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In which I watch 15 seconds of a shitty Pacific Rim cam, on repeat, in slow-mo, for fandom science.

Newt and Hermann are first up, Raleigh and Mako should follow later this week.

...Or I'm dead. In which case, ha, I also win. Sort of. )

We do this... together. I'll go with you. )

Side notes x2: every time I watch this (which has been a lot) I can't help thinking god, I hope they went straight to medical after the movie ended. They're both had seizures (multiple for Newt), plus their blood pressure's elevated so high they've ruptured shit in their eyes and noses. That is bad.

Side note x3: Shitty cam is really shitty, guys. If you want to see the movie (and have access to it in theaters), go see it in theaters. I promise it's worth it.

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I watched episodes 1 and 2 of Gintama at some point in my Mouretsu Pirates marathon. It was funny and I liked the characters and holy shit, was this scifi? How had I missed this was scifi? I made a note to watch more.

Then [personal profile] pseudo_tsuga linked me to a primer and an episode guide, because she knows an easy mark when she sees one. The primer says the first two episodes suck in comparison to the rest of the series, which I thought was strange - they were pretty good for a shonen show. So I watched another episode. And another, and - look, CrunchyRoll automatically loads the next episode, okay? If you're watching from the couch you have to get up to it stop and why do that when you could watch more Gintama instead?

Turns out the first two episodes do suck in comparison.

Gintama is magical. It's stupid and funny and gross and heartwarming and clever and meta and I love it to pieces. It's shot up as one of my favorite things and there are 200 more episodes to go (and counting!), can we maintain this kind of momentum?

There is no answer, only picspam. OR Why you should watch this show! )

Gintama's not perfect - there are lots of ladies, but it doesn't pass the Bechdel test very often (though it's been getting better!). There's stalking played as a running gag. There's a kinky character that's played for laughs. There's an episode about trans* and genderqueer people that aims for a positive portrayal and gets about 80% there (trans*/genderqueer people are strong and to be respected, but they can't be attractive). There are no PoC who aren't Japanese (yet. I've seen screencaps with black characters from later episodes, so I'll report back). And in practical terms, you'll miss a lot if you're not familiar with Japanese history and pop-culture.

But on the whole, it's an excellent show. All of the characters are fantastic, the women get to be cool/gross/violent as often as the men, everyone gets character development. There's just enough drama to keep the comedy from getting stale and the drama is really good. It's meta as hell. It pokes fun at its genre. It constantly breaks the fourth wall. It has a canon high school AU. It has amazing voice acting. It has an infinite amount of heart (and dick jokes).

In conclusion:

Whew. Now that's out of the way, I can start spamming you with episode reactions.

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It's my birthday! It's also [personal profile] nepenthe's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, B!

To celebrate, have many pretty pictures.

It's like a mini tumblr up in here. )
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* Same-sex marriage ('Or as I like to call it, 'marriage'') passed in New York, HELL YES. Colorlines, Boing Boing, and The Daily Beast all have picspams of the celebrations + Pride. As do most of the queer blogs on the internet, I'm pretty sure.

* I don't know who came up with this ice-cream ad, but bless them.

* On NPR: 'Being Elmo': Covering Raw Talent With Bright Red Fur

* Shelf-Pod is a house made out of bookcases Osaka prefecture, Japan, made to house the owner's collection of Islamic history books. It's beautiful.

* On Boing Boing: Tornadoes, climate change, and real scientific literacy

I've got a bunch of links re: Greece and another set re: podcasts to post, but that'll wait until later this week. Right now, have a puppy update:

They keep growing, like magic. )
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LOL, I'm terrible at correctly determining kitty!sex. Felicia is an older (6-7 years) neutered male with a clean bill of health and recovering from a bracing round of vaccines and fluids. I was right about him being part Siamese, at least (Mom was all 'you had doubt?').

I might rename him Felix. Or Murphy, which was my first thought and nicely gender-neutral. Or keep it as Felicia, because why not?

I'm trying to pawn him off on our incoming roommate, but she wants a younger cat. I might keep him anyway? If Susie doesn't kill both of us in our sleep?

Anyway. Have MOAR PUPPIES )

Any chance one of y'all is 1) in North Texas and 2) willing to foster 2 or 3 puppies?

