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I've gotten an interview offer on one of my applications - it's in Dallas, of course, and means I'm batting 2 for 2 in Texas and 0 everywhere else. I'm going to this one - it's easy to get to and an organization I'd be happy to work for. I'd stay if I got it, I guess, because turning down a good thing for the unknown is past the limits of my recklessness.

In other news, I saw the Muppet movie on Saturday! It was delightful. Fox Business also saw it and had a different response, reaching new levels of ridiculous evil in the process.

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Happy Friday, everyone! This has been a crappy, anxious, slice your thumb open on a can of hash kind of week, but either Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook or an uptick in brain chemistry has me full of joie de vivre.

Speaking of food! I made a batch of granola last night, loosely based off of this (Food Network, ha) recipe. I swapped the maple syrup (being out) for equal parts honey and molasses, swapped the vegetable oil for olive oil, and added a large dash of cinnamon. Burnt it a little (being slightly damp in the oven doesn't mean it needs to cook longer), but it's still delicious with plain yogurt and honey. Also dirt cheap - the rolled oats cost me $.27 from Kroger's bulk food bins and I had everything else on hand.

I also made an apple/gouda/prosciutto sandwich for lunch today. It was difficult to not eat it on the spot.

Excellent things on the internet:

* The art of Shintaro Ohata.

* [personal profile] ephemere's gorgeous book of calligraphy. Pre-orders are closed, but she says it'll be available for regular purchase early next year.

* GMHC's I Love My Boo campaign.

* Amanda Conner And Jan Duursema Create Female Superheroes For Nike. On one hand, Nike. On the other, awesome women in practical clothing!

* Kaleidoscope! Signups close tomorrow, so if you're thinking about participating now would be the time.

* The life of Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth, Freedom Fighter

* Music! )
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* There's a Great Delicious Migration spreadsheet on GoogleDocs - you insert a row where your name goes (they're using LJ user names as the default) and fill in your info (pinboard, tumblr, DW, etc) so folks know where to find you.

* For people migrating to Pinboard, there's user name mapper that helps you find people from your Delicious network. (thanks, Zan!)

* The OTW is asking for input on bookmarking at the Ao3.

* Diigo's setting a 'a high standard to public bookmarks' which means, amoung other things, that any bookmark 'containing bad/inappropriate words such as sex, porn, sexy in title/description/tag/annotation' is automatically made private. Thanks, Diigo!

In related news, Pinboard imported all my bookmarks in reverse chronological order, putting all the Bleach fic I saved back in '08 at the top of the list. I spent last night rediscovering the joys of Yumichika/Ikkaku and Yoruichi/Soi Fong <3.
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I've skipped a couple weeks and people keep posting things, so this is a long one. Fair warning!

* First out of the bag, #yesGayYA. For those who haven't read it, he original post by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith is here: Authors Say Agents Try to “Straighten” Gay Characters in YA. [personal profile] cleolinda has the best/most exhaustive coverage I've seen and [personal profile] coffeeandink has a good roundup of pertinent links.

* Related posts not mentioned above include [livejournal.com profile] swan_tower's Followup on "Say Yes to Gay YA" and [personal profile] bookshop's YA Publishing & the de-gaying of books.

* Speaking of co-written YA books, while I was typing this up Justine Larbalesteir and Sarah Rees Brennan announced one of their own! It's apparently about girls and female friendship and vampires and it's got a girl of color smack dab in the middle of the cover. I am excite.

Moving on:

Links about food )

Links about US politics )

Links about interesting things )

Pretty pictures )

ETA: For The Next Few Days, Portal Is Free! For the computer, and you have to sign up for Steam to get it, but still. Sweet beans.

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Hey, look, it's a linkspam!

* [personal profile] forthwritten has excellent link round-ups for the London riots here and here.

* [tumblr.com profile] readnfight talks about 'the argument that people are destroying “their own neighborhood,” which has always come off to me as being steeped in a middle-class misunderstanding of other people’s poverty. Who owns the house they live in? In New Haven, almost all the houses in the POC neighborhoods are subdivided to be rented as separate floors. I literally know 3 couples in the city who own the house they live in; 2 of those couples are either my past or present landlords. If my block rioted, for the most part we would not be destroying our own property.'

