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I was digging though my Yuletide tag and came across these Inception drabbles (from 2011), which I do not remember writing and never archived anywhere useful. And then [personal profile] brownbetty posted about ferel WIPs and I thought, well. I don't have anything else to post tonight, let's go digging in the writing folder.

Here's all I have from a Hikaru no Go/xxxHolic crossover, written from Akira's pov:

There were two boys in high school uniforms standing at the bottom of the go salon's steps, huddled under the overhang and arguing over an umbrella. "I will not just buy a new one - this is still perfectly good, I can fix the tear when I get home tonight." The shorter one shouted, clutching the thing close. [more bickering] He looked up, shoved the umbrella into his companion's hands, and stepped forward into their path.

"Are you Shindou Hikaru-san?" he asked, his smile pleasant and a little strained around the edges. "I have a message for you." He held out a folded piece of thin rice paper. "It's from Fujiwara no Sai. He says he's very sorry but he's gotten into some trouble and could use your help. Only more flowery." He shook the paper slightly and the faint scent of sakura blossoms wafted onto the evening air.

Sai. Akira glanced at Shindo, who had gone very, very still beside him.

Some Losers flaffle (that's the doc title, 'losers flaffle'). I have no idea where this was going, or what was up with all the parentheses.

Clay gets shot next, a neat double tap to his left knee that would have left him bleeding out in the middle of nowhere, Kansas if Aisha hadn’t tagged him. A peaceful meeting with an old friend his *ass*, Jensen had thought, rappelling out of their latest helicopter and onto the roof of a dilapidated farmhouse. Clay needed a better class of old friend.

Which is why, a month and a half after kissing his niece and sister goodbye, Jensen’s back in his dad’s old office (currently serving as Ada’s library, but it’ll always be ‘dad’s office’ in his head) setting up a temporary comm station. Very, very temporary. No way is Clay going to be moving around anytime soon - the doctors had said two months, which means it’ll be more like three weeks - but they can’t stay here. Aisha and Cougar have been out looking for a place on the outskirts of town

(“I get that you can’t stay here, J, but can’t you at least be close?, Pooch has been out looking for a place for Jolene and the baby")

("Dangerous", Clay had said during one of his more lucid moments. "If we get tracked, people will wonder what we keep coming back for."

"So we’re careful," Pooch had argued. [something something]).

He settled back in his chair and swiped wearily at his earpiece. “This is Radio Free Jensen, coming to you from the glamorous upstairs library. Any of you folks downstairs have your comms on?

A Strangers on a Train snippet - I think I was writing this to cheer [personal profile] bookshop up (surprise?), but it never went anywhere. Notes say [dark around the edges - wherever Bruno is, it's terrible, and only his insanity allows him to cope].

And then, two days after Christmas, Guy walked into his apartment to find Bruno sprawled out on his couch.

"Sorry it took so long." Bruno said, smiling up at him, "processing, you know."

"I've had some time to get perspective on the whole affair and I want to apologize for how that whole business went down. .I didn't expect the police, not fair to expect you to get anything done when they were watching you like that. Too dicey. Should have been patient. Never one of my virtues, I'm afraid."

Obviously, death hadn't done his sanity any favors.

I also have pages and pages of notes on a Hikaru no Go/Inception crossover, with comments by a mysterious second party. [personal profile] bookshop? [personal profile] zanzando?

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