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I was talking at [personal profile] nepenthe about a fic idea I'm poking at - where two guys who're into dudes but haven't actually been in a relationship with one take a (awkward) stab at dating - and realized I was having trouble coming up with precedent. There's plenty of fake dating fic and accidentally/don't know they're dating fic, but not much 'these people are into each other/have been set up by friends/or okcupid and want to see where it goes' fic. Maybe it lacks intensity?

Anyway, I can think of a couple Night Vale fics, and the first couple parts of At Least There's the Football. There are some others, I think in Avengers fandom? where they manage one date before falling into bed/feeeeelings, but that's all I've got.

Am I missing any? Does anyone have dating fic recs (specifically m/m or f/f or threesomes I guess)? Does anyone else suddenly/desperately want these, or am I the only one?
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 I just had a conversation with [personal profile] nepenthe  that led me to realize that a topic, which I previously thought very straight-forward, is kind of controversial. 

So! Dreamwidth! 

Poll #11518 Bacon and Maple Syrup
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Bacon and maple syrup! Should the two ever be combined? Either directly or in some other form, like maple-bacon muffins?

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I haven't tried it but it sounds amazing.
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Fuck no!
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I have no opinion.
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I don't eat bacon and/or maple syrup.
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Something else I will write in the comments.
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Does anyone have opinions re: Zazzle vs CafePress vs Other Stores? I've been thinking about making t-shirts, etc to sell and I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it.


Feb. 18th, 2012 10:22 pm
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Hey, hey guys. Is anyone stateside willing to procure TV episodes, burn them to cd, and mail them to me? Old-school like. I will compensate. I've got at least another 5 weeks of the Slowest Internet Ever and I'm not sure I'll make it. Please send help.
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One work week down, one left to go. I haven't heard back on any of the resumes I've sent out, which means it's about time for Plan B: Fuck It, I'm Moving Anyway. I've got to sit down with my roommates and my parents to hammer out the specifics, but right now Plan B consists of 1) moving most of my stuff into storage, 2) finding a few likely housing candidates in Chicago, 3) flying to Chicago (sometime Dec. 13-31, working around the holidays, my timing is so awesome), meeting folks, and sealing the deal on a place to stay, 4) moving to Chicago For Real the first week of January, 5) letting all the Chicago job openings know 'hey I live here now, I'm awesome, hire me :D :D :D', and 6) PROFIT.

I've only got enough saved up for 3-4 months, assuming a rent + utilities of ~$600, and thus am leery of signing a 6/12 month lease. No way am I finding my own place at that price point, so!

Does anyone have (or knows someone who has) a room (bedroom, den, basement, I care not) to rent/sublease/etc in Chicago for January-March? I've been looking at the Edgewater/Wrigleyville/Lakeview/Andersonville/etc area, but anywhere within walking distance of a rail station would be fantastic. I am quiet, female, queer, clean, fannish, and will be leaving my cats and books in Texas, so I won't even take up much space! References + details available upon request.

Book recs?

Oct. 12th, 2011 04:13 pm
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Can anyone recommend reading on early human history? 250,000 - 50,000 years ago early, covering the appearance of modern humans and/or early human migration? I'm poking through the relevant articles on Wikipedia and they seem more... disjointed than usual.
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* Spent the weekend helping clean out my Grandma's house and helping her move in to her new set of rooms (not really an apartment, though the retirement home calls it that). She's been putting off the move for a long time, refusing to plan for it, and the resulting confusion/familial tension sucked about as much as you'd expect.

* We're trying to find her a hobby (well, okay, a purpose) - aside from letter writing, she's only ever been interested in tutoring and house-keeping. She doesn't have the manual dexterity for art (like my other grandma) or anything to do with her hands, but we were thinking maybe adopting a military troop? Mentor local kids? Arg.

* Grandpa needs something too - Does anyone know of a... puzzle of the month or mystery of the month sort of thing? Where you get mailed some sort of activity/project on a monthly basis?

