Date: 2013-07-26 01:51 am (UTC)
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You're welcome!! I enjoyed the hell out of making it, I'm glad other folks are finding it useful. And sorry about the delayed reply, it has been A Week.

The suit thing confused me - I absolutely associate it with Hermann, even if he doesn't actually wear them as an adult - and I am totally down for an 'all the kid shots are Hermann' interpretation. It opens up twice the backstory possibilities!

The main reason I came down on the Newt side is the cinematography - we zoom into his face, everything kind of... funnels inward, and it morphs into the toy scenes. Which would be a really weird narrative choice if it's supposed to be Hermann, you know? When Raleigh and Mako drift for the first time, we zoom into Raleigh and get a quick shot of him and his brother before shifting to Mako... tldr, I've watched this too many times.

For the last one, hmm... I do like the idea of it being Hermann. It's fun to think of the reasons why that memory would get dredged up. A point of shared history? He's needed reading glasses for a long time? Sparked by something emotional we don't see?

Comparing the kid actor's mouths, though - and I cannot believe I did this - I'm pretty sure it's Trek Buccino, who's listed as young Newt (vs Drew Adkins, who plays Hermann). Which brings us back to the suit question.
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