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So it turns out Cricket is evil, in a 'you're a day late pre-paying for the month and we want $120 before we reconnect your internet' sort of way. Screw that. Fortunately Clear's magically extended its coverage to my area, so I was only without for the weekend. Clear, for the record, is 100x faster and also cheaper, Cricket can suck it. I can watch TV again.

Still waiting to hear back about The Job, which is actually kind of reassuring - no call means I'm still in the running, right? Which was the attitude that kept me in Dallas for three extra weeks, but whatever.

Job hunting is depressing. I've only been at it five weeks and I willingly quit my last job so I don't know the half of it, but I do know this: any system that can't support jobs for folks who're qualified and willing (or, hell, just willing) is a system that's broken. It's not a reflection of my (or anyone else's) worth as a person or a worker. It doesn't mean there's something wrong with me (or you).

And that's basic, and kind of preachy, and doesn't help with the realities of paying for shit and making ends meet, but fuck if it's not everything that's keeping me steady. The system's fucked, not me. Not us.


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