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My sister is getting married in October! She's been with the guy forever and they've already bought a house together so functionally nothing will change, but it's still very exciting. She wants me to be her Maid of Honor, which is also very exciting!

She also wants me to wear a dress, which is... less so.

The thing is, I haven't worn a dress since senior prom, circa 2003. I've gradually faded 'femme' out of my wardrobe - I wear jeans and button downs and polo shirts, dress shirts/vests/slacks if I'm going out and want to impress. I don't call myself butch - I still do makeup and nail polish and limited jewelry - but I'm definitly not femme. I'm also, finally, the most comfortable I've ever been in my body.

My parents get this, a little (although I'm pretty sure they think it's a sexuality thing, not gender expression), and are backing my 'No Dresses' stance. We're working on some sort of tunic + pants compromise, which'll be a pain to put together in my size + her wedding colors but still better than anything from David's Bridal.

This is the first time anything like this has come up with my family, so I'm still sorting though my comfort zone vs my sister's feelings vs general familial harmony. It's tricky. Hopefully I'll do okay (and find a fucking tunic that works).
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