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1) I had two interviews last week! Here's hoping. EDIT: FUCK YES, JUST GOT CALLED BACK FOR A SECOND INTERVIEW. It's for a retail position, but a really fucking cool retail position. Also, job. Money.

2) There's a ton of stuff to do this week: Danny Pudi's speaking at UiC!(!!!) Intuit's holding a screening of Jigoku! CHIRP's holding a record fair! And, of course, there's C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, aka 'that time Maggie Q and John Barrowman were in the same building (it exploded)'). I will be going to all of these things.

3) My roommate's doing a gig as project coordinator for a short-film crew and I got to go along location scouting today. Free lunch in exchange for watching the illegally parked van!
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The job search continues to be bullshit (and if anyone knows anyone in Chicago who needs a graphic designer/receptionist/office worker/retailer, or a roommate for May onward, please let me know!), but Chicago is gorgeous in it's early Spring and I am otherwise content.

The family weekend went well; I was 'encouraged' to attend church (Baptist) with my aunt and tiny cousin, but aside from that the trip was fun, drama-free, and full of suddenly-adult!cousins, (when did that happen?).

Also! Every time I wonder why I bother with Tumblr something like this pops up:

And I remember it's my #1 pretty dealer. (That's a fanvid, folks, an 'original spec music video for the incredibly talented indie pop artist Marina and the Diamonds comprised of a supermix of tracks from her inspiring debut album, "The Family Jewels."')
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BRB, going to Michigan for the weekend. Will be seeing all the family I almost never see (it's a lot of family) so, uh. Wish me luck.
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Dad: How're you doing?
Me: Fine. Frustrated. Still haven't heard back from that job, which probably means I didn't get it.
Dad: Or that they're still making a decision.
Me: Yeah, I guess. How about you, how're you doing?
Dad: I'm fine, but I'm supposed to be fine. You're the one who should be torn up by anxiety and angst.
Me: Yeah?
Dad: Yes. You're an artist, right? Tortured artist. Anxiety and angst is the way to go.
Me: I guess I'll dig down deep, see what I can pull out.
Dad: Good.

And that's why my dad is the best.

Meanwhile! I've been reading [personal profile] kaigou's posts on Mouretsu Pirates and then Okazu posted about it and then I got decent internet and, well. It was time to check things out.

Short version: Mouretsu Pirates is amazing and you should watch it.

Slightly longer version: Girls! Smart, clever, competent girls! And women! Awesome, badass women! Non-trope-y characterizations! Space pirates! Actual science, like what you'd get in medium-hard scifi! Which makes sense, seeing as the author of the original light novel is a Seiun Award winner. Mother-daughter bonding over firearms! Multiple femslash pairings! The Bechdel test being passed all over the place! No panty shots! SPACE PIRATES.

I'm on episode 6 out of the 8 episodes currently aired and it keeps getting better. It's on CrunchyRoll for free, for folks who can access it, or you can get the torrents here.

I've also started watching Gintama, thanks to [personal profile] pseudo_tsuga, and it is also amazing.

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So it turns out Cricket is evil, in a 'you're a day late pre-paying for the month and we want $120 before we reconnect your internet' sort of way. Screw that. Fortunately Clear's magically extended its coverage to my area, so I was only without for the weekend. Clear, for the record, is 100x faster and also cheaper, Cricket can suck it. I can watch TV again.

Still waiting to hear back about The Job, which is actually kind of reassuring - no call means I'm still in the running, right? Which was the attitude that kept me in Dallas for three extra weeks, but whatever.

Job hunting is depressing. I've only been at it five weeks and I willingly quit my last job so I don't know the half of it, but I do know this: any system that can't support jobs for folks who're qualified and willing (or, hell, just willing) is a system that's broken. It's not a reflection of my (or anyone else's) worth as a person or a worker. It doesn't mean there's something wrong with me (or you).

And that's basic, and kind of preachy, and doesn't help with the realities of paying for shit and making ends meet, but fuck if it's not everything that's keeping me steady. The system's fucked, not me. Not us.
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Interview, which was a phone interview, went really well! I know this because I just got an email inviting me to a real interview next Thursday. YAY. I really, really want this job (print work! cool industry! part-time/30 hours a week, but I'll make more then my last job!), so here's hoping.

Also, I went to a big networking event last night and did not have an anxiety attack (it was a close call). I stayed a full hour! I talked to people! It was amazing.

Unrelated, I've been feeling media starved - my internet's not fast enough for TV, we don't have an actual TV, and my laptop can only run the Adobe Creative Suite if all my games have been uninstalled. Fortunately my iPad, a hand-me-down from my Dad, has proven to hold untapped app depths. I have no idea what Dungeon 2 is, but by god I'm going to play it.