* I offered to be a back-up home for two of her cats if they couldn't find anyone else and, sure enough. After an intense bout of cat wrangling my Dad and I got them down to Dallas and installed under my bed. Susie went back with Dad to the ranch, since four cats is Too Many for one apartment and she'll handle the ranch better than the boys would. I miss her already.

* At some point during the packing up, Grandma filled three trash bags with family photos (mostly stuff sent to her when her when Great-Grandma/her mother-in-law died) and left them out on the cub with the trash. My sister spotted it and saved them, thank fuck, and we spent last night sorting through them. They cover 1912 - 1998ish and are really amazing - you see Great-Grandma growing up, then Grandpa, then Mom and her brother, then my siblings and I (not all in order. There is no order in trash bags).

* There were a couple of slides from Grandma and Grandpa's engagement party that really struck me - I haven't handled sides a lot and the clarity and color took me by surprise (especially compared to photos from the same time period). They were like tiny perfect windows to the past.

* Oh man, the photos of me. I was a tiny little thing with pretty dresses and waist-length sun-bleached hair until about 12, when I got beat with the puberty stick. Then it was bad skin, wonky teeth (I got braces at 17, totally worth it in retrospect), glasses, weight gain, moodiness, social awkwardness, and unfortunate fashion choices for 10 straight years. It was rough to see that shift documented, but a good reminder that I'm (finally, finally) moving past it.

* Grandma had us go through her house and pick things to keep. I mostly took practical stuff - trash bags and dishes and cans of soup, because my parents have dibs on the Eames lounge chair (1956 original with the rosewood, aaaaah, I've always loved that chair) - but when I was packing up she brought out a landscape painting I'd never seen before and asked if I wanted it. It was a wedding present to Great Grandma in 1926. I know. I think it's a print and I'll have to get it out of the frame to find out the artist, but it's lovely.

* I caved and bought a copy of Minecraft. BAD IDEA - I can already tell it'll be a timesink and I have too much else to do. Will have to figure out some kind of rationing system.
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Anyone have good, long fanfic to recommend? Something archived on the Ao3, so I can load it on my iPad? Slash or gen, any fandom, no worries if I've already read it.

I would also take podfic recs.
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Can anyone recommend reading re: being black and queer in the 1950s/60s US? I'm finding resources on being black and (presumed) straight or queer and white (and male, usually), but not both.

San Diego

Jun. 9th, 2011 05:24 pm
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Does anyone here know anyone with an open couch in San Diego in July? Our ([personal profile] nepenthe and I) housing plans for Comic-Con just fell through, arrg. Arrrrrg.

We are more than happy to pay in booze, comics, or cold hard cash.

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I'm seriously considering moving to Chicago at the end of the year (with the understanding that winter is a terrible time to move anywhere) - my lease will be up, I've sworn to quit my job come November, and I need to get the hell out of Texas. Chicago seems a good fit for needs both practical (a large city, not too expensive, with a good public transit system) and sentimental (I was born in Aurora, IL).

So, anyone here from Chicago? And willing to let me pick your brain? I have questions and a lack of contacts in the area.
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Hey, folks! My roommate D is moving out in June and S and I will need someone to replace her. We'd rather have someone fannish and/or down with the social justice, so If you or someone you know needs a place in Dallas (Uptown, baby!) around that time, drop me a note! It's an awesome, inexpensive apartment and we are awesome roommates.

EDIT - This'll get fleshed out once [personal profile] sitara's recovered from finals, but I can go over the basics:

Up for grabs is a bedroom in our 3bd/2ba apartment in Uptown Dallas. The room's a good size (it's the 'master,' as much as you get a master bedroom in apartments) and the shared bathroom has two sinks and plenty of counter space. Rent is $433/mo plus utilities (rarely goes over $515 total).

The apartment itself is on the 2nd floor with big windows (and a great view), a big porch, and a nice sized living room and kitchen (total square footage is 1300ish). There's a pool, laundry room, and fitness center right outside the door (and down a staircase). Many, many bars/restaurants/clubs/shops are within walking distance (we're talking 5-8 minutes), as are buses, DART rail, the M-Line trolley, an Albertsons, Walgreens, etc.