* Via [personal profile] crossedwires - video and transcript from the BBC interview of Darcus Howe:
Reporter: Are you shocked by what you see now outside?

Darcus Howe: No. Not at all. I have been living in London for 50 years. There’s so many different moods and moments. But what I was certain about, listening to my grandson, and my son, is that something very very serious was going to take place in this country. Our political leaders have no idea. The police have no idea. But if you look at young Blacks, and young whites, with a discerning eye, and a careful hearing, they have been telling us and we would not listen, that what is happening in this country, to them, is— what is —

Warning for the BBC interviewer being a total asshat.

* Can't remember if I posted this earlier - Muslimah Media Watch's Obligatory Richard Dawkins Post

* [tumblr.com profile] korraspasm has video and a complete transcript of the SDCC 2011 Legend of Korra panel! <3 <3 <3

* [personal profile] yvi is putting together a non-native English celebration fest. See this post for details.

* In case you missed it - Ultimate!Peter Parker's mantle is being taken up by Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Latino teenager. People tend to stay dead in the Ultimate universe, so hopefully Miles will be around for a while.

* Happy Ramadan to those who are in the middle of it!

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I didn't originally think this needed comment, but I've seen it linked a couple of places now and the Wrong is making it hard to focus on dinner. So.

There's a post, titled On the difference between Good Dogs and Dogs That Need a Newspaper Smack, that's being passed around the atheist blogosphere as a good Privilege 101 teaching tool.

It's not - not a good tool, that is - and if this is the level the progressive folks are at I can start to see the problem.

The fact that people are stupid isn’t news, however. And actually that’s kind of why the concept of privilege is important – because privilege isn’t about being stupid. It’s not a bad thing, or a good thing, or something with a moral or value judgement of any kind attached to it. Having privilege isn’t something you can usually change, but that’s okay, because it’s not something you should be ashamed of, or feel bad about. Being told you have privilege, or that you’re privileged, isn’t an insult. It’s a reminder! The key to privilege isn’t worrying about having it, or trying to deny it, or apologize for it, or get rid of it. It’s just paying attention to it, and knowing what it means for you and the people around you. Having privilege is like having big feet. No one hates you for having big feet! They just want you to remember to be careful where you walk.

This is the main issue throughout the post - the idea that privilege is just something that happens, like big feet or a thick fur coat. Privileged people are born with an advantage (true!) and it's not their fault the world is set up to support men/white people/straight people/the able-bodied/cisgendered folks/etc/etc/etc, that's just the way it is. Like magic (false!). You should be nice to people who don't have your privilege because it's the right thing to do, but don't worry about getting rid of it.

No. Privilege is a constructed reality, it exists because humans created it. Because of a long, terrible history of deliberate and non-deliberate choices/actions setting one group over another. It is constantly perpetuated by the people who benefit from that history, i.e. people with privilege. We should absolutely be working to tear it down. To tear white privilege, cis privilege, straight privilege, male privilege, able-bodied privilege - the whole damn kyriarchy - apart.

Back to the post, which consists mainly of a parable:

Imagine, if you will, a small house, built someplace cool-ish but not cold, perhaps somewhere in Ohio, and inhabited by a dog and a lizard. The dog is a big dog, something shaggy and nordic, like a Husky or Lapphund – a sled dog, built for the snow. The lizard is small, a little gecko best adapted to living in a muggy rainforest somewhere. Neither have ever lived anywhere else, nor met any other creature; for the purposes of this exercise, this small house is the entirety of their universe.

The dog, much as you might expect, turns on the air conditioning. Really cranks it up, all the time – this dog was bred for hunting moose on the tundra, even the winter here in Ohio is a little warm for his taste. If he can get the house to fifty (that’s ten C, for all you weirdo metric users out there), he’s almost happy.

[...]So one day, she sees the dog messing with the A/C again, and she says, “hey. Dog. Listen, it makes me really cold when you do that.”

The dog kind of looks at her, and shrugs, and keeps turning the dial.

This is not because the dog is a jerk.

