Jan. 25th, 2013

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I've been rereading The Hobbit, for reasons, and have just reached the dwarves-in-barrels bit.

It's wondrous. And introduces us to Galion, the drunk, cranky, elf butler. He's one of two elves to get a name in the book (and Elrond is apparently only mostly elf). Not anyone else in Rivendell, not the Elvenking (party-dad Thranduil), not any other wood-elves. Just Galion. The elf butler.

I hope we get to see him in the next film - this reread has demonstrated that elves as they appear in The Hobbit are pretty different from Peter Jackson's elves. Less, heh, majestic. I don't know if Peter could handle an elf who got stinking drunk on his king's wine with his best head-guard bro, fell asleep on the table, then got cranky and defensive when other elves woke him up and made fun of him.

Though these are Legolas' people, and if ever Peter Jackson made an elf lacking majesty, it's Legolas. I say this with love.
effex: How we roll in the shire (How we roll in the shire)
I should note, however, that Peter Jackson is faithful to the source when it comes to Thorin and Company. They have no idea what they're doing and have to be constantly rescued (first by Gandalf, later by Bilbo) in the book and, by god, PJ sticks to that.


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