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I said I got to spin vintage film scores in my last post but, technically, Songza spun them for me.

I don't listen to the radio-radio, so other than at work (which specializes in a few specific genres), music discovery is rough for me. I tried Pandora, Last FM, whatever the others are, and they felt more like an echo chamber - nothing new, just more of what I plugged in.

Songza's different - the playlists are put together by people, not computer generated, and they have everything. Want to listen to vintage film scores? Tropicalia? Dubstep? Motown? 80s Punk Rock? Alt Country? K-pop? Want something to fit your mood (angsty, sexy, meditative, happy, bored) or activity (being creative, cleaning, going out, staying in, backyard campfire)?

I've loved everything I've heard so far, there's always something new to listen to, and if you're looking for great internet radio you can't do better.
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