This is because the dog has no fucking clue what the lizard even just said.

It goes on like that for a while. Again, no.

Men and women, queer folks and straight folks, etc etc etc, are not separate species. Our needs are not wildly divergent, we are not incapable of empathy and understanding. The house does not simply exist. People who abuse their privilege are not dogs that need a smack on the nose.

If you want posts that actually work as Privilege 101:

* White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
* Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog
* Privilege is "not."
* I Didn’t Dream of Dragons
* White people, its not all about you, but for this post it is
* "comfort the disturbed, disturb the comfortable" is not just a bumper sticker for me
* All of [delicious.com profile] starkeymonster's 'for clueless white people' tag
* The Dos and Don'ts of Defending Muslim Women

Additions or corrections are welcome in the comments - I know other folks have made better link lists than this, but I can't remember where. Fixing typos and closing logic gaps will wait until the morning; it's somehow 11pm and past my bedtime.

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* I've finished Quentin Crisp's The Naked Civil Servant, James Baldwin's Notes of a Native Son, and am halfway through Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Reviews of the first two will be along when my brain starts working again (I've been trying to write them since Thursday and have nothing but a blank, mocking GoogleDoc to show for it).

* I've also finished Season 2 of Parks and Recreation, which means I have no more excuses about starting my [community profile] scifi_fest fic (Parks and Rec IN SPAAAACE), and I'm caught up with Sanctuary (I still love this stupid show), Tiger & Bunny, and Blue Exorcist. The last couple episodes of S2 of Fringe and S1 of The Wire are waiting for me on my harddrive, but I've got a weird mental block about finishing both.

* Tiger & Bunny makes me sad - it's not a bad show but it's failed pretty hard in a couple of places and generally isn't living up to its potential. What happened to the show the first few episodes promised me?

* Blue Exorcist, on the other hand, is exactly the ridiculous shonen candy fest it introduced itself as. I adore it (and Rin - I love Rin so much).


In Other News: Richard Dawkins is a privileged ass. I mean, he's been a privileged ass for a long time, but the skeptic community has finally noticed. Sort of. No one seems to be pointing out his rampant Islamophobia ('a man known for defending women against religious oppression' my ass, holy shit) and the general tone is apologetic (not just on Bad Astronomy, either).

In related Other News: I've cut PZ Myers' Pharyngula from my blogroll in response to, yes, rampant Islamophobia. This brings the number of atheist/skeptic blogs I read down to zero - good job, western atheist blogosphere.

(I keep asking this, but) Anyone know if a half-way decent atheist/skeptic blog has popped up in the last couple of months? There's a major void here.
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* Same-sex marriage ('Or as I like to call it, 'marriage'') passed in New York, HELL YES. Colorlines, Boing Boing, and The Daily Beast all have picspams of the celebrations + Pride. As do most of the queer blogs on the internet, I'm pretty sure.

* I don't know who came up with this ice-cream ad, but bless them.

* On NPR: 'Being Elmo': Covering Raw Talent With Bright Red Fur

* Shelf-Pod is a house made out of bookcases Osaka prefecture, Japan, made to house the owner's collection of Islamic history books. It's beautiful.

* On Boing Boing: Tornadoes, climate change, and real scientific literacy

I've got a bunch of links re: Greece and another set re: podcasts to post, but that'll wait until later this week. Right now, have a puppy update:

They keep growing, like magic. )
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The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality
Brian Greene
2005, 592 pages

Brian Greene has a knack for making physics theory accessible. He doesn't over-simplify or cut any corners (as far as I can tell, anyway) - instead, he goes over each topic thoroughly before moving on, refers to early chapters when they apply to something new, and uses plenty of pop culture references (the chapter on quantum entanglement is essentially an extremely geeky X-Files fic). I've now read both this and his earlier book, The Elegant Universe, and have been very happy with both. If anything, this was an easier read than The Elegant Universe. Possibly because I was constantly applying it to Fringe, Doctor Who, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Fandom: The Ultimate Retention Aid.

