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There's one more Losers fic in my writing file, but it's a couple pages long and possibly salvageable, so I'm gonna give that a shot.

Cougar held his pocket knife steady as he roughed out a man’s face on a small wooden disk, trying to ignore the crinkling noise behind him. He managed not to look up at the window, their small hotel room reflected back in increasing detail as dusk fell, but couldn’t help tracking the sounds. A soft rustle as something landed in the trashcan, followed by a faint ‘mmm’ and the clicking of a keyboard.

It was Jensen’s fourth sucker in an hour and Cougar wanted to...well.

The working title is 'Suckers and Saints', which is possibly too cool for the short pwp this is supposed to be.


Sep. 15th, 2013 08:03 pm
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I was digging though my Yuletide tag and came across these Inception drabbles (from 2011), which I do not remember writing and never archived anywhere useful. And then [personal profile] brownbetty posted about ferel WIPs and I thought, well. I don't have anything else to post tonight, let's go digging in the writing folder.

Sad, abandoned snippits under the cut. )

I also have pages and pages of notes on a Hikaru no Go/Inception crossover, with comments by a mysterious second party. [personal profile] bookshop? [personal profile] zanzando?

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* [personal profile] glass_icarus is starting an ongoing food carnival! Potluck is intended to be a carnival for multicultural and intersectional discussions of food.

* Questioning Transphobia has an article on Raising (Potentially) Trans Children. It's good advice.

* Over at Native Appropriations - An Acceptable Ignorance: The comments were not rude, they were not even unexpected, but what struck me was how acceptable this level of ignorance was. No one was embarrassed or ashamed by their lack of knowledge, no one found it out of the ordinary. They shared without any hesitation, without apology.

* If you've missed it, the AO3 has implemented a 'kudos' button, similar to Facebook's 'like' thingit. Nifty! Also, Fanlore is out of beta.

* Universal Subtitles is a new tool that lets anyone add subtitles/captioning to any online video that has the code installed. The possibilities are amazing.

* Via BoingBoing: an infographic exploring the business of malware.

* Did any of you see the lunar eclipse Monday night/Tuesday morning? We got lucky - My roommates and I went up to the roof of our building around 2am (us central, about halfway through the eclipse) to see it and there wasn't any cloud cover blocking our view. It was a fantastic reddish color, so cool <3. Both Wired Science and Bad Astronomy have info and photos.

* I got my Yuletide story uploaded on time! And it turns out you can edit after the deadline! Which is good because there were a couple of things I needed to fix. I might do something for Yuletide Madness again this year, but first I want to trawl through [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking for wishlists to fill (mine is here, in case you were wondering).

I wrote a drabble for [livejournal.com profile] angelgazing's cuddle!meme a couple weeks ago (Well, I wrote several, but only one I liked enough to post):

Untitled Yusuf/Saito-ish drabble under the cut. )
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Title: The Coffeehouse Crossover Confrontation
Prompt: Wendy Watson walks into a bar and meets... Jolene!
Fandoms: The Middleman (tv), The Losers (movie)
Word count: ~1850
Rating/Warnings: PG / No warnings apply
Notes: Takes place 2 years after the end of The Middleman and three months after the end of The Losers, contains spoilers for both (including The Middleman’s unaired 13th episode).

For the [community profile] intoabar challenge. Many, many thanks to [personal profile] nepenthe and [personal profile] sasha_feather for the beta!

The Coffeehouse Crossover Confrontation )
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My [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest fic is up! In which I fail to follow good advice (sorry, Aja!), tell a queer focused story, or write a proper ending (or title), but things turn out okay anyway.

Title: Masks, Robots, Coffee (A ZapBamPow Exclusive Interview)
Fandom: Sky High
Pairing/characters: Will Stonghold/Warren Peace
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Sky High and it's characters belong to Disney. I write for love, not profit.
Prompt: #407. Any superhero fandom, any character/any character, a pair of superheroes narrowly divert another world-ending crisis. But for some reason, it was the same-sex kiss (or other show of affection) that made the evening news...
Summary: He'd barely sat down at the conference table, gloved hands folded in front of him and a smile on his face, when the door slid open and Warren walked into the room. Not the interviewer, then. Also, shit. He wasn't ready for this.
Author's Notes: Future fic, set 8 years after the movie and rife with background OCs. Many, many, many thanks to my betas: [personal profile] zanzando, [personal profile] bookshop and [personal profile] nepenthe.

Masks, Robots, Coffee (A ZapBamPow Exclusive Interview)

ETA: And now it's mirrored at AO3!
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I wrote two stories for Yuletide - my assignment and a last minute Yuletide Madness ficbit.

Recoil and Grace (The Sandman, Morpheus/Lucifer, 4613 words) for Grenegome: Child, I have no knack for storytelling.

story notes )


Life Less Ordinary (Blue Beetle, Gen-ish Jaime/Traci, 582 words) for museofspeed: "New rule. From now on, no taking your sister off planet unless you have explicit permission or it's an emergency.".

story notes )


So, both my stories included Traci 13 as a prominent character, because she's amazing and I love her.

(Traci 13, being awesome)

Which made the story I got for Yuletide extra special:

Like what she sees by Katarik (Blue Beetle/Extended DCU): Traci has some thinking to do.

It's a wonderful character study of Traci, the places and people she's been (she's got a brief, complicated canon backstory) and the person she is now, set before her first appearance in Blue Beetle. It's a lovely, almost lyrical piece and definitely incorporated into my personal canon.
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Really, really great. It dosen't help that the only people who read this journal are the ones I talk to regularly anyway...

Berkeley was great, I'm back in Texas, school starts the 22nd. I just uploaded my first fic for [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_challenge here (Edit from 2009: aha, it's still there. My god) - the Clamp Campus Detectives one will go up on Wednesday, after I've finished it. I ended up putting all my extra time into the A'A Prime fic and the deadline kinda snuck up on me... The CCD story I have (almost) ready to go is a much abbreviated version of what I originally had planned. I'll just consider it a place holder, I guess, until the (much) longer one is finished.

Whee. It's so totally time for bed - I'll post a behind the scenes type thingy for the A'A Prime fic tomorrow. Probably .


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