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I said back in December that the Robot/Shadow stuff in Gunnerkrigg Court was "obviously setting ... up to parallel Kat's gay freakout". I didn't realize (I should have) that the fans ("fans"?) reaction was going to parallel as well.

Youtube user mikahmomo has a response. (uh, spoilers if you're not up on the last couple of pages.)

ETA: I found the video via The Young Doyley, who writes a comic called Knights Errant that you should read.

Also, the more butthurt comments I read the funnier/more frustrating they get. Gunnerkrigg already has two canonically queer couples, I want to yell. How quickly you forget your angst over Zimmy and Gamma! And Robot and Shadow!

And, okay. Gunnerkrigg does not spell shit out. There are dozens of story threads, many of which develop quietly in the background of other story threads. This can be frustrating in the webcomic format. It's easy to forget details. But even with that, Kat's magical journey of self discovery has been really obvious. What is this 'out of nowhere' bullshit, where is your reading comprehension.
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I said, way back in 2010, that Rice Boy was a beautiful comic but bad about female characters ('it's also needlessly, obviously lacking in women (and the, like, two that are there are stereotypes)'). I've been rereading the Overside stuff* because it's kind of a Big Deal in webcomics and I, dunno, felt like I should? Because I love webcomics and want to talk about them.

Anyway, my opinions on Rice Boy and Order of Tales (which I hadn't read before) haven't changed much - they're lovely and strange and... pointed, I guess? With strong central themes. And not great about women. Order of Tales' main (almost only) female character is a walking plot device - there's lip service about her not wanting to be taken any where, about wanting her own path, but in the end... I was ready to be really pissed about it. Or at least wearily disappointed.

ButI Instead! I moved on to Vattu (the story currently running) and holy shit, someone must have talked to the author, and/or he did some learning, because there are women flipping everywhere. The protagonist, the titular character, is a girl! There are women who are fighters, priestesses, princesses, chemists, toymakers, members of a secret society, who are well rounded, distinct, with full character arcs... ugh.

Vattu is an excellent comic in other ways as well - it's about empires and expansionism and colonialism, about questioning authority and tradition, and, mmm finding and keeping ahold of yourself, maybe? Anyway. You don't need to read the other Overside stories to read Vattu and, while it's on-going, there are 422 pages to read before you're caught up. You should read it!

* Overside is a world - a storytelling device, really - created by Evan Dahm. A bunch of stories, including Rice Boy, The Order of Tales, and Vattu are set there. It's published as a webcomic.
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I'm spending a couple of days in Atlanta (well, Roswell, which is just to the north) visiting my dad and it is ridiculously, stupidly pretty out here. Trees! Trees everywhere! There are a ton of people living out here and you can't see them because 1: hills and 2: TREES. Plus flowers and vine things and tiny winding roads and perfect weather (after it stopped raining). It's exactly the mini-vacation I wanted.

I've also been working on transferring my webcomic feeds from Reader to Netvibes - it's only been 24 hours, but it seems to be doing the job so far. Although it doesn't seem to have picked up today's Nimona update yet...

I'm following 26 webcomics. There are another 14 in my 'check out/catch up on sometime soon' file. Webcomics are some of my very favorite things and there are so many! I should get working on an updated cool comics on the internet post.
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About half way through Heathers. This is not what I was expecting at all.
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I haven't been reading many book-books lately, mostly endless amounts of fanfiction. And then, two weeks ago, I decided I was going to read all of [personal profile] copperbadge's Stealing Harry (there's an ePub and everything!). It was apparently a run up to something since, in the last 7 days, I've read 6 books. Discworld books! I'm working on the Watch books - currently through to The Fifth Elephant - with a detour into the more general Ankh-Morpork stuff. Moving Pictures (just finished), The Truth (up next), etc.

I flipping love Discworld, you guys. And I never really made it past the late 1990's, chronologically-wise (aside from the YA books + Monstrous Regiment), so there're 8+ books I've never read before. It's like Christmas.
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My sister is getting married in October! She's been with the guy forever and they've already bought a house together so functionally nothing will change, but it's still very exciting. She wants me to be her Maid of Honor, which is also very exciting!

She also wants me to wear a dress, which is... less so.

The thing is, I haven't worn a dress since senior prom, circa 2003. I've gradually faded 'femme' out of my wardrobe - I wear jeans and button downs and polo shirts, dress shirts/vests/slacks if I'm going out and want to impress. I don't call myself butch - I still do makeup and nail polish and limited jewelry - but I'm definitly not femme. I'm also, finally, the most comfortable I've ever been in my body.

My parents get this, a little (although I'm pretty sure they think it's a sexuality thing, not gender expression), and are backing my 'No Dresses' stance. We're working on some sort of tunic + pants compromise, which'll be a pain to put together in my size + her wedding colors but still better than anything from David's Bridal.