Before reading, my knowledge of everything past basic quantum mechanics was pretty patchy - I didn't know anything about the Higgs mechanism, the details of M-Theory, or Brane Cosmology, and now I do! Greene's a big proponent of string theory so I still don't know much about loop quantum gravity (an alternate contender for the Theory Of Everything), but I suppose that's what the Internet's for.

The only downside is that the book was published in 2005 and, while there haven't been any major breakthroughs since, the information's still six years out of date (I didn't notice until Greene started talking about the construction of the Large Hadron Collider as a future event). Again, Internet, it's for porn research. Already it's told me Greene put a new book out earlier this year, which I'll have to pick up once it drops in price a little.

There wasn't as much discussion of time travel/extra-dimensional travel/etc as I was hoping (for [community profile] scifi_fest purposes), but it gave me a good place to start from.

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* Amina, of A Gay Girl in Damascus, has been reported missing (possibly/probably abducted) on her blog. There's weird stuff re: her existence going around the blogosphere ([personal profile] glass_icarus has more on that), but I'm sticking to reserving judgment and hoping she makes it through okay.

* Why the Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood: When I think of the poverty-stricken, sexually and physically abused, self-loathing Native American teenager that I was, I can only wish, immodestly, that I’d been given the opportunity to read “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.” Or Laurie Halse Anderson’s “Speak.” Or Chris Lynch’s “Inexusable.” Or any of the books that Ms. Gurdon believes to be irredeemable. I can’t speak for other writers, but I think I wrote my YA novel as a way of speaking to my younger, irredeemable self.

* On Colorlines: The Ultimate 21st Century People of Color Sci-Fi List

* The Andrew Loomis figure drawing books are back in print *____*

* Internet Archive becomes archive of physical books, too. The Internet Archive, alarmed to see that many libraries discard books after they are digitized, has decided to start collecting copies of every book ever published, cataloging and storing them in modified shipping containers that serve as long-term archival storage. The stored print-books are to serve as canonical references for the digitized editions.

* They've added two new elements to the periodic table!

* The first volume of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal is up on Kickstarter


* [community profile] ladiesbigbang is open for signups!

* [community profile] scifi_fest is also open for signups.


On X-men: First Class*:

* The Quintessential Mutants of America and Mutie Go Home by Ta-Nehisi Coates

* Race and Women in X-Men: First Class on The Mary Sue

* [personal profile] marina wrote an essay about Erik as a Holocaust survivor. She's also got links to two other great posts.

* ETA: the Racialicious roundtable

* Which I saw Tuesday night and, well. These essays made me care more about the movie than the movie did. ALSO: Armando/Alex 4EVAR. If comics!Armando can come back from the dead (like every other X-Men, ever), movie!Armando can do it too.

On the DCNu:

* The good - Static's getting his own title! Also John Stewart and Guy Gardner are getting a buddy book. I usually don't care about the Lanterns, but this could be amazing.

* The ambivalent - Jaime's getting his own book. Which is awesome! Except it's a reboot and the original was so fantastic (and so recent, DC, c'mon) that I'm worried this new version won't stand up.

* The bad - they're knocking Barbara Gordon back to Batgirl - no more Oracle, no more wheelchair and, while the Birds of Prey still exist, chances are good she's not in charge**. In fact, all the news coming out of Gotham (except maybe Batwoman) sounds messed up - [profile] musefool talks about it here better than I could.

** I'm holding out hope for a Babs who's PwD and Batgirl and secretly Oracle and in charge of All The Things, but I don't think DC likes happiness that much.

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* [community profile] dark_agenda's got plans to host Kaleidoscope, a 'multimedia fanwork exchange for rare chromatic source fandoms', with nominations to start in July. It sounds fantastic!

* [community profile] scifi_fest is currently open for prompt claims! We've got a ton of great prompts in a variety of fandoms (and very low requirements for fanwork), you should come check them out.

* [community profile] kink_bingo is open for sign ups!

* I'm reccing Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanart on [community profile] fanart_recs this month.

