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Happy Friday, everyone! This has been a crappy, anxious, slice your thumb open on a can of hash kind of week, but either Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook or an uptick in brain chemistry has me full of joie de vivre.

Speaking of food! I made a batch of granola last night, loosely based off of this (Food Network, ha) recipe. I swapped the maple syrup (being out) for equal parts honey and molasses, swapped the vegetable oil for olive oil, and added a large dash of cinnamon. Burnt it a little (being slightly damp in the oven doesn't mean it needs to cook longer), but it's still delicious with plain yogurt and honey. Also dirt cheap - the rolled oats cost me $.27 from Kroger's bulk food bins and I had everything else on hand.

I also made an apple/gouda/prosciutto sandwich for lunch today. It was difficult to not eat it on the spot.

Excellent things on the internet:

* The art of Shintaro Ohata.

* [personal profile] ephemere's gorgeous book of calligraphy. Pre-orders are closed, but she says it'll be available for regular purchase early next year.

* GMHC's I Love My Boo campaign.

* Amanda Conner And Jan Duursema Create Female Superheroes For Nike. On one hand, Nike. On the other, awesome women in practical clothing!

* Kaleidoscope! Signups close tomorrow, so if you're thinking about participating now would be the time.

* The life of Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth, Freedom Fighter

* Music! )
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I've skipped a couple weeks and people keep posting things, so this is a long one. Fair warning!

* First out of the bag, #yesGayYA. For those who haven't read it, he original post by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith is here: Authors Say Agents Try to “Straighten” Gay Characters in YA. [personal profile] cleolinda has the best/most exhaustive coverage I've seen and [personal profile] coffeeandink has a good roundup of pertinent links.

* Related posts not mentioned above include [livejournal.com profile] swan_tower's Followup on "Say Yes to Gay YA" and [personal profile] bookshop's YA Publishing & the de-gaying of books.

* Speaking of co-written YA books, while I was typing this up Justine Larbalesteir and Sarah Rees Brennan announced one of their own! It's apparently about girls and female friendship and vampires and it's got a girl of color smack dab in the middle of the cover. I am excite.

Moving on:

Links about food )

Links about US politics )

Links about interesting things )

Pretty pictures )

ETA: For The Next Few Days, Portal Is Free! For the computer, and you have to sign up for Steam to get it, but still. Sweet beans.

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* I commissioned Polly Guo ([livejournal.com profile] pollums) for Luffy/Usopp fanart (why not go for my most obscure OTP?) and got an amazing piece plus another amazing piece ('botched' because I'd asked for makeouts. Perfect regardless, look at their faces). The first one is going on my bedroom wall of geekery and no-shame.

* [personal profile] thefourthvine's been reviewing/recapping Coffee Prince, which got me watching it again. Eun Chan is my favorite, you guys.

* S.H. Figuarts is making Tiger & Bunny action figures. For ALL the heroes. I've talked myself out of buying all of them, but Fire Emblem's gonna be mine.

* There is so much good fanfiction right now! I mean, there's always good fanfiction, but there are a bunch of kink/prompt memes running strong (X-Men, Thor, Homestuck, Sherlock, Dresden Files, etc) and a bunch of challenges wrapping up and new Harry Potter stuff and, just. I'm not even 'in' most of those fandoms, but the fic's so good I want to roll around in it instead of working.

* Also, Damikianna's avatar!Katara Au, Imagine the Ocean (Book One) and Listen to the Earth (Book Two) continue being one of the best things on the internet.

* I'm on day 9 of 11 straight work days (I'm at the office completely alone right now, it's weird), but once it's over I'm being rewarded with 1) a roadtrip through the desert with [personal profile] nepenthe (she's promised me some sort of alien diner in Nowhere, Arizona), 2) San Diego (and palm trees and ocean and tile roofs and stucco walls and all the other things I miss), 3) San Diego's weather, 4) Harry Potter, and 4) COMIC CON.

* Have I mentioned Comic Con yet? I am excite.
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* Same-sex marriage ('Or as I like to call it, 'marriage'') passed in New York, HELL YES. Colorlines, Boing Boing, and The Daily Beast all have picspams of the celebrations + Pride. As do most of the queer blogs on the internet, I'm pretty sure.

* I don't know who came up with this ice-cream ad, but bless them.

