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~Volume 23 of Hikaru no Go~

Chapters 184-189 (+ Extra Chapters 1 & 2)

That's the end, folks, we made it! NOW IT'S TIME TO PARTY!

What did you think of the ending? Of the series as a whole? What were your favorite moments and characters? Do you official art, screencaps, fanart? Post 'em! Same for fanfic, fanvids, meta, and squee! Share the links, share the love, party down <3
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~Volume 22 of Hikaru no Go~

Chapters 175-183

This is the second to last volume of Hikaru no Go! Next week, to celebrate the completion of The Totally Epic Hikaru no Go Reread, we'll be partying down in volume 23's discussion post. Pic spam! Fanfic recs! Comment fic! Music videos! Rampant spoilers! And whatever else we can think of.

Everyone is invited!
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* Current fannish projects: 1) finishing my (biosex-swapped Avengers IN SPACE!) illustration for the Cap/Ironman Reverse bang, 2) a fill for this Inception/Hikaru no Go crossover prompt at [livejournal.com profile] inception_kink, and 3) a Middleman/Losers crossover (with Wendy and Jolene!) for [community profile] intoabar.

* TV I'm watching: Current seasons of Castle, Community and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (why?), season one of Psych, Futurama and Darkwing Duck, season two of Sports Night and Mythbusters.

* Books I'm reading: Cold Magic by Kate Elliot and Borderlands/La Frontera by Gloria Anzaldua. I've been picking away at both of them for over a month because I'm in some kind of book-reading slump, it's terrible.

* Sunday night, round 9 pm-ish, my roommates and I decided to go sing us some karaoke. )

* We've settled on a 'Post-Colonial Monsters' theme for the big gayborhood Halloween block party - I'm going as Vampire!Judith Butler, D as Zombie!Emma Tenayuca, S as an Anarcho-Communist!Mad Scientist, and I'm told [personal profile] cheshire3000 will be joining us as a Sparkly! Muslim! Vampire! Plus maybe a couple other people? IDK, but it's going to be amazing.

* My boss left yesterday for a two-week business trip to China. Without telling me he was leaving on a two-week business trip to China. Or leaving any instructions. Sadly, no one is surprised.

* There are only two volumes to go in the Totally Epic Hikaru No Go Reread! We're planning a party type thing for the final discussion post and everyone is invited :D More details when we have them!

* Is the spacing on my header borked or is it just me?
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~Volume 18 of Hikaru no Go~

Side Stories 1 - 6

(Did anyone end up reading volume 19 as well?)
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~Volume 14 of Hikaru no Go~

Chapters 114 - 121 + Bonus Chapter
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~Volume 13 of Hikaru no Go~

Chapters 105 - 113

Anyone else get caught flatfooted by OneManga's takedown? I knew it was coming, just... forgot the day. If folks need it, I'll poke around online and upload future volumes here.

Also, wow, 13 volumes. We're past the halfway mark!
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~Volume 12 of Hikaru no Go~

Chapters 97 - 104

Oh man, I haven't read the volume yet and won't be able to until tonight. But here, have the only a little late post!
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~Volume 8 of Hikaru no Go~

Chapters 61 - 69 + Bonus Chapter

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~Volume 7 of Hikaru no Go~

Chapters 52 - 60

[winces] Have I really not posted anything else in the week since the last one? I suppose moving is an okay excuse but. Still.

Anyway, on to the discussion!
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~Volume 6 of Hikaru no Go~

Chapters 44 - 51 + Bonus Chapter

Happy Wednesday, folks! It's time for more Hikaru no Go, hurray!
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~Volume 5 of Hikaru no Go~

Chapters 35 - 43

I am ~officially~ moving Epic Post time to 3pm (US Central) because, honestly. At noon I am either thinking about lunch, going to get lunch, or eating lunch and there is not a lot of time for HikaGo amongst all that lunchiness.


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