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Lunches this week are... well, they're not a dismal failure, but I certainly made several miscalculations. I wanted to keep it simple, so I planned:

* Chicken, tomato, and cheddar sandwiches
* Baby carrots
* Pasta with a little olive oil and italian seasoning
* Rice crispy treats

Only the bread got soggy super quick and there isn't enough chicken, I never actually made the pasta (been subbing with Kashi's wonderful hummus chips, but those just ran out) and I. ate most of the rice crispy treats. There's only one square left.

I can save it, I think, with more chips, some cookies or something, and pretzel rolls, but the original plan is shot :( you win some, you lose some.

On the upside, tonight's 'what have I got in the pantry' dinner turned out super well - pasta, peas, ranch beans (with a little added brown sugar), and meatballs piled together in a bowl is much better than I was expecting.
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