* On NPR: 'Being Elmo': Covering Raw Talent With Bright Red Fur

* Shelf-Pod is a house made out of bookcases Osaka prefecture, Japan, made to house the owner's collection of Islamic history books. It's beautiful.

* On Boing Boing: Tornadoes, climate change, and real scientific literacy

I've got a bunch of links re: Greece and another set re: podcasts to post, but that'll wait until later this week. Right now, have a puppy update:

They keep growing, like magic. )
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* Food! I've been getting back into meal planning and healthy/cheap eats, helped along by Cheap Healthy Good's 1 Chicken, 17 Healthy Meals, $26 Bucks, No Mayo and 65 Cheap, Healthy, One-Dish Meals with Good Leftover Potential.

* [personal profile] cofax7 just linked to Breakfast on the Fly — and on the Cheap, which looks promising. These days I just pick up a box of Oat Revolution's Maple & Brown Sugar to make at work. Variety would be nice!

* While we're talking food, Latoya at Racialicious has a good post up about food cost, food stamps, and government regulation.

* Facebook outed as source of anti-Google PR smear campaign. I'm loling and facepalming at the same time.

* [personal profile] newredshoes has a post about mens' historical fashion. Amazing fashion.

* Apparently the Library of Congress has a public domain music archive.

* From photographer M. Sharkey: a series on queer youth.

Also, Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars (and Patrick Stump) are doing a show next week and I've got tickets, yes, precious.

Also x2, [personal profile] sitara and I've started watching The Wire and holy shit this show's amazing.

EDIT: Don't forget (like I almost did) - Prompts for [community profile] scifi_fest open on the 15th! TWO DAYS, YAY.
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* Signal Boost: [personal profile] delight needs help paying bills for hirself and hir family.

* I've recently added two news sources to my regular feeds - Colorlines and ProPublica. Colorlines covers 'race, culture, and organizing', Propublica does in depth investigative reporting. Both are fantastic.

* Remember the protests at the Toronto G20 Summit last year? The CBC's just released a report on the civil abuses/police violence that went on.

* On Racialicious - Support Planned Parenthood. Three reasons to stand with Planned Parenthood.

* On Tiger Beatdown - The War on Reproductive Rights: A Recap

* A week ago, 15 women and 2 men (all of them veterans or active duty servicemembers) brought a federal lawsuit against the Pentagon based on rampant sexual assault within the military. My sister was offered a spot at West Point when she graduated high school and we did our damndest to talk her out of it. This is one of the reasons why.

* Also on Racialicious - Paul Rudd Fondles Eva Mendes for Laughs; Rosario Dawson Fondles Paul Rudd for Feminism

* [livejournal.com profile] adsartha has been posting link roundups and first person reports of the protests in Wisconsin.

* When Fangirls Attack has a massive roundup of Dwayne McDuffie memorial posts.

* In honor of MCDuffie, Project: Rooftop is holding a redesign contest for Static. I like [livejournal.com profile] oxboxer's concept a lot (but I always like [livejournal.com profile] oxboxer's concepts).

* On Colorlines: A Food Crisis Is Coming, But Urban America Already Has It Solved

* Sady Doyle has a Tumblr piece up on Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network, West Wing, and general douchiness.

* Ta-Nehisi Coates has a literary crush on Jane Austin and it's awesome. I've never read her books (I tried P&P once, but it was too dry for 12yr old me), but this makes me want to.

* The Slacktivist blog is moving to Patheos. I love the Slacktivist, he reminds me that all Christians aren't horrible and/or uninformed about their own religion (bitter ex-Christian right here, oh yes). He's been doing a series of posts on Hell that I've particularly enjoyed. I also highly recommend his ongoing dissection of the Left Behind series (which I read in it's entirety as a preteen, joy).

* From Terry Pratchett's blog: There has been one hell of a lot of rumours regarding a Good Omens adaptation over the past few weeks, mostly started by me at the SFX Weekender. So, ladies and gentleman, I can hereby exclusively reveal that - YES - Neil and myself have shaken hands and received groats from Rod Brown sealing a TV deal. At least it's not a movie?

* Check it: Donald Glover as Spiderman. This would have been the best thing ever, Donald, you will always be my Spiderman.

* Speaking of Donald, did you know Troy and the rest of the Community crew have Twitter accounts?

* Comics types, you know about the Super Dictionary, right? Then you'll understand why this made me choke on my oatmeal this morning.