It also has Across Age, a short (it took me 9 hours - 9 hours over two weeks, but still - to beat), strange little RPG. The gameplay was decent: the puzzles challenging without being impossible, the monsters tough but no unbeatable, the maps complicated but not unnavigable (although I was using the walkthrough. Forum posts indicate others had a harder time), our female hero (Ceska, a mage) is actually the more useful character, the music quite good. The story and the character design on the other hand, ugh. Not horrible (except for the mage teacher - why the shoulder pads? Why are her boobs being held up by a collar? Where's the rest of her shirt?), but riddled with cliche (our male hero, Ales, is a pissy, silver-haired bishonen) and bad fashion choices. I'd write it off and move on but the game also, inexplicably, has three queer characters.

In which I think too much about a game no one has played. Uh, light spoilers? )

Speaking of video games, y'all should check out:

The Arkh Project: "An effort by some queer people of color to make a 3D RPG that runs off the beaten path." Check it out, maybe donate, because this is going to be amazing when it's finished.

Princess/Princess: A brand new project by Josh Lesnick, creator of Girly! Princesses! Who rescue each other! And fall in love! It's in the very early stages and I want it now, dammit.

Hatoful Boyfriend: A pigeon dating sim. You can download the game (for free!) here and an English language patch here (read the readme file). Magnificent and terrifying. Common reactions include 'what', 'what the fuck', and 'OH MY GOD'. You're welcome.
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WHO'S GOT AN INTERVIEW? Me, that's who! Part time and seasonal, but it's actual design work for a big company.

Game face time.
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I'm pretty sure I lost a week somewhere. I came down with a head cold and stuffed heads are not conducive to accurate timekeeping.

Still sending out resumes, still not hearing anything back. Have widened the search to include Admin/Receptionist type jobs, which is what I did right out of college, but nadda. I know the job market's horrible right now, but I'm wondering if the problem is my resume and cover letters - any chance one of you folks knows a good review service?

Otherwise keeping busy! I'm writing, I'm drawing, I'm cooking, I'm leaving the apartment at least once a day. I got to have lunch with [personal profile] colorblue... last week? And she was awesome. I've been to a couple meetups. I've got a volunteer thing later today. The building owner has me showing an empty apartment for him, which'll knock some money off my rent. I've signed up for Elance and am trying to relearn this proposal business. I did my taxes and got a sweet refund.

I'm not feeling homesick - I like Chicago, even in the winter, and I talk to my family all the time. I'm figuring out my way around, I'm meeting people, I'm easing past my creative block... if I could find a job* I'd be set.

* It's only been three weeks, I know, I know, but this shit is nerve wracking.
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Ugh, I really need something to do. Something outside the apartment to do. Something that'll bring me into contact with other human beings. So.

I'm heading out to the Art Institute after lunch - they've got a free winter weekdays thing running until Feb. 10th and it's basically my favorite thing. I went Friday after meeting with a creative staffing agency downtown (fingers crossed!) and hung out with the Impressionists for a while, but my Nice Interview Shoes (ouch) cut my visit short.

The internet tells me most of Chicago's art supplies stores are withing a couple blocks of the Art Institute school (makes sense), so I'll head there after and check out their bulletin boards. I can't find many social drawing/art groups online but they've got to exist, right? I mean, Chicago. It's a big town.

It's supposed to be nice out (45+ degrees, wtf), so I'll wander the loop for a while. Maybe hunt down the Pedway [personal profile] copperbadge is always talking about.

Other than that... I could try a local Mensa meetup, I guess. Or a different Meetup ('Young Chicago Professionals', noooooo), Or find somewhere to volunteer. Or post in the platonics section of Craigslist (this has actually worked for me before). Or talk with folks on OKCupid? Or track down a good D&D group? IDK. Suggestions welcome.
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Oh my god, Internet, never leave me again.

I have successfully settled into my apartment in Chicago! I have also:

* Found the grocery store, overestimated my weight allowance, dragged everything back six blocks, remembered halfway to the third floor that Peapod is a thing.

* Locked myself out for an hour, sans keys and phone.

* Met upstairs neighbor who 1) is very nice and 2) knows how to jimmy locks with a credit card.

* Hung out with Roommate and his girlfriend, who are fantastic people. I lucked out, third floor walk-up or not.

* Sold my soul to Cricket for internet access. The internet tells me they're evil itself, but I didn't have many other options and scraping along on my iPad's limited 3G was too painful.

I managed to forget: my primary art supplies (fortunately the auxiliary set was in my laptop bag), a pillow, and an umbrella. Not bad!

Now that I've got internet back it's time to crank the job search into high gear (and try to get freelance gigs in the meantime, plus wrap up the stuff I've got) - I've got two months before I have to go home (or Atlanta, it's a thing) in disgrace.
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Alright, folks, it's go time! I'll be at the apartment in Chicago by 2:30ish, I hear they've rolled out some fresh snow just for me.

Any bets on what I've forgotten to pack?