Now, with the Community news outta the way:

* Racialicious: How you can help the victims of the Joplin and Alabama disasters

* Daily Kos: White Privilege Diary Series #1 - White Feminist Privilege in Organizations

* via [personal profile] cofax7, I'm pretty sure: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ebook Piracy. So, you may not be convinced, but I am. Giving stuff away helps. Having it for easy sale also helps. In fact, despite all our “new media” chatter about publicity in the digital age, about blog tours and Twitter contests and Facebook pages, these two things seem to be the only two things that actually make a measurable impact on sales. Give stuff away to increase your customer base, and then have it for easy sale to sift money out of those who are eager to pay. That’s it.

* NYTimes: A City Prepares for a Warm Long-Term Forecast. Climate scientists have told city planners that based on current trends, Chicago will feel more like Baton Rouge than a Northern metropolis before the end of this century.

* In case you missed it: DC UNIVERSE Reboots in September

* On ColorLines: Where is Our Culture’s Racial Subconscious? In Comic Books

* NYTimes again: Fine Print Blurs Who’s in Control of Online Photos. World Entertainment News Network, a news and photo agency, announced this month that it had become the “exclusive photo agency partner” of Twitpic, a service with over 20 million registered users that allows people to upload images and link to them on Twitter. The deal allows the agency to sell images posted on Twitpic for publication, and to pursue legal action against those who use such images commercially without its permission, according to the agency.

* BoingBoing has a roundup of Terms & Conditions from various hosting services.

* via [personal profile] bossymarmalade: Their Islam and Ours. Always, it was so. Their Islam was always the Other for the West; whatever they imagined themselves to be, we must logically be the opposite. Read 19th century Orientalists on Islam; it is decried for being a sensual religion, Muslims are attacked for being lax on homosexuals, Muslims are too feminine … because 19th century westerners viewed themselves as being virtuous and a lack of virtue meant tolerance of homosexuality, sensuality and so on. Now, the West prides itself for being anti-sexist and gay friendly; so we must be the opposite. Always, it was so.

* This is the response Grand Rapids, MI, had to being named one of America's "dying cities."

I wasn't born in Michigan and I've never lived there, but Grand Rapids is where my parents are from and where most of my family's lived (and continues to live) for several generations. We go up there every couple of years for Thanksgiving, my grandma's always sending me stuff about new art exhibits and festivals and public transportation (it's like she's trying to tell me something). Which is the long way of saying this video made me cry like a baby.

* Lastly, some pretty )

In personal news, my sister was successfully bribed into picking up the cat (currently named Felicia) and taking her to the clinic. If everything checks out I might even have a home for her, so fingers crossed!

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* Janelle Monae was amazing last night. SO AMAZING. And Bruno Mars is adorable.

* NPR's Monkey See blog has rundowns of the new shows airing in the fall: ABC, FOX, NBC Dramas, and NBC Comedies. CBS and the CW haven't put theirs up yet.

Awake (NBC), Grimm (NBC), Alcatraz (FOX), and Terra Nova (FOX) all have interesting premises (not that I'm predictable in my SFF love or anything) but the only one I have any hope for is Alcatraz (even though the premise is pretty silly) - Fringe has convinced me Abrams doesn't always disappoint.

...I'll probably try the Charlie's Angels (ABC) reboot, too. And Scandal (ABC).

* The Disappearing Face of New York - beautiful old store signs

* Silent Choices, a film that 'explores not only black women’s personal and political struggles around reproductive freedom, but also the complexities of abortion too often ignored by the mainstream media', is streaming free for today only. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but it looks good.

* This has been making the rounds, which makes sense because it's fantastic - Rosanne Barr on the Lack of Change in the TV Industry

* Super Obvious Secrets That I Wish They’d Teach In Art School. I need to print this out and put it by my desk. Maybe tattoo 'Draw Every Day' somewhere.

* Fannish fests about ladies: [livejournal.com profile] thelittlebang is open for prompts, the fandom poll for [community profile] femslash11 is also open, and the Female Character Trope Fest is indefinitely open for fanworks.

* The OTW is looking for anime/manga/manhua/manwha fans to help organize the Fanlore wiki

* [community profile] scifi_fest is still taking prompts (and will until the 29th)! The turn out's been great so far (so much better than I was expecting!) and the existing prompts are hella fun, you should come join us :D

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* Food! I've been getting back into meal planning and healthy/cheap eats, helped along by Cheap Healthy Good's 1 Chicken, 17 Healthy Meals, $26 Bucks, No Mayo and 65 Cheap, Healthy, One-Dish Meals with Good Leftover Potential.