* Mutatos - The Mutato-Archive is a collection of non-standard fruits, roots and vegetables, displaying a dazzling variety of forms, colours and textures, that only reveal themselves when lawfully enforced standards cease to exist.

* How far away is the moon?

* This is just cool - Tiny Spheres Turn Regular Microscopes Into Nanoscopes. The Future, we're living it.
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* The big news: Hosni Mubarak has resigned as Egypt's president. Fuck yes, Egypt! If you haven't been following along at home, Al Jazeera has a timeline of events.

Don't stop paying attention to Africa and the Middle East - this'll have major impact on the protests in other countries.

* On Good.is: Americans Have No Idea How Much Welfare They're Getting. The rise of the anti-big government Tea Party movement in America has also seen a rise in the number of citizens publicly decrying both taxes and the social welfare programs for which those taxes provide. A recent study shows, however, that many Americans actually have no idea that they're on the dole, calling into question the validity of their attacks on government handouts.

* On BoingBoing: StartingPage now returns Google search results, privately. Google and other search engines track what users search; over time, the data collected can be pretty revealing, so much so that the DOJ wants access. For the most part, privacy policies are only as good as the lawyers backing them, and "law of the land" can trump anything. And all of that adds up to worrisome prospects for all of us.

* [personal profile] the_future_modernes has been doing info roundups on anonymous vs. private security firms/Bank of America/US chamber of congress/lots of people. Informative and entertaining!

* I found this article on death on Mt. Everest both interesting and deeply disturbing - WARNING FOR GRAPHIC PHOTOS.

Moving on...

* Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dinosaur Sex

* [livejournal.com profile] pollums has posted a bunch of beautiful, sensual, turn of the century ads for men's Interwoven Socks. They are amazing. [livejournal.com profile] pollums regularly posts vintage illustrations and is an amazing artist in her own right, you should check out her journal.

* We're going to get new Avatar comics!

* The owners of Project:Messiah, an industrial grade 3D animation program, are trying an experiment - they're offering the entry version for $10 (regularly $499) and the whole package for $40 (regularly $1195). Everyone needs a chance to show what they can do. That chance is more often limited by money; maybe that's you, maybe that's someone you know; a parent, a friend, some students of yours. We got a chance to prove what we could do starting out, and now we're giving one to you. I'm a little stunned.

* Boingboing again: Mike Mignola talks setting and architecture.

* Google recently launched Art Project, virtual tours of some of the world's best art museums. Shiny!

* [community profile] build_a_world's February/March challenge is 'Create and Use a Conlang'. Even if you're not participating, the resource post is worth raiding.
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* Al Jazeera has a spotlight on the revolution in Tunisia with breaking news, video, opinion, etc. Mother Jones has a basic (and several days out of date) primer here.

* Christopher Nolan is making another Batman movie, which is enough to piss me off all on it's own (no movie's made me angry like The Dark Knight made me angry). The antagonists this time around are Bane and Catwoman, to be played by Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway. Which is interesting, because Bane's latino. Selina is/probably is as well, though I'm having trouble tracking down canon verification. I'm not super familiar with the Gotham crowd, though, so I'll leave this to others.

Back to the point, which is: whitewashing. It's not a surprise, considering the previous films have been rife with whitewashing (Ra's al Ghul), erasure (Renee Montoya ((link seems to be missing it's scans)) and Barbara Gordon), and fridging (Rachel Dawes) but still. Fuck you, Nolan.

* There's another round of discussion re: book piracy, authors and copyright going on. [personal profile] troisroyaumes has an excellent collection of posts up, I'd like to point to [personal profile] colorblue's this is not a post about yoga in particular.

* On a related note: 'Underground' Artist Steve Lieber Wins Over 4chan. Rather than berating the thread for more or less pirating he and Parker's creator-owned work in a public forum, Lieber instead answered questions about his career and pointed out that those who liked what they read could buy the book in print. The response was almost resoundingly positive with a lot of readers expressing interest in paying for the comic or simply being excited to have access to a creator willing to share insights about the industry. Though I doubt things would have gone as well if Lieber wasn't a (presumably) straight white dude.

* The European Southern Observatory issued a challenge last October to amateur astronomers everywhere: Find the best photos that ESO's professional image processors overlooked. The winning shot of the Orion Nebula is stunning (the others are pretty nice too) and I immediatly made it my new desktop background at work.

