Jul. 15th, 2013

effex: The path that rocks (The path that rocks)
I have seen Pacific Rim, which has all the giant robot vs giant monster action you could possibly want. Plus Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Mana Ashida (who plays a young Mako Mori and is absolutely amazing), and Burn Gorman (I regret his casting in a movie already too full of white dudes, but I did love him. ... I was going to add 'viva la Torchwood!', but the irony burned too much.)

Also saw White House Down (I was in the movie theater for a while) which was wonderful action schlock and Despicable Me 2, which, well. Had some entertaining bits, but mostly I resented the overwhelming, unnecessary heteronormativity, ugh. And! Spoiler! ) At least some of the minions got to be vaguely queer.

I've also, like most of Tumblr, been sucked into Welcome to Night Vale. I'm all caught up except for today's episode ("First Date", ahhhhhh, I am excited) and thoroughly enjoying its adorable, terrifying weirdness.

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