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Dear Yuletide Author,

Firstly - Hi! Hello! It's so fantastic to. Well, to write to you - I'm really excited about Yuletide this year, thank you so much for participating! And for writing me a story <3 <3.

Secondly - If you've already started, or settled on an idea, or none of this tickles your fancy, please ignore the following. I'll be happiest with a story you were happy to write, so feel free to go where ever inspiration takes you.

So! I like stories with: adventure, happy endings, explosions, crossovers, genderbending, first times, mad science, banter, strong women (please, please, please), strong men, cats, shenanigans, goggles, magic, libraries, detailed (and accurate) settings, tea, swearing, first time sex that *doesn't* involve penetration (or heals or Makes Everything Better), frottage, superpowers, plots that make me think, or cry, or laugh, or (best of all) all three.

I don't like stories with: sad/dark/depressing endings, mpreg, soul-bonds/destined lovers, female bashing, petnames not taken from canon, romance without proper development, sex without preparation/protection, 'perfect' sex, kinks involving bodily fluids, excessive use of the words 'giggle,' 'smirk,' and 'weep' (and all variations thereof), and the word 'cum,' *ever* (unless someone's reading email spam or something).

I'm very much a slash fan but I've deliberately chosen fandoms where slash, gen, or het would make me equally happy so, please, have at. I'm also comfortable with any level of sexual explicitness and most kinks.

For the comics - I am totally up on Blue Beetle and Runaways canon, don't worry about spoiling me on anything. Ditto for the DC and Marvel universes as a whole - even if I'm not following a given title, chances are pretty good I'll know who the characters are.

If you really want to know more about me and my tastes/preferences, you can read my about me post, browse my delicious tags (♥ fanfiction here), or watch me ramble on twitter.

[dusts off hands] Right! On to the fandoms:

1. Un Lun Dun

The character: Deeba Resham.

The prompt: I'll take anything you want to tell me about Deeba and Un Lun Dun - what happens next, what happens in 10 years, how Deeba negotiates life between the two cities, how she grows, what she learns, a quirky adventure, a serious character study, a romance - it's all wonderful. Also wonderful - extreme librarians. Buses. Holidays (Eid al-Adha, Ramadan, Guy Fawkes Night). Cats (sorry, Mr. Miéville, but it's true). Gen, slash and het.

The details: How much do I love this book? So, so much - I love stories about cities, and adventure, and clever words and brave, brilliant girls, which makes Un Lun Dun it for me. I'm having a hard time coming up with expanded details for this because anything about Deeba and the abcity (or the other abcities, or the spaces in between) will thrill me to bits.

I guess... China Miéville doesn't tell us much about Deeba's past or her family - we've pretty much only got only her name to tell us she's British-born Indian. I'd love to know more about her, her stories, how her history's shaped her, how she carries it into her future.

2. Night at the Museum

The characters: Ahkmenrah, Jedediah, Octavius, Amelia Earhart.

The prompt: Anything about Ahkmenrah would please me to pieces - what was his life like? Why was he buried with the tablet? What are his plans for the rest of eternity? An attempt to reconcile the movies' fauxEgyptian ~magic~ with actual Egyptian practices and beliefs would be a Bonus. Alternatively, the Epic Romance of Jedediah and Octavius, Tiny Men In Love - Cars! Adventure! Cross-cultural misunderstandings! Alternatively x2, Amelia - I wanted so much more of her then we got, I'd love to see her brought to the museum and given a story of her own. Gen, slash and het are all good.

The details: I'll be honest - the N@tM world fascinates me. I want to hear about how creator intent and viewer expectation and the power of the tablet combine to create these people - who aren't human (or, okay, monkeys, etc), not really (okay, except for Ahkmenrah, but he's deadish) but are growing and changing and becoming themselves regardless. I want to talk about the community they've created for themselves (and NatM2 robbed me of this), about their goals and what they want out of life and their philosopies and religions. I want to know if they're teaching each other, if they're learning and forming new ideas. I want to give them internet access. I want to see them fall in love (well, more. Teddy Roosevelt/Sacagawea is crack but interesting crack).

Because these people are going to live forever, or close to it. What are they going to do with it?

And I ship Octavius and Jedidiah like a mad shipping thing and I want a million stories about their friendship and romance and cross-cultural communication issues. And hijinks! It is always with the hijinks, with me.

And I want Amelia back, because she was wonderful.

(This text has been copied from this post, yes.)

3. Runaways

The characters: Xavin, Karolina Dean, Alex Wilder.

The prompts: I love all the runaways, but Xavin is my very favorite - I'm fascinated with hir character and hir relationship with Karolina. I'd love romance/relationship fic for the two of them and/or an exploration of Xavin's gender identity (especially as it relates to Skrull culture as a whole!), or what's happening to hir in current canon, or hir back story, or... Alternatively, maybe a story about Alex, especially post issue #24 - what's his existence like now? How'd he contact Molly? *Why* did he contact Molly? An exploration of the Marvel Universe's mystical backways would be an added bonus.

The details: Oh, Xavin. Xavin, Xavin, Xavin, and also Karolina. I love these crazy kids (I love all the crazy kids, really, including Alex. Oh, Alex) and wish canon was a little more forthcoming on the details - wtf is up with Skrulls and the genderbending? What exactly were Xavin and Karolina up to while they were off world (I mean, engagement, yes. Politics, yes. But there are so many gaps). How do they actually feel about each other? How did they function, day to day, as a couple? Tell me about all of it, some of it, or none (they can fight crime instead!), anything will work for me.

Also anything about Alex - what's he up to, what are his motivations, where the hell did he get the white duds? Where does he go from here?

4. Blue Beetle

The characters: Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle, Traci 13.

The prompt: I adore Jaime - Jaime fighting crime, Jaime at home with his family, Jaime on a date with Traci (or Eddie), Jaime hanging out with the Titans or Superman or the Question, it's all good. Alternatively (or additionally!), I love Traci and would love to know more about her - her family, her past, her magic, what it's like working for Detective Chimp. Gen, slash, and het are all great, as are any side characters (from Blue Beetle or the wider DCU) you care to throw in.

The details (total copypasta from last year): I love Blue Beetle. Love it. I love Jaime, for being such a teenager and so damn strong at the same time (and for having a little Ted Kord shrine in his room, 'cause I adore Ted as well). I love his family and how real they are and how much care they have for each other, I love Brenda and Paco for being so totally kickass, I love the scarab and it's slow awaking to autonomy (and snark), I love Traci for being so competent, and the rest of the cast for having their own lives and opinions and motivations. I love that the Reyes are Hispanic and that the majority of the cast is non-white. I love the humor, and the writing, and the heart.

This means, should this be the fandom you're working with, that you can write me *anything* and I will love it and kiss it and hang it on my wall. Anything. Tell me more about Jaime and Traci's relationship (they don't get nearly enough screen time as a couple), about Jaime's parent's waiting up at night, about Jaime learning to work with two different teams (his own and the Teen Titans). If you're up for a title crossover, tell me about new!Beetle and new!Question fighting crime (Renee Montoya is my heroine, forever and ever) or Jaime and Eddie (Kid/Red Devil) being dorky boyfriends (be still, pairing of my heart), or Jaime and Batman teaming up to do anything, because that is never not awesome.

I also talk about Blue Beetle here and here.

Thank you for reading this and thank you again for being my author, and just generally for being your awesome self. Woohoo, Yuletide!


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