This is the first time anything like this has come up with my family, so I'm still sorting though my comfort zone vs my sister's feelings vs general familial harmony. It's tricky. Hopefully I'll do okay (and find a fucking tunic that works).
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This weekend I:

1) Was sick. But not too sick! Just head-coldy enough to be unpleasant. And contagious, probably.

2) Typed up ~1300 words of fic, which is about half of what I have (hand) written. You'll never guess what fandom it's in. (Unless you're [personal profile] nepenthe, in which case I've been spamming you all night.)

3) Watched a shit-ton of Yogscast episodes.

4) Built a giant castle on the family Minecraft server. I named it Procrastination Hall. Dad was very impressed.
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The most that can be said for the dwarves is this: they intended to pay Bilbo really handsomely for his services; they had brought him to do a nasty job for them, and they did not mind the poor little fellow doing it if he would; but they would all have done their best to get him out of trouble, if he got into it...There it is: dwarves are not heroes, but calculating folk with a great idea of the value of money; some are tricky and treacherous and pretty bad lots; some are not, but are decent enough people like Thorin and Company, if you don't expect too much. (The Hobbit, Chapter 12)

Yeah, this is where the dwarves' incompetence stops being funny and starts being full of fail. 

I've been ribbing on the changes PJ made to Tolkien's elves, but the changes he made to the dwarves are just as drastic and for the better (not perfect, but better). They're still a bunch of dudes who have no idea what they're doing and constantly need saving, but 

1) They all pretty much have personalities and distinct characterization - maybe not entirely memorable - but, 13 dwarves. 13.

2) Thorin has gone from pompous and self important to bitter and MAJESTIC, which is brilliant. IDK if his entrance into Lake Town was supposed to be cool or something, but I was cringing in embarrassment.

3) Their motivation has shifted from GOLD and also revenge to ~reclaiming their homeland~ (and also revenge). I wonder how that's going to play out once the movie!dwarves get to the Lonely Mountain? I can't see them making the same choices/being the assholes (or the same kind of assholes, anyway) as the book!dwarves.

Man, these are a lot of thoughts for a movie I was mostly ambivalent about.
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I should note, however, that Peter Jackson is faithful to the source when it comes to Thorin and Company. They have no idea what they're doing and have to be constantly rescued (first by Gandalf, later by Bilbo) in the book and, by god, PJ sticks to that.
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I've been rereading The Hobbit, for reasons, and have just reached the dwarves-in-barrels bit.

It's wondrous. And introduces us to Galion, the drunk, cranky, elf butler. He's one of two elves to get a name in the book (and Elrond is apparently only mostly elf). Not anyone else in Rivendell, not the Elvenking (party-dad Thranduil), not any other wood-elves. Just Galion. The elf butler.

I hope we get to see him in the next film - this reread has demonstrated that elves as they appear in The Hobbit are pretty different from Peter Jackson's elves. Less, heh, majestic. I don't know if Peter could handle an elf who got stinking drunk on his king's wine with his best head-guard bro, fell asleep on the table, then got cranky and defensive when other elves woke him up and made fun of him.

Though these are Legolas' people, and if ever Peter Jackson made an elf lacking majesty, it's Legolas. I say this with love.
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In Fannish Review: Uh. I was on a Fandomspotting podcast? And worked on it generally behind the scenes, though that was earlier in the year and not nearly as much as other folks. Also I watched/read some things and posted about them.

In RL Review: I moved to Chicago, was unemployed for a while, got a job, got an apartment, got a roommate, got a cat, got a therapist.

There's a lot I didn't do - make serious headway on my book and my comic, find some freelance gigs, do more fannish stuff, make friends outside of work. And there was some stuff that fucking sucked - two of my cats died and my grandparents are sicker. But, as my therapist keeps reminding me to remind myself, overall it's been a busy, successful year.

Things to try for in 2013: Get out more. Continue working on creative projects. Post more, even if it's random faffing. Get my ears pierced*. Take care of myself.

* Two in each lobe and one on the right upper helix. Why start small?

For all y'all - I hope your good things carry over, your bad things stay in 2012, and may you have a fucking awesome New Year.
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Hey, I'm in a thing!

I've been very quietly involved with the Fandomspotting broadcast (all [personal profile] zanzando's fault) and yesterday was my first turn on an episode. It's about 'the best anime/manga you're [the english speaking fandom] not reading/watching' and it's full of great panelists (including Melinda from MangaBookshelf) and also me. You should check it out!

We were joking before the broadcast that it felt like exams, with the nerves and the prep and the copious notes. And I did... okay, I guess? I completely, completely flubbed my bit on Hayate x Blade, but everything else went well enough.

Fortunately, I have my Hayate x Blade Guide to Idiots post to fall back on - if you're interested in a hilarious, action packed, girl filled, explicitly queer manga of amazing, you should go read it.

