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Yuletide 2007 is up in all it's glorious, glorious, ficcy goodness. I'll be posting recs as I read (for, oh, the next month or so - there are over 2000 stories this year) - Yuletide is all about the small fandoms, so expect a lot of small, strange gems.

[1602] Renaissance Portraits by ?. Or maybe he is outside God's law, this man; this creature who wears the face of a man, but cannot die. This is what we tell ourselves, sometimes, when we slice away his skin, when we watch it grow back. Ooooooh, but this is awesome, a look at some of the the characters that didn't make it into Marvel/Neil Gaiman's 1602 series. Really fantastic characterization and tone. And the ending? Priceless.

[1602] Something Like the Sun by ? (Werner/Scotius). Besides. Scotius suspects that this conversation may be overdue. He has already worked out his part in his head, has rehearsed and polished it to a state of near perfection. A short, dreamy piece about the two boys and the girl who doesn't stand between them.

[1602] Solace by ? (Werner/Scotius). Without asking, Summerisle leaned forward and touched the tip of Werner's left wing. "Can you feel it?" he asked. "When we touch you?". Another short, lovely vignette.

[Hot Fuzz] One and One is Two by ? (Andy/Andy, Nick/Danny). Andy Wainwright saw New Andy for the first time in his life while loitering behind the castle. A great peek at the two Andys, with Nick and Danny in the background.

[Hot Fuzz] Film Studies by ? (Nick/Danny). There was a sixth sticky. It got bold red ink, instead of the thin blue of the office pen he found under the cushion and used for the rest of notes. It said only this: WOOOHOOOOO. Danny's got a plan (loves this story tons).

[Hot Fuzz] Bend Hard by ? (Nick/Danny). But Danny exclaimed, "That's brilliant! Gay action heroes. That's so modern!". I think this is my favorite yet - Danny and Nick are action heroes, so where was the lady in distress?

[Hot Fuzz] The White Lights and the Blue by ? (Nick/Danny). "Plus," Mr. Staker said while Nicholas was still mentally debating the merits of large, flightless birds, "there's the small matter of the crop circles.". Okay, strike that, this is my favorite. Because aliens! and Torchwood! And the swan and handcuffs and a poor, confused Nick.

[Hot Fuzz] The Policeman Officer's Seduction by ? (Danny/Nick). Would cranberry juice be in Danny's fridge without an ulterior motive? It would not. This short little number is made of awesome and aww. Lots and lots of aww.

[Hot Fuzz] Direct Evidence by ?. "Hey Andy," Sergeant Wainwright said, chewing at the end of his pencil. "Did we fire at the ones behind the bucher's counter before or after they started throwing knives at us?". Action heroes never have to go to court, either.

[Hot Fuzz] Occupational Hazards by ?. "Is this--" he pauses to consider his options. Heroic grumbling about aches and pains? Check. Pre-millennial skyline? Check. Eloquent use of metaphor? Double check. "Er. Die Hard?". A handful of sweet, fun moments.

[Kiss Kiss Bang Bang] Just Another Day at Work. "Tell me we're not staking out a god damned toy store." This is not a Christmas story. It's especially not a gay Christmas story.

[Kiss Kiss Bang Bang] The Other Line by ? (Perry/Harry). "You don't hate me," Harry said. "You don't. Harmony said she loved me but the minute the old man died, she was all, 'It's time for me to go home, Harry,' and 'I need a fresh start, Harry,' and 'Get off my leg, Harry.' And now she's gone.". This is adorable. As adorable as these two can be, anyway, which is apparently a lot.

[Kiss Kiss Bang Bang] Things We Can't Untie: Or, Gay Perry and Gay Harry and the Gay Jewels of Nabooti by ? (Perry/Harry). Wait, I guess I should go back. Yes, Perry and I are sleeping together now. You can't honestly say you're that surprised, can you?. Harry has feelings, dammit, and is also persistent.

