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In Fannish Review: Uh. I was on a Fandomspotting podcast? And worked on it generally behind the scenes, though that was earlier in the year and not nearly as much as other folks. Also I watched/read some things and posted about them.

In RL Review: I moved to Chicago, was unemployed for a while, got a job, got an apartment, got a roommate, got a cat, got a therapist.

There's a lot I didn't do - make serious headway on my book and my comic, find some freelance gigs, do more fannish stuff, make friends outside of work. And there was some stuff that fucking sucked - two of my cats died and my grandparents are sicker. But, as my therapist keeps reminding me to remind myself, overall it's been a busy, successful year.

Things to try for in 2013: Get out more. Continue working on creative projects. Post more, even if it's random faffing. Get my ears pierced*. Take care of myself.

* Two in each lobe and one on the right upper helix. Why start small?

For all y'all - I hope your good things carry over, your bad things stay in 2012, and may you have a fucking awesome New Year.
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In fannish review, I (in no particular order):

* Made 150 posts (151 with this one!) which averages out to, what, ~12 posts a month? None of it, sadly, is fanfic - I got squat written this year. Or finished this year, anyway; my WIPs are legion.

* Put together the Xavier Mansion - House and Grounds in one map-hazed weekend, which Google Analytics tells me is far and away my most popular post. As it should be.

* Took a stab at starting a fanworks fest, which... did not pan out. Next year! I have a written out Plan Of Action, I am ready. Also attempted to start a One Piece reread, discovered 1) organizing thing over the internet takes a lot of work and 2) One Piece is freaking long. Ouch.

* Joined Kingdom of Loathing on a whim and accidentally ascended two times. It woulda been three but, by time I got my Sauceror to the Frat/Hippy war, Crimbo hit and I got distracted by the shiny, shiny content.

* Watched a lot of TV and movies, recced some links, read a lot of fanfic.

So quiet, basically. Which makes sense, seeing as RL was a rocky ride )

Resolutions for 2012 )

Happy 2011!

Jan. 1st, 2011 12:11 pm
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Happy (Gregorian) New Year's, folks! 2010 out, 2011 is in, and I am glad. It's been an intense year.

Also, Yuletide author reveals are up! I wrote Idiots are always moving forward, a Hayate x Blade fic for Sumiregawa. There's femslash (Sae/Akira, hints of others), Takarazuka references, dancing, plotting, and general shenanigans! I had a blast writing it (when I wasn't tearing out my hair).

And while we're talking fic, let's do that meme. In 2010, I wrote:

* Untitled Arhur/Eames drabble (Inception)

* Idiots are always moving forward (Hayate x Blade)

* Untitled Yusuf/Saito drabble (Inception)

* The Coffeehouse Crossover Confrontation (Middleman/Losers)

* Masks, Robots, Coffee (A ZapBamPow Exclusive Interview) (Sky High)

For a total of...9,575 words. A personal finished, posted, non-original fic best!

I put serious thought into writing another 500 words of something last night, after posting that second Inception drabble. Get my word count up to 10,000 just in time for the new year. I decided to play Mirror's Edge and watch Castle with my family instead. I don't regret it :D Besides, 10,000 words makes a great goal for 2011.

Other things I want to do in the new year. )

Like I said up top, 2010 was a hard year. My grandparents are doing badly, my job's exploitative, and I've struggled a lot with anxiety and depression. BUT.

It's also been a good year. My family and friends have been spared the worst of the financial crisis, I've got a job to complain about, I got a second awesome roommate, I learned a shit ton about social justice issues, I've been more active in fandom than I've ever been before.

There was a lot of good in 2010, and I'm glad of it. It's finally fucking over and I'm glad of that, too.
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Hey, Internet! It's 2009, we made it!

It's been a good year. Slow, admittedly, mind-numbingly slow for most of it - but with the move to Dallas, a new job (one month today!), new roommate, new friends, these last two months have been very exciting. Not that I, uh, told you about any of it, Internet. Because I am a bad journal-er.

So! To rectify that, and in an effort to be more creative on my own time, I'm self-imposing a challenge - one fanart a day for the month of January. I'm titling it (yes, the challenge. Just. Don't ask) '31 kisses for the New Year." 'cause they'll all be pictures of making out smooches, you see (got to keep myself motivated!).

Each one'll be a different fandom (uh, mostly. I'm fudging with the Marvel stuff) - I've got a list partially made up, but there are a couple slots I haven't decided on yet - suggestions are totally welcome.

The current standings, in no particular order, is here )

And it's already the first, better get cracking! After I sleep, that is. Lots of sleep.
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Belated, sure, but I've still got 360 days to work with. So it's cool.

Things I want/hope/need to do in 2008:

1) Learn to sell myself. Yes, like that Cold calling, emailing, and all the other scary as hell promotional activities that must be done to build the design firm. omgwhatamidoing

2) Find out where the people my age are hiding in this town, so I can have a life that doesn't revolve around work, family, or the cats. Maybe even [gasp] date, although that requires the additional criteria of 1)girls my age that are 2)gay, and also 3)interested.

3) Speaking of the cats, find a way to convince them that night-time is for sleeping, not playing herd-of-elephants. alternatively, find way to dispose of downstairs neighbor.

4) Be creative outside of work. Pick a project and see it through, even if I'm the only one to ever see it. Also, practice with non-digital media - the skills are getting rusty. Also x2, write - ditto.

5) Participate online, dammit - the internet's right here, use it. if I have something to say, comment. Comment, comment, comment.

6) Return phonecalls/emails promptly, admit/apologize properly when wrong, be honest and straightforward as often as possible. Assume responsibility for own life. Have sit-down with self, get to know each other better. Wasn't all the soul searching supposed to happen in college?

[deep breath, you can do this]

And the very best wishes for you and your new year. May it be a good one.


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