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But wait, there's more! A couple weeks ago [personal profile] such_heights linked to a photoset of Karen Gillian playing with Doctor Who action figures, which 1) finally got me using tumblr and 2) led to a batch of icons.

12 Karen Gillian icons, 1 Leverage icon, 1 Megamind icon )

ALSO. I was digging around one of my harddrives and found files of two doujinshi I photographed (never scanned [clutches]) ages ago. For a [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti auction that fell through I think? Anyway, might as well share them around.

Title: A to Z - # 01 (original)
Circle/Artist: East End Club (Sanami Matoh)
Pairing/Rating: Azumino/Zen - NC17
Notes: Plot right off the bat (ghosts!) and the boys appear to be an established couple (a fun change).

Title: Precious Time (Hunter x Hunter)
Circle/Artist: Syoujyokan
Pairing/Rating: Killua/Gon - PG13
Notes: I love this Killua and Gon. They're so... themselves - young, squishy, dorktastic, and super, super cool (I like HxH, what?).

Images are a little (sometimes a lot) blurry along the inside edge but are otherwise cleaned up and readable.
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The link to Comic Book Resources' overview of Batman: Odyssey has been making the rounds and I did what I always* do when faced with the inexplicable: make icons.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

Free to take, credit and/or comments welcome but not required. Enjoy!

* I never actually do this
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D and I went to see Janelle MonĂ¡e Tuesday night and it was amazing, you guys, so amazing. Even with the rain, and being stuck in traffic, and arriving late, and most of the audience being there for Of Montreal and being Very Confused by Janelle, and the elections. AMAZING.

She's so tiny, I never realized. And full of energy - she segued from one song to another seamlessly, rarely pausing between them, and the dancing, omg, the dancing. And her voice. You know how amazing she sounds on her albums? Yeah, even better live.

We only stayed for her show (which was NOT LONG ENOUGH) because D's hipster tolerance was running low and there were an awful lot of hipsters. I managed to snag the Metropolis Suite EP from the merch table, though (mine is sadly not signed)! I'm going to listen the shit out of it when I'm at my parent's this weekend.

And then I started writing this up and realized I still didn't have a Janelle icon, so I made one. And another, and another, and then I had 35.

So. Icons up for grabs! )

Also, while I have you - is anyone here familiar with The Middleman and/or The Losers and willing to beta a short fic over the weekend (Zan, put your hand down)? I'm particularly hoping for someone who knows The Middleman.


May. 2nd, 2008 06:09 pm
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I've been messing around with my icons again and have made way more then I can use in the process. So! Icons for everybody!

Current count:

6 - [Batman]
6 - [1602]
3 - [Young Avengers]
1 - [Runaways]
1 - [Runaways / Young Avengers]
2 - [Blue Beetle]


The rest here )


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