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It's been nearly a week and I still don't know how to talk about [personal profile] skywardprodigal's death. We never talked or interacted, but she was a name and a voice I trusted in every conversation I saw her in. She was a bright light, brilliant.

Here is [personal profile] brightfame's original post sharing the news and here is the followup. There are many memorial posts scattered about the community - [personal profile] spiralsheep's is particularly eloquent and collects links to others in the comments.


On Elizabeth Moon and WisCon:

* N. K. Jemisin posts about her experiences with the concom and her decision not to attend the con. Followup after Moon's disinvitation here.

* [personal profile] karnythia has responses to some common defensive arguments.

* From [personal profile] vito_excalibur: A Short Play in Four Acts.

* [profile] cofax07 reminds us what censorship is and is not (hint: the SF3 isn't actually censoring Elizabeth Moon!).

On asexuality:

* Via [personal profile] zanzando: [profile] ontd_feminism is failtastic, [personal profile] mercredigirl responds.

* The Asexual Visibility and Education Network is a good place to educate yourself on what asexuality is and isn't. Here is a bonus article on aromanticism.

* [community profile] asexual_fandom has even more resources.

* They're also hosting The Ace Manifestos Project! Here's the intro/rules post, here's the claims post.

Other things:

*[personal profile] lamardeuse's thoughts on Spirit Day: What I'm saying is this: it's fine for this day to be whatever you want it to be, and encompass more than what or who these young men were. But if we're going to point to these six individuals, these six lives, as examples, then we're not honouring them by losing sight of their individuality in the quest for symbolism. They deserved a hell of a lot more than they got in their short lives, and they certainly deserve more than a one-click, five second reblog from us.

* A federal appeals panel blocked the lower court ruling halting DADT enforcement. "In order to provide this court with an opportunity to consider fully the issues presented," whatever the fuck that means.

* Paypal: still trying to screw you over.

* A guy named Jason Packman has collected everything Ta-Nehisi Coates has written on the US Civil War in one handy location. Shiny.

* I was going to link y'all to this thing on 4chan (I know, I know) where somebody posted all of Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker's Underground and Steve Lieber showed up and was very classy about everything. It's down now - hopefully I can dig up screencaps but, in the meantime, Steve Lieber is a classy dude and Underground (note: I've only read the first two issues) is a classy comic. ETA: HA, Steve has an archived version of the 4chan thread (including all the page scans, looks like) on his site.

* Old school anime fans, brace for nostalgia - 18 years of Out Magazine covers.


Yuletide nominations are closed! I managed a last minute swap from UnderCovers (because it was nominated a million times) to Templar, Arizona (which had never been nominated). It's a great comic and everybody should read it.

All six of my nominations qualify for the [community profile] dark_agenda challenge to one degree or another, which is awesome because it's an awesome challenge, and I'll be doing the same with my requests. If you haven't checked it out yet, I encourage you to do so!
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