitement we just had at the Effex household, you wouldn't believe.
special_effex: I just. My sister was coming up from the barn and these folks came down the driveway, told her a corgi had gotten hit up by the road.

Putting the rest under a cut, WARNING for human and animal harm )

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME is still my general mental state.
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Okay, so I do a lot of different things for my job. A lot. Most of them music related. Today, my job requires me to look through clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces and ligatures.

And all I can see any more is bondage gear.

Especially with the leather ones. )
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So, a couple months back, I got an IM from an unknown username (Yahoo! based). It didn't look/feel like spam and I was feeling adventurous, so I replied - I don't remember the conversation that followed, but the gist was that they hadn't sent the original message and claimed they had gotten an IM from *my* account, neither of us knew the other, we were both very confused, and agreed to go our separate ways.

Just now, I got an IM from an unknown username, asking me if I knew how many calories a sneeze burned. It didn't look/feel like spam and I was curious, so I replied that I did not (and, btw, who *were* they?). They replied by asking me who *I* was and why I had contacted them (apperently, by telling them I was a robot and not to say 'domo agrigato' 'cause I'd hurt them. Yeah, I don't know either.). As we exchanged wtfs, it dawned on me that I knew the username after all, this was the same person as last time. My memory is crazy like that. We again agreed to go our separate ways.

I am *really confused*, y'all. Is this a scam? Harassment? A fluke? The Internet's attempt to bring two strangers together? Will it happen again? What the hell is going on?

Update (May 27th, 2009): Another IM from shimmeringsalmon, did not respond this time. Let's see if anything happens!

Update (November 9th, 2009): All is revealed!
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The thrice-damned squirrels have made off with my prayer flags. I went out this this morning to water my plants (patio garden!) and there was nothing left but a forlorn string, twisting in the breeze. Those things were sewn on, I'm almost impressed.

Now I'm wondering what the result of prayer flag-lined squirrel housing will be (I'm assuming that's what they took them for, the mind refuses to speculate further). Particularly compassionate tree rodents, maybe?
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"Great, now my prayer flags have squirrel spit all over them" is not something I ever thought I'd say.

But now I have. And they do. Fraking squirrel.
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It is March, it is Texas, so what the hell is up with all the snow? I've come to accept that the weather patterns down here are just as whacked out as Iowa's, but snow to 65 degrees and sunny to more snow over the course of three days is a bit much. Just sayin'.

And, B? One word about how sunny it is in San Deigo and I will find a way to share.
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Just checked my mail to find a birthday card from Grandma S. (my Dad's mom, B, did you ever get to meet her?) - inside the envelope's a card, a check, and A PICTURE OF GRANDMA IN DRAG. I have no idea what the story is (and it took me a minute to figure out why she sent me a photo of some random guy), but it's the best birthday present. Ever.

[puts it on the fridge]

ETA: It was from Halloween (duh, me), she was a mafioso. Mystery solved!
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For my reference more then anything else - I don't want to forget this.

I was walking back to my apartment at dusk and was treated to a huge, brilliant moon rising over the horizon. It was beautiful and I took a couple of minutes to watch it - and as I was watching something truly funky happened. I was fairly high up (as high as one can get in Iowa, really) with a good view over the town and the street lights - the moon had just passed the lights when I noticed a thin black line on its surface. I thought it was a power line and sat down to try to see around it - and the line didn't move.

And then it did - getting slightly thicker and moving slowly down the surface - for a second a trick of the light made it look like the top bit was smaller and the moon was shedding it's skin. The line moved almost to the bottom and then started fading off, starting at the left and moving across until there was just a small blob, then nothing.

Okay, so, wtf? The partial eclipse was this morning, you couldn't see it from Iowa anyway, and I've never known the Earth to leave a thin horizontal shadow. So what was it? I desperately wish I had had my camera with me - I'll have to settle with crawling the space news sites in a couple of hours and see if anyone else saw it.

So, so strange.


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