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Chicago just had a huge ass thunder storm roll through, which did fun things like flood intersections and fuck with the power on the El lines. I live roughly 3 miles from work and my trip home involved a bus ride (stalled due to flooding), a brisk walk in the dark, and a train ride (stalled due to I don't even know, something about the switches needing to be manually changed?). It took more than an hour longer than it usually does.

Listening to other people in my car (Pink Line, woo), I was lucky to get on the train at all - something had fucked with the outbound tracks and they'd been stuck circling the loop for half an hour. I caught the first one to make it out.

Fortunately it was mostly done raining by time I got off work. Being soaking wet would have crossed the line from frustrating adventure to FUCK NO WHY.
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