* [personal profile] cofax7 just linked to Breakfast on the Fly — and on the Cheap, which looks promising. These days I just pick up a box of Oat Revolution's Maple & Brown Sugar to make at work. Variety would be nice!

* While we're talking food, Latoya at Racialicious has a good post up about food cost, food stamps, and government regulation.

* Facebook outed as source of anti-Google PR smear campaign. I'm loling and facepalming at the same time.

* [personal profile] newredshoes has a post about mens' historical fashion. Amazing fashion.

* Apparently the Library of Congress has a public domain music archive.

* From photographer M. Sharkey: a series on queer youth.

Also, Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars (and Patrick Stump) are doing a show next week and I've got tickets, yes, precious.

Also x2, [personal profile] sitara and I've started watching The Wire and holy shit this show's amazing.

EDIT: Don't forget (like I almost did) - Prompts for [community profile] scifi_fest open on the 15th! TWO DAYS, YAY.
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* ProPublica has a bunch of articles up about bin Laden, including Your Weekend Wrap-up of the Doubts, Debates, and New Details of the Bin Laden Raid, Role of Torture in Finding Bin Laden: What We Actually Know, Revisiting the Very First, Very Wrong Reports on Bin Laden’s Death, and the Bin Laden Reading Guide: How to Cut Through the Coverage. Al Jazeera also has a comprehensive Spotlight up.

* [personal profile] cleolinda and Boing Boing both have post about tornado damage in the USian southeast and what you can do to help.

* Feminism FOR REAL explores what has led us to the existence of “feminism”, who gets to decide what it is, and why. With stories that make the walls of academia come tumbling down, it deals head-on with the conflicts of what feminism means in theory as opposed to real life, the frustrations of trying to relate to definitions of feminism that never fit no matter how much you try to change yourself to fit them, and the anger of changing a system while being in the system yourself. I can't wait until I've got the spare cash to buy it.

There's been some fail regarding it in the mainstream Feminist blogosphere, particularly at Feministe; Jessica Yee guest blogs about it on Racialicious.

* On Colorlines: Teen Moms Look for Support, But Find Only Shame.

* [personal profile] gyzym has a great essay up on bisexuality and the damaging myths surrounding it.

* Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!!! NPR's Monkey See has a guide for the perplexed.

* If there's one thing Fringe has taught me (aside from 'SCIENCE, it's magic'), it's that Astrid Farnsworth is awesome.

* Never meet your (white, male, writer) heroes. Dammit, Moffat.

All the Community squee has me making pitiful want noises. I have got to catch up this weekend.
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Happy Friday, everyone! And wishes for a good Passover to those in the middle of it. And Good Friday, that's today too, right?

I'm heading home to spend Easter with my family - like most of our religious holidays it's evolved into a big family dinner followed by presents, pie and a movie. Only we have to hunt for the presents :D There's also an egg hunt, despite all three of us kids being over 20 and Grandma invariably forgetting where she hid the last egg.

Hope you folks have a good weekend however you spend it. Here, have some links:

* [personal profile] sitara and I need a third roommate by June for our apartment in Uptown Dallas. Details are back thataway if you or someone you know is interested!

* Boingboing: iOS devices (iPhone/Pod/Pad secretly log and retain record of every place you go, transfer to your PC and subsequent devices. WTF, Apple?

* Slacktivist: The 0.014 percent solution

Planned Parenthood — a major source of health care for working class women in this country — receives a portion of federal Title X grants, somewhere between a tenth and a fourth of that funding.

Title X grants last year totaled about $317 million. That’s about 0.0000917 0.00917 percent of the federal budget.

None of that fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of this funding went to provide abortions. The Hyde Amendment has been law for decades. (Oddly, the same members of Congress who vote to ensure that the Hyde Amendment remains law are the ones who love to pretend it doesn’t exist — railing against “federal funding for abortion” as though they didn’t realize no such funding exists because it would be illegal under the Hyde Amendment.)

