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Interview, which was a phone interview, went really well! I know this because I just got an email inviting me to a real interview next Thursday. YAY. I really, really want this job (print work! cool industry! part-time/30 hours a week, but I'll make more then my last job!), so here's hoping.

Also, I went to a big networking event last night and did not have an anxiety attack (it was a close call). I stayed a full hour! I talked to people! It was amazing.

Unrelated, I've been feeling media starved - my internet's not fast enough for TV, we don't have an actual TV, and my laptop can only run the Adobe Creative Suite if all my games have been uninstalled. Fortunately my iPad, a hand-me-down from my Dad, has proven to hold untapped app depths. I have no idea what Dungeon 2 is, but by god I'm going to play it.

It also has Across Age, a short (it took me 9 hours - 9 hours over two weeks, but still - to beat), strange little RPG. The gameplay was decent: the puzzles challenging without being impossible, the monsters tough but no unbeatable, the maps complicated but not unnavigable (although I was using the walkthrough. Forum posts indicate others had a harder time), our female hero (Ceska, a mage) is actually the more useful character, the music quite good. The story and the character design on the other hand, ugh. Not horrible (except for the mage teacher - why the shoulder pads? Why are her boobs being held up by a collar? Where's the rest of her shirt?), but riddled with cliche (our male hero, Ales, is a pissy, silver-haired bishonen) and bad fashion choices. I'd write it off and move on but the game also, inexplicably, has three queer characters.

In which I think too much about a game no one has played. Uh, light spoilers? )

Speaking of video games, y'all should check out:

The Arkh Project: "An effort by some queer people of color to make a 3D RPG that runs off the beaten path." Check it out, maybe donate, because this is going to be amazing when it's finished.

Princess/Princess: A brand new project by Josh Lesnick, creator of Girly! Princesses! Who rescue each other! And fall in love! It's in the very early stages and I want it now, dammit.

Hatoful Boyfriend: A pigeon dating sim. You can download the game (for free!) here and an English language patch here (read the readme file). Magnificent and terrifying. Common reactions include 'what', 'what the fuck', and 'OH MY GOD'. You're welcome.
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This weekend, I:

Bought and watched 'The Losers' (vague spoilers) )

Saw 'Inception' (vague spoilers) )

Fic recs for 'The Losers' and 'Inception' )

* Read 'Soulless' by Gail Carriger, which I disliked intensely. I had planned a rant for this space but, honestly, it's not worth the effort. Suffice to say I found it clunky, cliched and stereotyped past offensiveness (Lord Akeldama and his prancing droney-poos, oh my god). Also, the steampunk was pasted on.

* Started setting up my workspace! We were using my personal/freelance PC to run the TV, but I've borrowed my sister's old tower off from parents to use instead and moved mine over to the desk (also borrowed). Tonight I'll unpack my many, many art supplies onto the nearby shelves and set up the peripherals (printer, scanner, data storage). Hurray for having a creative space again!

* Played Dragon Age: Origins. I'm only just past Lothering (heading into the Circle Tower) and holy cow, I love this game. Not gonna lie, I started playing to see the hot elf-on-man action, but then it turned out to be good. And full of Alistair, whom I adore (why can't my dude bag him instead? Do want!).
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Yes, I spent all day on this. No, no one is interested (except possibly [personal profile] zanzando. Zan, it grew). Regardless, I present:

My Shipping Manifest* )

This does not include all the pairings I read in, all the pairings I OTP, or all my favorite characters. Just the couples that have moved into my head.

* I couldn’t help myself.
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Next round!

Also, y'all should check out [livejournal.com profile] bookshop's post - The Most Influntial YA of the Decade? + Girls, yay! - for more woman and femslash awesomeness. Also books. Mmmm, books.

ETA: And [personal profile] resonant put out a call for YA books which has resulted in a lot of female-centric/friendly recommendations in the comments.

Comics/Manga/Etc Series )

Other Things )

How about you folks? What are your favorite slashy comics, books, and video games?
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[pokes head out of hiding]

Hey, does anyone know of an excruciatingly detailed and exhaustive wiki/walkthrough/guide/thing to Kingdom Hearts (or a just a good one. I can work with that)? I need to plot out a nascent fic and am saving replaying the games whilst taking obsessive notes as a *last* resort.
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I just, just finished case three of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Because I am slow and behind the times, yes, but this is not the point! The point is not even Edgeworth and his 'feelings,' as much as I was snickering through that entire conversation. The point, what caught my attention and made me pound the desk with laughter, is that Will Powers (tall and strong, yes, but also !vulnerable ((and rather sniffly))), is in a new show. The Pink Princess, which appears to be a show about a sparkly pink robot. And he's playing the lead. And they don't show his face.


To case four!
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I'd say something about how I didn't want to do this, except I totally did and NOW I HAVE AN EXCUSE. Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] nekokoban and [livejournal.com profile] chirachira, in that order.

The Pairings )

The Questions )


Oct. 14th, 2007 11:29 pm
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First off, the new release of Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion's War is fantastic. Really, really, really so. The dialogue has been re-translated and re-adapted, creating a play of language that's rich and complex. My brother and I played the original version of the game through more times then I can count, and this... it's like the game's brand new again. We hijacked the parents' big screen tv for the weekend, hooked up the AV cables, and. Have I mentioned the new cinematography? Or the voice acting? Because both were fantastic (there's that word again) and transferred really well to a screen several hundred times it's intended size. Major props to the PSP for that. We only made it to Mustadio's rescue, which means a week's wait until my next fix the next installment - the brother's goes to school 45 minutes away and we made a pact - no plot unless both of us are there for it (which is what we do for most of our games - it's a system that worked much better when we were still living at home >.>). He's got PSP custody this week which, with his crazy leveling skills (we've played this *a lot* did I mention, he's got leveling down to an art form, we're already at lvl 45), means that we'll be ready to rock and roll next weekend. If the wait doesn't get to me first.

Again, SO GOOD.


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