Then I thought about it a while and decided it needed a TARDIS. So that happened too. )

* On BoingBoing: video of the last known living Thylacine, filmed in 1933. Disturbing (to me, YMMV) in a 'last of a species/we wiped them out of existance' kind of way.

* Making the rounds again: Let's Bury the Not-a-Word Myth. Also Bookshelf Porn, which I never get tired of.

* Via Colorlines: Visibility Project, a portraiture series devoted to showcasing a vast array of queer API folks.
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Let's start with disaster relief:

* The flooding in Australia is still bad, bad, bad, but you probably know that already. Both the Australian Red Cross and the Queensland Government homepage are good places to donate (via [personal profile] copperbadge).

* There's also flooding in Brazil, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. And Columbia is still recovering from flooding in early December. Googling gets me the Brazilian Red Cross (in Portuguese), the Philippine Red Cross, the Malaysian Red Crescent, the Thai Red Cross, the Sri Lanka Red Cross, and the Columbian Red Cross (in Spanish). Anyone know of other repudiable organizations?

* It's been a year since the earthquake in Haiti and they're still rebuilding (while fighting a malaria outbreak) - [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti has a roundup of organizations still operating in the country.

Opinions go under a cut )

Enough opinionating, on with the links:

* Why is nobody calling Jared Loughner a terrorist?

* On Tiger Beatdown - The Arizona Shooting: An FAQ

* On Slacktivist - Only a crazy person would take what we say seriously

* From Ta-Nehisi Coates - On Loughner

Comments were good reading on all of these last time I checked.

Other things:

* From Sara Mayeux, one of Ta-Nehisi Coates' recent guest bloggers Fun with numbers, high school student drug use edition

* From Jamelle Bouie, also a guest blogger - A brief history of welfare for middle class Americans

* On boingboing - US orders Twitter to hand over account data on Wikileaks and multiple Wikileaks supporters

* You've heard about the 'Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior' article on the Wall Street Journal, yes? Turns out it had been edited without [Chua's] input, and by the time she saw the version they intended to run, she was limited in what she could do to alter it.

"I was very surprised," [Chua] says. "The Journal basically strung together the most controversial sections of the book. And I had no idea they'd put that kind of a title on it. But the worst thing was, they didn't even hint that the book is about a journey, and that the person at the beginning of the book is different from the person at the end -- that I get my comeuppance and retreat from this very strict Chinese parenting model."

Good job, WSJ.

Fun shiny things go under a cut )

Videos go under a cut. Wow, this post is long. )
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I'm back in Dallas! And at work but it's fine, it's Friday. And next week's a short week, so.

The Bay Area was fab - it's kinda counterintuitive to go to a bigger city (in a different state) to get away from people but there's something about being by yourself in a crowd, you know? Not to mention Angel Island (have I talked enough about how much I loved that place?):

I've got a couple more photos to post, will probably get to that tomorrow-ish.

Next: internet readalong is cut to spare your reading list. )
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Between the constant state of emergency at work (I *hate* prepping for back to school season), the heat, and my brand new allergies, my ability to brain is non-existent. Gone. Kaput. On the upside, I'm too tired to be angry at everything!

Except The Real L Word, which I'm watching with my roommate. Where 'watching' means 'yelling at the screen because some of these women are abusive assholes, holy shit.' Also Hell House, which upset me so much I had to make hot cocoa and mainline some Studio Ghibli. Anyway.

* Your thinky post for the day - Ablism bingo: when you fail, you win!. In which [personal profile] lightgetsin dismantles some common anti-warning/anti-accommodation arguments.

And I've got to say this. Personally, as an artist/writer/designer, my desire to elicit a particular emotion or reaction from my audience DOES NOT PRECLUDE my audience's right not to be hurt by my work.

Warning, brief description of emotional abuse and resulting panic attack. )

On to more pleasant things:

* NASA's website for astronaut photos of Earth is amazing.

* So's the art of Simon Lok. The part of Southern California he paints in is very close to where I grew up; looking at these paintings gives me a wonderful, achy homesickness.

* Via the Digital Democracy Project Einstein Project: Photos by children in Guatemala's Zona Reyna.

* [personal profile] thingswithwings just put up a really excellent Lem/Phil Better Off Ted vid. Yay, Better Off Ted love!

* A little older, but I keep going back to watch [livejournal.com profile] tavven's Jack/Ianto Torchwood vid. Ianto's little face. I miss it.