The catch is that the complex is older. There's no elevator (and it's definitely not easily accessible - lots of stairs), the fixtures + appliances are outdated, and the showerheads are strangely low. Everything works, though! And you can't beat the location or the price.

Other points of interest: There's one cat, Susie, who's small and unobtrusive. [personal profile] sitara's allergic, so we have an air filter set up and do our best to minimize allergens. We have internet but no cable (or a phone line) - the TV's connected to a computer and we mostly use Hulu, Netflix, and magical internet fairies. There's wifi set up and various gaming consoles and printers and kitchen things available for common usage.

A little bit about us: I ([personal profile] effex) am 26, a graphic designer, a giant geek, a lesbian, and an atheist. [personal profile] sitara's 23, a student and part-time tutor, also a giant geek, straight-ish, and Muslim. We're both pretty introverted.

We're also both politically leftist and serious about social justice. We're trying to keep our space as safe as possible, so if you're not down with said leftism/social justice (and we're vocal about it) we are not the roommates for you.

If you are, and are looking for a comfortable, low-priced apartment and two friendly, groovy roommates, sweet! Send me a PM or email me at teawise -at- gmail.com.
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First off, a question: Do y'all think there'd be any interest in a Sci-fi fic fest? One open to any fandom, sci-fi or not, as long as the story explored sci-fi elements.

There is some cool fannish stuff this week:

*Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V mangas have been licensed for rerelease (or just plain release, in Sailor V's case) in the US! EEEEEEEEEEEE! We get the shiny anniversary editions and new translations and everything, it's a goddamn miracle. If you're only familiar with the US dub of the Sailor Moon anime, check out [livejournal.com profile] nevermore999's essay on why the manga is awesome.

* Showtime's picked up the script for a TV adaption of Chew! I don't know if I'd be able to watch it - I have a hard time just reading the comic - but I'm excited anyway.

* To go along with the maybe-someday Good Omens TV show, there's apparently a series about the Ankh-Morpork City Watch in the works. CSI/Cop show style which, while potentially disastrous, is one of the coolest/geekiest TV show ideas ever.

And some not-cool fannish news: “AKIRA” adaptation courts white actors. And while we're at it: The Hunger Games: Racially Ambiguous? Perhaps Not. Fuck you, Hollywood.


* [livejournal.com profile] keeperofqkeys has some links re: the ongoing reactor situation at Fukushima. Zie says they're 'free of media bias, though somewhat heavy in technical jargon', which seems accurate.

* How people really behave during disasters

* The Republican Attack on Women’s Health Goes Global

* Backgrounder: Behind the Battle Over Hidden Debit Card Fees. Dry title but interesting reading. I remember my bank encouraging me to not use my pin # because it wasn't 'safe' and thinking it was about as stupid as the encouraging overdraft thing, now I know the reasoning. Hint: it wasn't to protect users.

* When “Big Pharma” Makes It Tough to be a Skeptic

* How to Do Space Science at Home: Q&A With Space Geek Ariel Waldman

* [community profile] politics. Seriously, everybody should be following this comm (does this count as a Follow Friday post? We'll say yes.)

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My life’s been very nightmare-centric lately - [personal profile] nepenthe’s asked me for examples of well-written nightmares in fiction (fan and original and if you can think of any, let me know, I’m stumped), there’s a sequence in a fic I’m betaing that needs to be completely rewritten (the author doesn’t know this yet), I’m putting together a creepycreepy music mix (working title. I really shouldn’t be listening to it right now), [personal profile] bookshop just put up a post about Japanese horror films.

Any/all/none of which led to my nightmare last night, the full package: Cut because nightmare. Also, warning for graphic imagery. )

It got me thinking (and finally we arrive at the point), though, about the different genres (for lack of a better word) of nightmares/bad dreams. Mine are very psychological - all about the terrible thing in the corner of your eye, the dark shape at the door, the overwhelming sense that something’s Wrong. There’s little gore. I’m never hurt and very rarely in danger. Mom’s are apparently more bloody (she’s a veterinarian, this makes some sense). Popular media tells me other people dream of falling, or showing up to school naked, or creepy crawlies.

