May. 29th, 2013

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I said back in December that the Robot/Shadow stuff in Gunnerkrigg Court was "obviously setting ... up to parallel Kat's gay freakout". I didn't realize (I should have) that the fans ("fans"?) reaction was going to parallel as well.

Youtube user mikahmomo has a response. (uh, spoilers if you're not up on the last couple of pages.)

ETA: I found the video via The Young Doyley, who writes a comic called Knights Errant that you should read.

Also, the more butthurt comments I read the funnier/more frustrating they get. Gunnerkrigg already has two canonically queer couples, I want to yell. How quickly you forget your angst over Zimmy and Gamma! And Robot and Shadow!

And, okay. Gunnerkrigg does not spell shit out. There are dozens of story threads, many of which develop quietly in the background of other story threads. This can be frustrating in the webcomic format. It's easy to forget details. But even with that, Kat's magical journey of self discovery has been really obvious. What is this 'out of nowhere' bullshit, where is your reading comprehension.


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