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I went to see Adam Lambert (And Allison Iraheta!!) perform Tuesday night! Short version: It was awesome.

Long version: Because I am a terrible fangirl, I didn't know Adam was doing a Dallas show until he tweeted about it Monday night. I played hooky Tuesday for unrelated reasons and decided, around 2pm, that I should at least check if there were tickets left. And there were! And I bought one! Hell yes, I did.

The show was scheduled to start at 8pm, I got there at 6:45pm. Because I am also a terrible planner, I didn't bring anything to do and ended up spamming Twitter from my phone.

@special_effex: (06:48pm) In line! Looks like the doors are late opening.

@special_effex: (06:49pm) Really mixed crowd - I wasn't expecting so many families.

@special_effex: (06:51pm) Cop car just dropped off a pair of women. 'we had a car accident, but at least we made it.'

@special_effex: (07:06pm) Inside on the floor! Not drinking gets you in the fast lane, awesome.

@special_effex: (07:09pm) I'm maybe 15 people back from the stage, dead center. This is going to be AMAZING.

@special_effex: (07:24pm) Still have a good 40 minutes before the show starts. This is the boring part, especially when I come by myself.

@special_effex: (07:44pm) A girl's collapsed

@special_effex: (07:49pm) Not sure what's going on - I'm close but there is a tall person between me and the edge of the circle. Hope she's okay.

@special_effex: (07:49pm) They're bringing in some pretty heavy equipment.

@special_effex: (07:53pm) And they've taken her out in a wheelchair. H... There's another one?

@special_effex: (07:56pm) Yeah, another one. She could walk out, at least. Yikes.

(I'm still not sure what went on here - one minute everyone's standing around and the next people are shouting 'medic!', security pushes in, a circle gets cleared, a path is cleared, medics rush in with oxygen and medkits, and they finally wheel her out, definitely unconscious, on a wheelchair. Two minutes later it happens again, though the second lady walked out. I think they were from the same group. It wasn't hot in the room, but things were packed and folks were drinking, so...idk.)

@special_effex: (07:57pm) In the meantime, Adam was onstage for a minute and no one really noticed.

(It was actually Allison's guitarist.)

@special_effex: (08:15pm) Here we goooooooo

@special_effex: (08:42pm) Allison gives really good concert

@special_effex: (08:50pm) Also, her band is awesome. Breaking down now, Adam next!

@special_effex: (08:57pm) Good concert etiquette always pays off in the end.

@special_effex: (09:04pm) This guy in front of me is very good at being directly in my way

(Adam didn't come on until 9:30. Ugh, my feet.)

@special_effex: (10:57pm) Holy shit. The voice on that man.

@special_effex: (11:14pm) I have some reservations about cultural appropriation, but otherwise the concert was amazing. AMAZING

Re: the cultural appropriation (I'm assuming everyone here already knows what cultural appropriation is) remark - The show had a... well, I was calling it the 'post apocalyptic Mardi Gras' in my head, which works as well as anything. There were frock coats! Tall, colorful hats! More coats! Jewelry! Glitter! And that was just on Adam! The dancers all had a vaguely southern, turn of the century grunge/glam thing going on, especially in the second costume set (Monte had a military-ish/marching band coat on, I couldn't see Camila, Longineu wasn't wearing a shirt, and I was too distracted by Tommy's hair flips to note what he was wearing). It seemed vaguely 'Voodoo' inspired, though less problematic then I find that song to be (voodoo, vodou, and vodun are actual, interrelated religions that actual people practice, folks. It's not a sexy mysterious magical dubcon adventure).

It was mostly okay, though not as cohesive as I would have liked. If you're going with 'post apocalyptic Mardi Gras' as a theme you should rock that shit. And do a better job tying it into the overall performance (I am very picky about theatrics, okay).

Back on track, they did 'Strut' about 3/4 into the show. The dancers (who were amazing, btw) had a costume change specifically for it and came out in...Day of the Day skull masks (I think they were painted on?). With a giant skull on the screen behind them. Which has fuck all to do with the song. Again, other people's cultural and religious traditions != pretty, exotic props for your show.

AND THEN! I don't get @ replies or retweet notifications on my phone, so I didn't know I'd been retweeted a bunch of times until I got home (how did they find me?). And also a lot of people wanted to know what cultural appropriation meant. And a few knew what it meant but wanted to tell me 'honey, it's just not that deep.' And apparently it got posted on a locked Glambet comm and the fail fallout kept [personal profile] waxjism up late (thanks for fighting the good fight, Wax). It turns out when you tweet you tweet to the ENTIRE INTERNET. Good to know!

Overall, it was worth it - Adam has an amazing voice and stage presence, switched flawlessly from sweet/goofy to sexy and back again, doesn't skimp on the fanservice and doesn't tone his sexuality down for the audience. Boy just needs someone to revamp his show.

Date: 2010-09-10 04:51 pm (UTC)
zanzando: (pic#426265)
From: [personal profile] zanzando
Mmmmmmmm I do so hope they won't play in a big venue/big venues when they come to Germany. Every time I go to the O2 World (biggest concert location in Berlin), something awful happens (Green Day - my ceiling comes down! Lady GaGa - my phone stops working! etc.), the Tempodrom has AWFUL acoustics, Columbiahalle (sorry, sorry, C-Halle now) has no flair whatsoever, Postbahnhof has a bouncing floor that can be fun but can also lead to injuries when someone faints or whatever, ........... I HAVE OPINIONS OKAY.

Anyway! I'm still happy that you got tickets and that it was so much fun. :D


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