Yet Congressional Republicans spent the week pretending two things that were not true: 1) That cutting Title X funding would make a significant difference in the federal budget, and 2) That this had something to do with abortion.

* Colorlines: The Casual Violence That Dehumanizing Language Breeds. Part of Colorline's campaign against labeling people 'illegal'.

* Sociological Images: Visual Overview of Inequality in the U.S.

* Colorlines: On Brooke-Lynn Pinklady and the Importance of Self-Definition

* Ta-Nehisi Coates: Lies Damn Near Everyone Told Me

If you had told me before I began this research that 30,000 blacks fought for the Confederacy, I would not have been surprised. That was me barely four years ago. People fight against what we perceive to be their own interest all the time, right? Even being black, even being skeptical, I really had no sense of how deeply the Confederacy was rooted in the explicit and outright domination of black people. Not some amorphous "people of color." Specifically black people.

* Boingboing: Why the weather is wacky

* Boingboing: Save Google Video before it goes dark!. I need to set up the script on my desktop when I get home, let it run over the weekend.

* Smithsonian Magazine: When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?

* ProPublica: Unraveling the Spin on the Fight Over Hidden Debit Card Fees. Note to self: research ways to deal with banks as little as possible. There's gotta be a better, if less convenient, option.

Videos go under a cut )

Finally, Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane adventures, died on Tuesday. i09 has a wonderful obituary.
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I hate Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. Loathe it. It’s not really rational - there are plenty of movies that fail worse than it does (although it fails a *lot*) - but it hits some kind of magic nerd!rage + sexism!rage + racism!rage combo that shorts out my logic circuits.

...that's a terrible opener, but I figure everyone should know my biases up front. Anyway, I haven't seen a collection of the franchise's various problems and I want something to link people to later (as an alternative to ranting at them), so I'm putting this here. Let me know if I've missed anything!

NOTE: I am not trying to say that you shouldn’t like the Batmovies - there’s plenty to like! Heath Ledger was a fucking awesome Joker, Bruce/Jim is a fun 'ship and the explosions were all very satisfactory! - or that being excited for the new one makes you a bad person. My button issues are not your button issues, etc.

Moving on, the issues include:

* The whitewashing of Ra's Al Ghul (This one’s tricky, given how badly Nolan would have handled an Arabic Ra's Al Ghul + how much the ‘muslim terrorist’ trope sucks in general).

* The fridging of Rachel Dawes.

'I've been informed in the comments that Rachel Dawes was NOT in the comics and that her movie character was not based on any recognizable pre-existing Batman character. So Nolan created a woman and introduced her into the Batman universe solely for the purpose of killing her off. Not only does her death provide angst for Bruce Wayne, it turns Harvey Dent evil and Jim Gordon borderline-suicidal. Wow, screw fridging, that's like a deep freeze!'

* The erasure of Barbara Gordon

Instead, Barbara was shunted off to the side in favor of a son, because Nolan had no faith in the demonstrably popular and meaningful relationship Barbara Gordon has with her father. You see, little girls aren't important, and their fathers don't love them. And little girls don't grow up to be heroes.

* The erasure of Renee Montoya

They've already had their Latina detective, what if people got confused? )

Nolan's fine with making up police roles for his favorite white dude actors to play (and I like JGL too), but god forbid we include the canon kickass queer latina cop.

* The whitewashing of Bane (and possibly Selina)

As far as I can figure, the film will either erase Bane's Latino+Caribbean heritage or have Tom Hardy pretend to be someone with that heritage. I can't decide which option is worse.


It looks like Batman's getting a reboot* after The Dark Knight Rises, though, so at least this'll be the end of it.

Except Nolan will be producing the reboot.

* Oh, Hollywood. I think I'm finally ready to quit you.


Apr. 1st, 2011 04:04 pm
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Three links:

* And The Pony You Rode In On by [personal profile] sanguinity. There's a Settler Ponies vs. Buffalo episode in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's as terrible as you'd expect. Dammit.