I know it’s not a topic some people want to talk about, but if anyone wants to tell me about their nightmares and/or how they affect their waking life, I’d be, uh. Not grateful...interested? Happy to listen? Something.

Wow, I’m tired. Fucking nightmare.
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Asking for a friend - does anyone have recs for decent part-time online jobs? Surveys, translation (Spanish, maybe Urdu) and content generation, things like that. I've seen them mentioned around fandom and will do some digging tomorrow, but I figure if anyone here knows anything...

Thanks in advance!

Prompt me

Feb. 24th, 2011 02:37 pm
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The plan for tonight is to make a blanket nest and get some writing done, starting with the prompts back at my 15 'ships meme. To get out of this not-writing rut, you know? So if you want to leave prompts*, now's the time!

* by which I mean 'please, please leave some prompts'.

...speaking of writing: if any of you know your way around the Marvel U, can you drop me a comment? I'm looking for info on supers, teams, and/or organizations outside the US/UK (specifically Mexico/Central/South America and the Caribbean). Google has failed me and the Official Handbooks are surprisingly difficult to track down.

And hell, while I'm at it, does anyone know anything about working in a theater's scene shop?
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Does anyone have any recs for good lesbian/queer women romance? Or mysteries? I've got a craving and I don't want to resort to my mom's stash of Lynn Kurland/Loretta Chase/Etc. They never satisfy, you know?

Things I've tried and didn't like: Radclyffe's work, Laurie R. King's work, Greetings From Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer, Stay.

Things I've tried and liked: Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith, the Jane Bond books, a bunch (comparatively speaking) of SFF that doesn't quite apply.

I am also open to femslash fic recs (outside of Devil Wear's Prada fandom)!

When I'm rich and famous I'm going to spend my time writing trashy lesbian romances, just so they'll exist.
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I'm planning on buying coffee for a couple people for the holidays but, as an infrequent coffee drinker, I'm not sure where to go to buy. I'm looking for coffee that's 1) fair trade and gives as much profit to the growers as possible, 2) a good morning blend, strong but not *too* stong, and 3) not too expensive. Whole bean or pre-ground is fine, online stores are best but if it turns out to be available from Whole Foods or Central Market that's fine too.

Anyone have any ideas? Favorites to rec?
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I thinking about hosting a One Piece manga reread like the one I did for Hikaru no Go - is anyone here interested in joining in (if you've never heard of One Piece or only know it as 'that manga with the pirates and the funky art' you should know: it's awesome)? It's currently at 60 volumes so it'd be a long haul (I'm thinking of doing 3+ volumes a week so it doesn't take a year), but fun.

Another option: I read the series myself and do a reaction post every five volumes, with people reading along if they want. Thoughts?
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D and I went to see Janelle Monáe Tuesday night and it was amazing, you guys, so amazing. Even with the rain, and being stuck in traffic, and arriving late, and most of the audience being there for Of Montreal and being Very Confused by Janelle, and the elections. AMAZING.

She's so tiny, I never realized. And full of energy - she segued from one song to another seamlessly, rarely pausing between them, and the dancing, omg, the dancing. And her voice. You know how amazing she sounds on her albums? Yeah, even better live.

We only stayed for her show (which was NOT LONG ENOUGH) because D's hipster tolerance was running low and there were an awful lot of hipsters. I managed to snag the Metropolis Suite EP from the merch table, though (mine is sadly not signed)! I'm going to listen the shit out of it when I'm at my parent's this weekend.

And then I started writing this up and realized I still didn't have a Janelle icon, so I made one. And another, and another, and then I had 35.

So. Icons up for grabs! )

Also, while I have you - is anyone here familiar with The Middleman and/or The Losers and willing to beta a short fic over the weekend (Zan, put your hand down)? I'm particularly hoping for someone who knows The Middleman.


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