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I haven't heard back from the Dallas job, so I'm moving ahead with Chicago plans. 90% of my books are packed, stuff's sorted into keep/sell/donate (if you're interested in buying some books/manga off me, now's the time!), I've got most of my furniture listed on craigslist (with a couple bites already, yay!), I'm doing a brisk business in doujinshi (is it weird that I'm getting more for fanmade comics than I am for chairs? The market wants what it wants, I guess), I've got the movers scheduled for this weekend, I've bribed my siblings into helping, I've got a place for my cat, I've got a room secured in Chicago...

I've also watched all of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (except the Thanksgiving episode), the first two seasons of Inspector Lewis (it's on Netflix!), all of Luther, episodes 1-15 of Mawaru Penguindrum, and episodes 1-9 of S1 Covert Affairs. I don't think I'd have made it through packing without the media glut - packing by yourself is a pain in the ass.

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In fannish review, I (in no particular order):

* Made 150 posts (151 with this one!) which averages out to, what, ~12 posts a month? None of it, sadly, is fanfic - I got squat written this year. Or finished this year, anyway; my WIPs are legion.

* Put together the Xavier Mansion - House and Grounds in one map-hazed weekend, which Google Analytics tells me is far and away my most popular post. As it should be.

* Took a stab at starting a fanworks fest, which... did not pan out. Next year! I have a written out Plan Of Action, I am ready. Also attempted to start a One Piece reread, discovered 1) organizing thing over the internet takes a lot of work and 2) One Piece is freaking long. Ouch.

* Joined Kingdom of Loathing on a whim and accidentally ascended two times. It woulda been three but, by time I got my Sauceror to the Frat/Hippy war, Crimbo hit and I got distracted by the shiny, shiny content.

* Watched a lot of TV and movies, recced some links, read a lot of fanfic.

So quiet, basically. Which makes sense, seeing as RL was a rocky ride )

Resolutions for 2012 )

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Do you know what kind of city Dallas is? The kind of city where you can't get a goddamn pizza at 12:30am on a Thursday. In Uptown. Papa Johns? Closed. Pizza Hut? Closed. Freaking Domino's? Closed.

Gonna step it up to the fancy places, see if anyone's kitchen is still open. Gayborhood pizzeria, don't fail me now...
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I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning, hurray! Just for the weekend, to meet with potential roommates and get a feel for the city, but still.

Also, my Mom's coming with me! It's the result of a brief-yet-intense family discussion (unofficially titled 'we're unsure about this business and don't want you Going Alone') and means I don't have to pay for a hotel, at least (subdiscussion 'you're staying at a hostel?'). Mom's good company, it'll be fun. If maybe harder to justify side trips to Rotofugi and The Boring Store.

Anyway! Any chance fannish folks will be in the area and interested in hanging out? Or have recommendations for food near State & W Grand?

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I've gotten an interview offer on one of my applications - it's in Dallas, of course, and means I'm batting 2 for 2 in Texas and 0 everywhere else. I'm going to this one - it's easy to get to and an organization I'd be happy to work for. I'd stay if I got it, I guess, because turning down a good thing for the unknown is past the limits of my recklessness.

In other news, I saw the Muppet movie on Saturday! It was delightful. Fox Business also saw it and had a different response, reaching new levels of ridiculous evil in the process.

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I just gave my two-weeks notice. The ball, she is rolling now.
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I spent the weekend recovering from being ridiculously sick - turns out if you catch a bad cold and go to work anyway, you get worse. Who knew! I'm almost better now, at least, which means I don't have to spend my vacation sick as a dog. And I watched the first 35 episodes of The Twelve Kingdoms (and reread the first book) while recuperating, which was amazing! Twelve Kingdoms is the best, you guys.

I know what I want to get done this week (I'm giving notice when I get back, there is so much to do), I just gotta figure out how to strucure it. I will make a list! But first, a shower and clean clothes, then maybe air out the apartment.
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I had a bit of an epiphany on the bus this morning, as you do. I've got a lot of anxiety right now - last night's post is a prime example - and a good chunk of it is tied up in other people. I know what I want, but I'm afraid of my choices being judged and found wanting by my parents/friends/strangers on the street. It adds to my confusion, it adds to my stress, and it's a terrible way to live.

I'm going to try and panic less and make decisive decisions more. I'm also going to try remembering that my anxiety and depression are an Actual Thing and be kinder to myself. I'm also x2 going to try and stop panicking all over this journal, it's never as cathartic as I think it's going to be.

I'm going to cancel tomorrow's interview - seeing it through isn't a good choice for me. This'd be true even if I hadn't woken up voiceless and coughing.

Next decision: do I still take tomorrow off (I still have 2.5 days PTO and won't get it otherwise) or do I come in and get some work done (there's a lot of it). Hmmm.
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It's my birthday! It's also [personal profile] nepenthe's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, B!

To celebrate, have many pretty pictures.

It's like a mini tumblr up in here. )


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