Jun. 14th, 2010

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My [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest fic is up! In which I fail to follow good advice (sorry, Aja!), tell a queer focused story, or write a proper ending (or title), but things turn out okay anyway.

Title: Masks, Robots, Coffee (A ZapBamPow Exclusive Interview)
Fandom: Sky High
Pairing/characters: Will Stonghold/Warren Peace
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Sky High and it's characters belong to Disney. I write for love, not profit.
Prompt: #407. Any superhero fandom, any character/any character, a pair of superheroes narrowly divert another world-ending crisis. But for some reason, it was the same-sex kiss (or other show of affection) that made the evening news...
Summary: He'd barely sat down at the conference table, gloved hands folded in front of him and a smile on his face, when the door slid open and Warren walked into the room. Not the interviewer, then. Also, shit. He wasn't ready for this.
Author's Notes: Future fic, set 8 years after the movie and rife with background OCs. Many, many, many thanks to my betas: [personal profile] zanzando, [personal profile] bookshop and [personal profile] nepenthe.

Masks, Robots, Coffee (A ZapBamPow Exclusive Interview)

ETA: And now it's mirrored at AO3!


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