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Fuck, what was I going to post for today? Uh, I had therapy today, that went pretty well. Chicago is finally cooling the fuck off, GIVE ME ALL THE AUTUMN. I.... Oh!

The thing about iPads and MacBook Airs are that they are light and very convenient for watching Hulu/Netflix in bed. Too convenient. I've been watching old episodes of The Voice, because the singing is pretty and the braining requirement is 0, and 'one more episode/I'll just finish this battle' turns into 11pm, 12am, 1am.

So I'm instituting a 'No TV On The Bed On A Work Night' rule. It may need to expand to 'No TV On The Bed At All' or 'No Interneting On The Bed On A Work Night', because my self control is shot after 10pm.
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