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FALL HAS ARRIVED. The weather report claims it's only visiting (back up to 100 next week) but right now it's 70 degrees and everything is joy.

I'm spending most of my free time prepping my design portfolio for job hunting - I am getting out of this company and this town. Most of my recent work has been for my job (ads, product brochures, product catalogs, more ads) and, in the interest of diversity, I'm putting together some filler projects. I was toying with doing some personal spec work (my fake band, The Pretentious Italics, needs album art) but thought, hey, maybe someone on my rlist needs something done.

So! Does anyone need print design done? It'd be free of charge (you can pay me if you want, but it's not a requirement), the tradeoff being a more casual, collaborative process for me and a quick process (two or three weeks, tops). I'm especially interested in book/publication covers, event/promotional posters, editorial stuff, or album design.

I'm a working designer with 4 years of experience (when did that happen) on top of a degree; this'll be professional grade. Samples available upon request, etc. Comment or send me an email at teawise at gmail dot com if you're interested.


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