Random observations on the broadcasting experience. )
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* I'm going to be on the Fandomspotting livecast this week! We're going to be talking about The Best Manga/Anime You’ve Never Heard Of, it'll be fab. I'll try not to talk about Hayate x Blade the entire time.

* I am writing and drawing at an agonizingly slow pace, which is better than no pace I guess. It feels like my creativity's all blocked up, sucks sucks sucks bleh woe.

* My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving! We did a lot of walking around, a lot of eating, and a lot of reading quietly in their hotel room. My family parties hard.

That's... it, I guess? I really need to get back in the talking to people no really updating habit, this is ridiculous. I know I've got at least one overly long webcomics post in me.

Huh, apparently my paid Dreamwidth account expired? Dammit - on one hand, money. On the other, icons.
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* I'm still all about my job. Awesome coworkers! A non-abusive work environment! And I've been getting steadily more responsibility, which is cool. I mean, I'm in charge of the entire store + shutting down/locking up + a junior coworker one night a week, which was terrifying at first but has been going well.

* I'm writing a romance novel. Well, I'm writing the notes for a romance novel and spamming [personal profile] nepenthe with them, but she's instructed convinced me to try NaNoWriMo with it. I'm going to give it a shot, alternating with the script for my comic.

* I got the time off I wanted for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I'll be able to hang out with my parents when they visit for the first and go home for the latter.

* Speaking of, my parent's got me a mattress as an early birthday present, on account of my air mattress dying horribly. I have been sleeping on an air mattress for eight months, you guys, this real one is like a dream.

* I've been watching... a lot of reality TV, mixed in with Elementary and Gravity Falls. Mostly Hotel Hell and - wait, no. You have to see this:


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I don't know if I'll do Yuletide this year, but nominations I can do. Gotta make sure the femslashy anime and awesome fairytale music videos make it in! So! I nominated:

* Hayate x Blade (of course) | Momoka, Isuzu, Hayate, and Ayana.

* Mouretsu Pirates | Jenny, Lynn, Marika, and Chiaki.

* I Am Not A Princess (Music Video) | Beauty, Beast, the Little Mermaid, and the Mermaid's Prince.

I initially tried CinderFella (Music Video) instead of Mouretsu Pirates, but it looks like someone beat me to it (yay!). Have I linked to Cinderfella or I Am Not A Princess before? You guys have got to see these:

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There was a hipster musician dude holding forth on the bus this morning. I mostly ignored him until he started talking about Oppa Gangnam Style, which is apparently 'by some random Korean dude' who 'randomly uploaded his video to YouTube' and is now a 'big deal'. Which proves YouTube as a platform for artists or something, I don't know, I was too busy being consumed by wrong, wrong, you are wrong.

Seriously, even I know who PSY is.
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Just watched episode 2x05 of Criminal Minds - the one with Elle? 'Aftermath'.

And just )

Edit: I should add that Criminal Minds is on YouTube, - full eps and decent quality. I love the Internet.
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Drawing and watching Criminal Minds S1. It's okay, for a procedural - the acting's improved over the season, the storytelling's not terrible, there's less fail then I was expecting. I like that there are a lot of PoC, especially woman, in the background - not as victims, but as detectives, sheriffs, doctors, CIA agents, etc. Not enough on the main cast, though.

I'm shipping Morgan/Reid pretty hard, which is a problem - I started watching 'cause folks were tumbling the awesome of Morgan/Garcia. Which does seem like it'll be awesome! And the fandom seems to be all over Hotchner/Reid?

Maybe a Morgan/Reid/Garcia V relationship, with Morgan at the point. For now, anyway, there are 7 more freaking seasons.
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My local grocery - la Casa del Pueblo in Pilsen, which is possibly the best grocery in Chicago - has a large rack of discounted produce. It's packs of whatever's about to go bad; peppers, stew mixes, last week a shit ton of apples that I'm still kicking myself for not buying (apple sauce!), all for one or two dollars. Yesterday they had lemons (8 for a dollar), so I got a bunch and grabbed a box of strawberries. Spent the evening juicing lemons and watching Veronica Mars. Ended up with two quarts of lemonade and another two of strawberry-lemonade. Mmmmm.

Today I'm making another batch of oat maple-bacon muffins. Weekends (shush, Monday is totally my weekend) when I feel like making shit are the best.
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I've been rewatching season 1 of Veronica Mars, which remains one of the best seasons of tv ever made. And I got to thinking - someone, somewhere, must have written an urban fantasy AU, right? Where Ghost!Lily is actually a ghost? And Veronica dives head-first into the world of supernatural crime? And I'm not saying it has to be Lilly/Veronica, but that would be a bonus. EDIT: And more of Wallace and Weevil being awesome. Especially Wallace.

Or at least a Buffy or Supernatural crossover (other than the one where Veronica investigates with/hooks up with Dean).


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