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* I'm going to be on the Fandomspotting livecast this week! We're going to be talking about The Best Manga/Anime You’ve Never Heard Of, it'll be fab. I'll try not to talk about Hayate x Blade the entire time.

* I am writing and drawing at an agonizingly slow pace, which is better than no pace I guess. It feels like my creativity's all blocked up, sucks sucks sucks bleh woe.

* My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving! We did a lot of walking around, a lot of eating, and a lot of reading quietly in their hotel room. My family parties hard.

That's... it, I guess? I really need to get back in the talking to people no really updating habit, this is ridiculous. I know I've got at least one overly long webcomics post in me.

Huh, apparently my paid Dreamwidth account expired? Dammit - on one hand, money. On the other, icons.


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