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Firstly - Hi! Hello! I'm really excited about Yuletide and finally getting to write this letter, thank you so much for participating! And for writing me a story!

Secondly - Feel free to ignore the following. I'll be happiest with a story you were happy to write, please go wherever inspiration takes you.

That said, here are some things I like: adventure, happy endings, explosions, romance, crossovers, mad science, banter, friendships, mountains, oceans, queer gen, well characterized characters (heh), animals, shenanigans, magic, families, libraries, food, swearing, first times, sex that *don't* involve penetration, laughing during sex, superpowers, spaceships, explorations of sexuality and gender and race and culture and politics and privilege, plots that make me think, or cry, or laugh, or (best of all) all three.

I prefer stories that don't have: sad/dark/angsty/unresolved endings, mpreg, soul-bonds/destined lovers, character bashing, consent issues, slavery, sex without preparation/protection, 'perfect' sex, or kinks involving excretion.

I'm very much a slash fan but I've chosen fandoms where gen would also make me happy so, please, have at. I'm comfortable with any level of sexual explicitness and most kinks.

1) Hayate x Blade

The characters: Inugami Isuzu, Kibi Momoka,

The prompt: Out of all the potential pairings for this manga, I love Momo/Isuzu the most - their dynamic, Isuzu's crush, Momo's Momoness. I'd love (wow, I'm saying 'love' a lot) to read about their ridiculous love story, or (gen or slash) a slice of life as adults, or fighting demons or other sword bearers and generally being their ridiculous, kickass selves. Alternatively, it'd be great to see more of Isuzu's past and magical training, or a look at school life outside of the duels.

The details: Hayate x Blade is my favorite manga series, hands down. I love the characters, the humor, the pacing, the art, the hijinks, the storytelling...everything. Use as many or as few of the other characters as you want, set it anywhere inside or outside of the current canon, have as much or as little magic and mythology as you like (I almost suggested a crossover with Clamp Campus Detectives or some other school manga but, hahahaHA, the Hayate girls in the X-verse.) I'm caught up through the end of the series (or as much as I can be without translations, curses), so no worries about spoilers.

2) The Yogscast

The characters: Kim Richards, Zoey Proasheck | Zoeya, Nilesy, Duncan Jones | Lalna | LividCoffee

The prompt: I love the Yogscast, but I really, *really* love these four dorks in particular. It'd be great to see them on their own or in any combination - Kim's continuing adventures in apprenticeship, Zoey having more mushroom adventures/going on gigs with her band/generally being awesome and frustrating Rythian, Nilesy finally quitting his job and moving to Bristol, Duncan's quest to get everyone to read Discworld, team challenge shenanigans, whatever! I'd prefer slash, gen, or Zoey/Rythian (or Zoey/Rythian/Duncan).

The details: One of the cool things about Yogscast fanfic, for me, is all the different levels of 'reality' there are to play with. You could do a RPF story at Yogtowers, or different levels of character immersion (on a scale of 'Race For The Wool' to 'Sjin and Duncan on Skyblocks' to 'Zoey and Rythian in the Blackrock Chronicles' to 'Shadow of Israphel', say), or a mix. Or you could do something not Minecraft related at all, like setting things in YogSims, or...

I'm wide open to shipping - I like Zoey/Rythian and Zoey/Rythian/Duncan (thanks, theyoungdoyley) and the idea of happy!poly! Zoey in general. And, just. The possibilities are endless - Nilesy/Ridgedog could be cool. Or Duncan/Strippin. Duncan/Terrible Ideas. Zoey/Kim. I'm also wide open to gen!

3) Blue Beetle

The characters: Jaime Reyes, Milagro Reyes, Nadia, Traci Thirteen

The prompt: Anything pre-reboot! Jaime juggling superheroing and dental school, Nadia being not dead/fridged and all the awesome things she does - hanging out with Oracle, starting her own hero tech support business, anything - Milagro and various unlikely babysitters, or how she becomes a hero (super or not), TRACI <3 and growing into her powers, or solving cases with the Croatoans, whatever you want! Het, slash, and gen are fine. I love Jaime/Traci, but it's cool if you want write them in other pairings.

The details: I love Blue Beetle. Love it. I love Jaime, for being such a teenager and so damn strong at the same time (and for having a little Ted Kord shrine in his room, 'cause I adore Ted as well). I love his family and how real they are and how much care they have for each other, I love Brenda and Paco for being so totally kickass, I love the scarab and it's slow awaking to autonomy (and snark), I love Traci for being so confident and amazing and her powers are really cool, and the whole cast for having their own lives and opinions and motivations. I love that the Reyes are Hispanic and that the majority of the cast is non-white. I love the humor, and the writing, and the heart.

This means, should this be the fandom you're working with, that you can write me *anything* and I will love it and kiss it and hang it on my wall. Anything.

4) Runaways

The characters: Gertrude Yorkes, Karolina Dean, Xavin, Alex Wilder

The prompt: I'd love to see Gert and Alex find their way back to the land of the living, either together or independently, or dealing with life post-resurrection. I'd love to see what Karolina's up to - is she in college? Or backpacking across Europe? Running a food truck in LA (that's secretly a Runaway's base of operations)? Is she still seeing Julie Power? What about Xavin? It'd be great to see hir back on Earth, trying to figure out life on an alien world. Gen, slash, and het are all okay!

The details: *Oh, Xavin. Xavin, Xavin, Xavin, and also Karolina. I love these kids (I love all the kids, really, including Alex. Oh, Alex) and wish canon was a little more forthcoming on the details - wtf is up with Skrulls and the genderbending? What exactly were Xavin and Karolina up to while they were off world (I mean, engagement, yes. Politics, yes. But there are so many gaps). How do they actually feel about each other? How did they function, day to day, as a couple? Tell me about all of it, some of it, or none (they can fight crime instead!), anything will work for me.

Also anything about Alex - what's he up to, what are his motivations, where the hell did he get the white duds? Where does he go from here? And Gert, because no one in comics stays dead and that should triply apply to her. We got a tease before Runaways petered out, but it'd be great to see her resurrection from her own perspective.

And that's it! Thank you again - I hope your Yuletide is absolutely fantastic :D :D :D
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