[Live Free or Die Hard] September by ? (Matt/John). "So, it's entirely possible I'm not adjusting all that well." Matt sticks his hands in his pockets, and rocks back on his heels. A beautifully characterized look at the movie's aftermath.

[Live Free or Die Hard] How Enos Finally Caught Daisy (Or, Possibly, The Other Way Around) by ? (Matt/John). He should look young to me, John thinks again, but it doesn't help this time around any more than the first. This story... makes me content, in a soft, happy way.

[Live Free or Die Hard] Night Before Dawn by ? (Matt/John). "We all have to die," John said, his mouth covered by his hand. "Just not today." And, once again, I'm running out of words with which to summarize. So! Squee! If you like the pairing, chances are pretty good you'll like this story and, such, you should go read it.

[Live Free or Die Hard] The One with the Advocate by ? (Matt/John). They don't come up with a way to tell John's son, and then there are terrorists, and cheese cake for dinner, and they kind of forget in the time between that he doesn't know. A fun slice of life with family dinners, drug busts, and, of course, the Advocate.

[Live Free or Die Hard] Just That Simple Thing by ? (Matt/John). When Matt said `let's change that', he meant in some small way. He meant that he really wanted to buy the helicopter for John and needed a reason to do it, but Lucy, apparently, heard 'let's change twenty years worth of Scrooge tendencies in one holiday season'. I LOVE this story to little bitty bits. It's got Christmas, helicopters, cooking, sex, the works. Also, it is made out of awesome.

[My Boss, My Hero] Neither Here Nor There by ? (Jun/Makio). Everything is great until the day when Kazu, quite unexpectedly, catches Jun with his hand down Makio's pants. Being a yakuza's boyfriend is more complicated then expected.

[Ookiku Furikabutte] Study Hard and You Will Be Rewarded by ? (Hanai/Tajima, Abe/Mihashi). Tajima's head was bent down again as he scribbled furiously, but the afterimage of that smile was burned onto Hanai's eyelids. He saw it every time they closed. Ookiku Furikabutte is the gayist of the gay sports manga/anime, and is also very much my favorite (coincidence?). This is a wonderful contribution to the small English fandom, and also adorable.

[Night at the Museum] Malak by ? (Jedediah/Octavius). "Just a little camping," Jedediah said, looking suspiciously guilty. "Hunting, fishing, riding, brokebacking. That sort of thing." You know you're a slasher down to the bone when you start shipping the tiny men in children's films (no, the other tiny men). That said, this is a fun, zany little story for a fandom that has too few.

[Night at the Museum] Playing Nice by ? (Jedediah/Octavius). Two weeks before, in an ill-fated incident involving a ramp, a water feature in the Hall of African Mammals, and an unexpected rhinoceros, their prized vehicle had met an unfortunate end. Now this is lovely - a sweet, slightly wistful look at the boy's life in the museum.

[Pan's Labyrinth] Given and Won by ?. 'When I am grown, I will be like my mother - perhaps I will even know more.' Then she smiled, and said, 'She is very beautiful, my mother, did you know?' A look at the lives of the Princess; past, present, and future.

[Pan's Labyrinth] Dream's Labyrinth by ?. "Hermano," said the woman who was a sister, but was not his sister, "Hermano Inocencio, you tell them this is your name." Oh oh oh, but this is perfect, wonderful fantastic - Ofelia's brother wants to know who he is. And it's a crossover with Sandman and, did I mention, perfect?

[Psych] What Happens In Freedom Stays In Freedom by ? (Shawn/Lassiter). Carlton's hand shot out, gripping Spencer's wrist so hard he could feel the grind of bone, and the thing was: this could go so many ways. In character Shawn/Lassiter? With a case brimming with that special brand of Psych weirdness? With in character Shawn/Lassiter nookie? Why yes, it is possible.




ETA: So far we've got 1602, Hot Fuzz, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Live Free or Die Hard and uh. The writing this year is absolutely fantastic and, while I am a woman of my word and will bravely continue on, the list is going to be very long.


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