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The claims post for [community profile] scifi_fest is up! I'm pretty excited about the prompts I picked. And about maybe getting some actual writing done.

Now that's out of the way...

Puppies! )

And a kitten for the road. )


May. 23rd, 2011 11:01 am
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Spent the weekend up at my parent's place doing a foal watch, which is basically hanging out and eating when not creepily following a pregnant mare around. Eventually we just put her in the backyard, so we could watch her without leaving the couch.

She took her own sweet time about it, but around 2pm yesterday she went into labor and by 2:30 we had a healthy baby boy (I'll spare you the details). My sister was on hand with her camera, most of the photos here are hers.

Photos under the cut! )

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Because Zan just did it and I *cough* just happened to have the photos sitting around...

My bag! It's from Fossil, a couple years old, and very sturdy. I love it.

And inside... )
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Saturday was busy - I went to the pro-choice rally in downtown Dallas (good turnout, poor organization), swung by the Libya Solidarity rally, saw Unknown with a friend (it was as boring as the trailers suggested), went out to dinner at a Cajun joint (ate alligator for the first time), and went out clubbing with my roommates. I'm making up for it by doing absolutely nothing today. Other than taking some photos and making this post. And maybe some laundry.

Speaking of photos: a...while ago [profile] zanzado posted photos of hir piles of stuff room and I said I'd do the same once my piles of stuff place was presentable.

That was at least five months ago but, uh. I unpacked eventually. Brace for massive geekery. )
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I've got a major project to wrap up this week and won't be online much (not that [cough] I do most of my internet-ing at work or anything...). Internet readalongs, etc, will resume on the 12th.

Before I go, have some photos of cats and donkeys! All taken Sunday at my parent's ranch.

Tia Rose says HAI. )

ETA: I should add - if you liked these and/or enjoy photos of horses, you should check out [personal profile] redroanchronicles's work. She's amazing.
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Yesterday I planned on heading out to Angel Island, only to find out that the ferry only stops twice a day - at 10am and 3:10pm (fortunately I found out at 9:30am, eating a bagel in my Aunt and Uncle's kitchen, at not at the ticket booth). So this morning I got up, rode a train, got some coffee, rode a streetcar, and got my ticket. Before 9am (I over compensated a little. It gave me time to buy a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, at least).

And then I boarded the ferry (I love ferries) and rode out to the island. It was an impossibly beautiful day - mid 70s, sunny, clear skies, with lots of pine and eucalyptus trees scenting the air - and there were very few people on the island (15 on the ferry, plus state park folks) so it was like having the place to myself.

I walked/hiked the perimeter of the island - about five miles - and took photos.

So many photos )
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So Nick Simmons released a statement about his plagiarism charges saying, in effect, that it was a homage, he's sorry we're offended, and all manga looks the same anyway.

And then there were (trolling) comments about how he's right, manga does all look the same, what's the problem and I had some kind of fannish!rage blackout, fired up google images, and started planning a really epic rage!post about how manga is not a genre, you can't lump an entire country's creative sequential-art output together like that, and all manga doesn't look the same, dammit.

That was 24 hours ago. I'm feeling much better.

But now I've got these nicely edited images so you're still getting the picspam. )

The images are pretty big and my layout doesn't really support that, so here's the format=light version

So this post isn't completely ridiculous, here. Have some links:

The Face of the Other by Mark Thorn

Are Anime Characters Caucasian or Japanese? on Youtube

Naruto 10th Anniversary Tribute Drawn by Other Popular Manga Artists | Holy heck it's been 10 years. I started reading Naruto when I was 15 and the first, like, 20 chapters were all that was up on Toriyama's World. Yikes.

Also, a signal boost: PSA: "Can I talk to you?" troll
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I was out at my parent's ranch this weekend and it was glorious out - all crisp blue skies and warm sunshine and cool breezes. Between that and a copious amount of time hanging out with my dad and the animals, I think we can confidently call this a good weekend*. Also there was handing out candy at my grandparents... well. Reading McCall Smith and watching my brother hand out candy, same thing.

Took a bunch of photos, the best of which are under this cut: )

*I complained on twitter about some family drama but, really. We're pretty low key - 'drama' is when X does something Y doesn't like and then Y is pissy about it for a while.


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