* suckerpunked by [livejournal.com profile] neomeruru. I've seen conflicting reports about this movie from sources I usually trust (For example: [livejournal.com profile] halcyonjazz has a very negative review and The Hathor Legacy has a very positive one) which, frankly, weirded me out. The movie looks incredibly, obviously fail-y in the trailers, you know? Also, it's directed by Zack Snyder.

[livejournal.com profile] neomeruru's review confirms a lot of what I was afraid of. No mention of ableism though, which I understand is also a big fail point.

* George Takei is being awesomely blunt about the Akira whitewashing on his twitter. Which makes sense, seeing as George Takei is an awesome dude.

And now, music. Happy Friday, everyone!

(Yes, I'm posting it again.)

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Interesting things tend to cross my (virtual) desk on Monday mornings. New Wisconsin GOP shenanigans, for example:

* On Historiann: Bill Cronon’s Wisconsin e-mail FOIA’d, $hitstorm ensues

The two pieces that led to said $hitstorm:

* Who’s Really Behind Recent Republican Legislation in Wisconsin and Elsewhere? (Hint: It Didn’t Start Here)

* Wisconsin’s Radical Break

And a couple more open tabs:

* On Mother Jones: Why Do We Keep Falling For O'Keefe's Smear Jobs?

* [livejournal.com profile] halcyonjazz: may I have this derp (Sym-Bionic Titan)

* [personal profile] grey_bard: The Epic Fantasy No One Expected - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

...I've watched 2 episodes of My Little Pony: FiM and 17 episodes Sym-Bionic Titan since I read these posts because, let's face it, ponies and robots and magic and aliens and beautiful animation. I never stood a chance. Will write up reviews eventually. Once I watch more ponies.

The SciFi fest (now titled The SciFi Fanfic Festival - alliteration ftw) is a thing that is happening! I've got [community profile] scifi_fest / [livejournal.com profile] scifi_fest up, though they're both empty a.t.m., a tentative date schedule (prompting starts May 15th, claiming May 30th, Posting June 15th), and a working description of SciFi (you'd think this part would be easy, but noooo): Science Fiction is the exploration of the future / an alternate now / an alternate past through the lens of technology and science (where ‘science’ is everything from astrophysics to biology to sociology). This is the first time I've done anything like run a fic challenge, hopefully I don't make a hash of it.

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First off, a question: Do y'all think there'd be any interest in a Sci-fi fic fest? One open to any fandom, sci-fi or not, as long as the story explored sci-fi elements.

There is some cool fannish stuff this week:

*Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V mangas have been licensed for rerelease (or just plain release, in Sailor V's case) in the US! EEEEEEEEEEEE! We get the shiny anniversary editions and new translations and everything, it's a goddamn miracle. If you're only familiar with the US dub of the Sailor Moon anime, check out [livejournal.com profile] nevermore999's essay on why the manga is awesome.

* Showtime's picked up the script for a TV adaption of Chew! I don't know if I'd be able to watch it - I have a hard time just reading the comic - but I'm excited anyway.

* To go along with the maybe-someday Good Omens TV show, there's apparently a series about the Ankh-Morpork City Watch in the works. CSI/Cop show style which, while potentially disastrous, is one of the coolest/geekiest TV show ideas ever.

And some not-cool fannish news: “AKIRA” adaptation courts white actors. And while we're at it: The Hunger Games: Racially Ambiguous? Perhaps Not. Fuck you, Hollywood.


* [livejournal.com profile] keeperofqkeys has some links re: the ongoing reactor situation at Fukushima. Zie says they're 'free of media bias, though somewhat heavy in technical jargon', which seems accurate.

* How people really behave during disasters

* The Republican Attack on Women’s Health Goes Global

* Backgrounder: Behind the Battle Over Hidden Debit Card Fees. Dry title but interesting reading. I remember my bank encouraging me to not use my pin # because it wasn't 'safe' and thinking it was about as stupid as the encouraging overdraft thing, now I know the reasoning. Hint: it wasn't to protect users.

* When “Big Pharma” Makes It Tough to be a Skeptic

* How to Do Space Science at Home: Q&A With Space Geek Ariel Waldman

* [community profile] politics. Seriously, everybody should be following this comm (does this count as a Follow Friday post? We'll say yes.)


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