* [personal profile] brownbetty gives excellent instructions on the correct way to pet a dog.

* Did you know that most of Wodehouse's work is up on Project Gutenberg? And you can download the ebooks for free? No, me neither.

* And speaking of Wodehouse, James Nicholl has a chart up comparing Bertie and Bruce Wayne (I am also firmly in the 'Bertie is smarter than he seems' camp. I mean, the books are told as if he had written them. Think about it.).
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* Last weekend was rough for Toranto - [livejournal.com profile] twig_tea has a series of posts up about the protests, police brutality, and hir own experiences at the jail solidarity rally. G20 Protest and Aftermath is the big one with followups here, here and here. Most major news outlets have *some* coverage of the event - I've been following Rabble.ca and The Globe and Mail in particular.

* The Russian spy story continues to develop. [personal profile] jonquil comments

* On Mother Jones - Uniformed Cops on BP Payroll? Enter the ACLU: Louisiana police don't have any right to tell you you can't walk onto a public beach. However, they do have the right to mislead you about who they're really working for. In Louisiana, as in many places, it's legal for police officers to wear their uniforms regardless of whether they're acting in an official capacity or working for a private corporation.

* On [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political - A license to witch-hunt: The 6-3 decision of the court, announced June 21, upholds a portion of the 2001 Patriot Act that classifies some speech and other "intangible assistance" as material aid to terrorists.

* [personal profile] bell has posted a comprehensive linkspam on Cornell University's Clitoriplasty on Intersex Children. Zie's serious about hir TRIGGER WARNING.

* The Last Airbender is out today and the terrible reviews it's getting (currently 5% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!) makes me all tingly inside. I recommend camping out at [livejournal.com profile] racebending for up to date info, but The Last Airbender: Pre-Screening, M. Night defends the casting on TV, It sucks to be right. It sucks to be right and Roger Ebert's review (half a star) are good places to start.

* Wonder Woman is getting a new backstory and a new outfit, which the internet seems incredibly divided on. I'm with [livejournal.com profile] oxboxer on the outfit - it's kickin' (yes, the jacket too, c'mon it's awesome) - and am withholding opinion on the backstory.

* Johnny Depp has apparently been cast as The Doctor in a US remake/movie of Doctor Who, which. Why is this necessary? I know you're bitter, RTD, but you don't need to hurt us like this. Assisting the US with our cultural appropriation problem is also Not Cool.

* Cindy Pon's Phoenix books have been rebranded and the new covers are awful. Whitewashing, culturefail (is the model seriously wearing a sequined tank top on the second one?), designfail and photoshopfail all in two shitty packages.

* Photoshop Sweded (from this photoset) is amazing. A++ for creative illustration.

* How to forecast the weather

* One small apartment, 24 rooms (I need to go back and watch this with the sound on).

* Flying cars!

* I Hugged a Man in His Underwear. And I am Proud.: I spent the day at Chicago’s Pride Parade. Some friends and I, with The Marin Foundation, wore shirts with “I’m Sorry” written on it. We had signs that said, “I’m sorry that Christians judge you,” “I’m sorry the way churches have treated you,” “I used to be a bible-banging homophobe, sorry.” We wanted to be an alternative Christian voice from the protestors that were there speaking hate into megaphones.
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Okay, so, this fanfic thing has turned out dozens of excellent posts (mmm, rampent meta on my rlist is my favorite):

* The original post on Fandom Wank - Diana Gabaldon, author of the wildly popular Outlander series, has an opinion on fan fiction: I think it’s immoral, I _know_ it’s illegal, and it makes me want to barf whenever I’ve inadvertently encountered some of it involving my characters.

* From [personal profile] bookshop - I'm done explaining to people why fanfic is okay: Dear AotW. Fanfic is not about you. Fanfic is not about you. Fanfic is not about you.

* [personal profile] facetofcathy - Why I write fic...: But you see, her sex was approved by her corporate overlords, and she knew when she was writing it what she was allowed to write about and what she was not. Her porn has the publisher's stamp of approval while what fandom writes is unfettered by any higher authority. I rather expect that scares her a little, and I expect she doesn't think her porn is the same as our porn at all.

* [personal profile] kate_nepveu - An open letter to professionally-published authors who despise fanfic of their own works: You can be revolted by the idea of fanfic of your own works. But you are so unlikely to be able to stop it that you are better off saving your time and energy for other pursuits. Put your position on the record as above and then do your best to ignore it.

