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(11:30:19 AM) [personal profile] nepenthe: I never said it made sense.
(11:31:00 AM) [personal profile] nepenthe: BTW, ticketed by cop for DRIVING A MECHANICAL DUCK.
(11:31:15 AM) [personal profile] effex: It's a cruel system
(11:31:34 AM) [personal profile] effex: OMG
(11:31:44 AM) [personal profile] nepenthe: My grandparents had loaned it to me because the ZaKia had broke down
(11:31:51 AM) [personal profile] effex: THEY MADE GREEN HORNET ACTION FIGURES
(11:31:57 AM) [personal profile] effex: EXCUSE ME WHILE I SQUEE
(11:32:00 AM) [personal profile] nepenthe: O, effex
(11:32:04 AM) [personal profile] effex: (i might have a problem)
(11:32:10 AM) [personal profile] nepenthe: Possibly

It's not so much the omg Green Hornet! as it is the omg I went looking for toys and I found them.

Seriously, are there Inception action figures? No. The Losers? Nope. Star Trek Reboot? Yes, but they're deeply unattractive.

There are some decent Dr Who ones, though.

And Sulu-themed Star Trek cologne.

Post with actual content tomorrow! I recommend you all read [personal profile] troisroyaumes's Piracy and Copyright roundup in the meantime.

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I am going to a tea party! At an actual teahouse. With the local doll group. Dolls! Tea! Scones!

Imma dress Daniel and Eleanor up in their party clothes, it'll be fantastic.

And then I'm heading over to my parent's to see the new kitten.

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So tired. Exhausted, even! Bushed. Tuckered. Weary. Done in. And my head hurts and I'm queasy and and and...

And I could have gone to bed at a decent hour last night, but I didn't. Instead, I got a package! And through it, yea, I did plumb the depths of my geekitude. Also the depths of overused photoshop filters, hurray!


That's my girl, Eleanor, ready to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers XD
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Seldom-mentioned factoid - I play with dolls. Ball-jointed dolls (also action figures, but that's another post). Wonderful, fantastic, occasionally creepy, awesome dolls. I usually confine my squee to my family (half of whom have converted, half of whom think we're out of our minds) and Den of Angels, but. I was twittering this morning when I got news - the head I had sent off to an artist to be painted was finished, and she looked spectacular (see Dee below). So I tweeted about it and [personal profile] zanzando expressed an interest, thus smudging the lines between fandom and doll!fandom (which were, honestly, already pretty smudged - I do have dolls based off of comic book and video game characters) forever. Brace yourself!

It's time to meet the resin )

Honestly, this isn't a hobby I ever expected to see myself in and I know it can look as strange as hell to outsiders (you do what/talk about them *how*). But for me, it's like... some of my favorite authors talk about the harem stable of characters that live in their heads, see, and the dolls are that for me - inner voices that I project onto pretty pieces of resin. I think it's that way for most of us in the hobby, actually. /rambling
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This just in: job hunting sucks (big news, right?). In the general sense and also in the 'coming in second for a position you really wanted' sense. Especially when you lose out because the other candidate had more non-profit experience on paper and you were too big a coward to bring up the work you do for the OTW. Fuck.

Also sucking: moving. Or packing to move, as the case may be. I have way too much manga (and books, and comics, and toys), I think it's been breeding. It would explain some of the random shojo manga that's been creeping in...

So this isn't a totally negative experience for anybody reading this [waves], things that are most emphatically not sucking:

* Comic books and fanfiction about comic books. I've just blown my way through Birds of Prey (fun, mostly), 52 (Renee Montoya, i. just. you <3), and Cable & Deadpool (so, so awesome). For fanficiton, well. I point you towards my DCU and Marvelverse tags on delicious. Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption by Elspethdixon and Seanchai (Avengers, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers) in particular, 'cause I've got it open in another tab and it's still amazing halfway through my fifth read-through.

* Ball jointed dolls (wait, hear me out!) - they are pretty, so, so pretty, and my boy has finally arrived. And I've meet tons of local doll-type people through the Den of Angels forum, so.

* Jeeves and Wooster. Hugh Laurie + Stephen Fry + P.G. Wodehouse = Wonderment, for srs.
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I have bought a doll the illness has *nothing* to do with it, honest. A ball-jointed doll, the Apollo mold by Bobobie. He won't be here until mid-August-ish, but I've got clothes and a wig and eyes that will be here before that. His name's Daniel, he has curly brown hair, pale eyes, and freckles. He likes poetry. There will be pictures, you've been warned.

I've turned into a doll person. They say you can't buy just one, my brother already has *two,* someone, please, send help.
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Am sicker then I have been in years and years and *years* - was hit last *Tuesday* (like a goddamn fish to the head, delivered by a ninja in the night) with a full bout of influenza, am still not well enough to make it to the goddamn mailbox and back. Am lucky am a freelancer, am lucky I blocked off the week for a family visit. I hear they're having a very good time. Have spent my time watching far, far too much teevee, much of it Disney (Darkwing Duck!), which has lead to shenanigans. More on that later.

In the meantime, it is 5:30 am! I can not sleep! It's time for that A-Kon report!

Now without photos, because I can not remember where I put them )


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