May. 8th, 2009

effex: Down in flames (Down in flames)
Like many of us, I have music. On my computer (also a few cds that are... somewhere). 7.3 gigs (1520 files) worth, with more on my external drive (which is also... somewhere). The files are from all sorts of places - my cd collection, my family's cd collection, my flist's cd collection, the cd collection of the radio station I used to DJ at, cd collections of random people on the internet, you get the idea. And some of it is tagged/organized, and some (most) of it is not. There's a 'seven nation army'/'sweet dreams are made of these' mashup somewhere in my files and I can not find it.

So! Google and have told me to try MediaMonkey for my organizational needs, and I'm certainly willing to give it a try. But what about you folks? How do you organize your music?


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