* On The Blotter Blog - If Stories Come to You, Care For Them: But I think, most of all, what people have forgotten is what I remember from being that six year-old writing a Star Trek story; adults are just kids all grown up. And we love to play. We love to pretend. We love to wrap ourselves into a world not of our making because, let's face it, sometimes this world really doesn't cut it.

And in other news:

* Wow, the situation in the Gulf of Mexico is even worse than I thought it was. 90 days to stop the damn leak?

* On Racialicious - Black and Asian (and Jewish?): But, you see – that’s what this post is about. In spite of all the claimed “differences” between the two groups, there are black Asian people. There are Asian black people. There are actually quite a lot of them. When I talk about my mixed background with my students, it never fails to bring a grin to my face (and give me hope) at how many of my “black” students tell me that they have Asian blood, as well. Filipino and black mixes are the most common, but there are so many other mixed-race black/Asian people out there. Because, get this – the communities are entwined.

* Dancers Among Us, 'a collection of NYC dance photographs featuring members of the Paul Taylor, Mark Morris and Martha Graham Dance Companies'. Incredibly amazing.

* [personal profile] the_future_modernes has an excellent roundup of women's voices in rock
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* ARG. WORK, ARG, GAH. Quarterly manager meetings are the worst, especially when your CEO is a fucking bully who yells at his sister/VP in front of everybody for problems (minor problems!) that aren't her fault (also not mine. or our print vendor's. apparently the fault of some jerk down in Waco).

[takes a deep breath and feels much better]

* I nabbed a prompt for [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest and am v. excited about it - have since watched Sky High (Superheroes and Disney, no one is surprised) three times and spammed [personal profile] zanzando with a billion world building/plot building thoughts. I <3 writing, I really do.

* My roommate and I are looking to move to another place in June - our current complex requires a 60 day notice which means we need to have this shit planned really soon. She likes a complex nearby that's a lot cheaper, I'm agonizing over the building's age and reputation for creepy crawlies. I guess it comes down to this - would I live with genteel shabbiness and the occasional roach if paid $250/mo to do so? Yes. Yes I would.

* Went to the doctor's last Friday and just got the test results back - am not anemic, diabetic, hormonally unbalanced or pregnant. Score!

* Work being all-consuming means I've done jack all link collecting (I had a couple hours free on Saturday, which I blew on a Dr Who marathon with [personal profile] nepenthe and another friend. Whooooooooooo), but there are a couple interesting things on my network/flist:

* Via [personal profile] synecdochic (which means you've all already seen it, I know) - Idle Pastime: In Off Hours, Truckers Pick Up Stitching

* The ongoing WTFery of the Last Airbender film makes me sad (and enormously pissed off) inside - [personal profile] bookshop's got a good roundup on the latest developments.

* Earth Hour 2010: lights are switched off in major cities around the world

* Via [personal profile] cofax7 - New litigation campaign quietly targets tens of thousands of movie downloaders

* Amazing photos of sleeping insects and morning dew

I've got a post about recipes and a post about books (possibly they will be the same post) in the works, we'll see how the day goes.
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* Yesterday, Lt. Dan Choi and former Army infrantryman James Pietrangelo chained themselves to the White House fence in protest of DADT. They were arrested and are currently in jail with no phone call and Park Police will not release them on bail. Pam's got a brief update here, you can read up on Dan Choi and the events that led up to this over on Joe.My.God.

* The New York Times has an article (in the Fashion section, the hell?) on Photographer Jeff Sheng's work photographing queer people in the US military.
you can visit his website to see more of this and other projects.

* I missed this when it got posted - a Reproductive Justice linkspam over on The Angry Black Woman.

* Another Gaga link - [personal profile] bookshop has an epic pic/link/essayspam up.

* [personal profile] bossymarmalade has a response to the Feministe article (guestblogged by Sady Doyle) on the Telephone vid. Lots of discussion in the comments.

* On Boingboing: What's more awesome than discovering a temperate planet outside our solar system?

* On Wired: The Oldest Trees on the Planet

* Exclusive: Al Gore is Coming to Comic-Con! Sort of. Also holy shit - I've been to Comic-Con, they are not exaggerating how much this will mess things up. The whole city shuts down for that convention.

