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I was talking at [personal profile] nepenthe about a fic idea I'm poking at - where two guys who're into dudes but haven't actually been in a relationship with one take a (awkward) stab at dating - and realized I was having trouble coming up with precedent. There's plenty of fake dating fic and accidentally/don't know they're dating fic, but not much 'these people are into each other/have been set up by friends/or okcupid and want to see where it goes' fic. Maybe it lacks intensity?

Anyway, I can think of a couple Night Vale fics, and the first couple parts of At Least There's the Football. There are some others, I think in Avengers fandom? where they manage one date before falling into bed/feeeeelings, but that's all I've got.

Am I missing any? Does anyone have dating fic recs (specifically m/m or f/f or threesomes I guess)? Does anyone else suddenly/desperately want these, or am I the only one?
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Hey, I'm in a thing!

I've been very quietly involved with the Fandomspotting broadcast (all [personal profile] zanzando's fault) and yesterday was my first turn on an episode. It's about 'the best anime/manga you're [the english speaking fandom] not reading/watching' and it's full of great panelists (including Melinda from MangaBookshelf) and also me. You should check it out!

We were joking before the broadcast that it felt like exams, with the nerves and the prep and the copious notes. And I did... okay, I guess? I completely, completely flubbed my bit on Hayate x Blade, but everything else went well enough.

Fortunately, I have my Hayate x Blade Guide to Idiots post to fall back on - if you're interested in a hilarious, action packed, girl filled, explicitly queer manga of amazing, you should go read it.

Random observations on the broadcasting experience. )
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Just remembered that, holy fuck, I live in Chicago! I can go to Vividcon! Except, $90. And it's this weekend, so chances of spots still being open are slim.

Well, I can go next year! And it's a good excuse to spend an evening drinking, rewatching vids, and waiting for this year's vids to hit the net (not that I need an excuse).

If anyone's in Chicago and wants to hang out and/or wants to know things to do/places to eat (based on my grand 6 months of knowledge), let me know!


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