* [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory:

* Music )


* [personal profile] glockgal: Amazing artist, writer of thinky things and founder of Racebending.com

* [personal profile] redroanchronicles: Just started following her via the Non-Fandom Friending Meme and am glad I did - lots of (horse!) photography, writing, and bio!linkspams. Good times!
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* There have been two major outbreaks of the Tone Argument on my reading list this week - once over at [community profile] scans_daily: Why Anti-Oppression Is Serious Business (WARNING - may be triggering for survivors of assault and abuse) and again over at Feministe: Dear USians on the Internet. Folks, this is not on.

So. Firstly - I'm in support with the mods at Scans Daily and Feministe and appreciate the work they've been doing on this. Secondly - if you need a refresher on the tone argument (or don't know what it is), check out The Privilege of Politeness over at The Angry Black Woman: At the core of this expectation of politeness is the idea that the POC in question should teach the offender what was wrong with their statement. Because in my experience what is meant by “be polite” is “teach me”, teach me why you’re offended by this, teach me how to be racially sensitive and the bottom line is that it is no one’s responsibility to teach anyone else. And even when POC are as polite as possible there is still hostility read into the words because people are so afraid of being called racist that they would rather go on offending than deal with the hard road of confronting their own prejudices.

Bottom line (paraphrased from all over the internet) - if you step on someone's foot (or punch them in the face), even by accident, it is not their job to politely ask you to stop (and then explain why it hurt).

* This was linked in the Feministe comments and is pretty awesome (as is the Canadian, Please vid it's a response to. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out!):

* [personal profile] the_future_modernes has a lovely long list of links up, all releated to POC and gender identity. The South Asian and Arab American Comedians vid she has embedded is well worth the watch.

* A small plane just crashed into a building in Austin.

* Via [personal profile] cimorene - Professionalism = Selling Your Soul: A Feminist Rant on "The Devil Wears Prada": So here's my problem with the movie: I couldn't see anything she did wrong. I was watching very carefully the second time around, and almost every "soul-selling" step that the heroine took seemed perfectly reasonable and defensible.

* Amazing pop-up book is amazing.

* Speaking of art - I've really fallen for the work of David Weidman. Look at those colors.

* Have y'all see Saving Face? Because you really, really should - it's an amazing film.

* Over on TNC's blog, Adam Serwer guest posts an incredibly eloquent essay on Bioshock and Bioshock 2. I don't normally go for first-person shooters, but. Damn. (geez, I haven't really looked at the blog this week, seems like there's a whole slew of guest bloggers. I've got some catching up to do...)

* Looking to put together a graphic design setup on the cheap (and by 'cheap' I mean 'free')? The folks at Paper Leaf can set you up. And while we're talking free design goodness, you should absolutely check out the exljbris Font Foundry. Oh, Fontin, love of my life.

* I've got some great webcomics linked in my sidebar ------->
but I'd like to rec SFEER Theory and The Not So Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal in particular - they're both just starting up and are wonderful things by wonderful people.

* Music - Tracy Chapman, The Tea Party, A Goofy Movie Soundtrack )
effex: Looked him in the eye (Looked him in the eye)

It is Friday and I have a couple of sweet hats and a plan to see Ponyo this evening with friends, which means this is officially a *good* day. Not matter what else happens. Studio Ghibli cures all ills.

Which is good, because this month has sucked. Sucked!

I have gotten some reading done - book list and commentary under the cut. )

Speaking of books! In honor of thoroughly ticking off one John C. Wright (and if you're not up on the latest round of SFF!fail, [livejournal.com profile] coffeeandink's got a write up.) Sam aka [personal profile] copperbadge has posted the first chapter (and part of the second) of his new novel in progress - The Valet Of Anize. Go check it out!

Also, [livejournal.com profile] halcyonjazz's been putting out some really excellent commission work. My first two are this one (Teddy and Billy from Young Avengers) and this one (Wendy Watson from The Middle Man), which I love with all due fervor. I am also very fond of everything she's done for [livejournal.com profile] tussah (more Billy/Teddy!), the Persona 4 (second listed) piece for [livejournal.com profile] nozomi_no_da, the Chase (Runaways!) piece for [livejournal.com profile] cloen, and the Doctor and Donna (<3 <3) piece for [livejournal.com profile] jeremymlad.

Up this weekend - Comic Con swag! My Psych Magic 8 Ball says I should totally post pictures. Also, webcomics.


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