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Oh man, I am nowhere near finish trawling the Yuletide archive - apperently I rellay do have too many fandoms. Or they keep sneaking new stories in when I'm not looking (which wouldn't give them much time but it could theoretically be done), one of the two.

But I do have a couple to highlight - three four short stories and three lovely long ones, a convenient and varied selection to fit your New Years schedule! /dork

* all your heart-melodies - Lilo & Stich: At seven, Lilo wants to grow up to be an intergalactic space hero. This is my so-far favorite Yuletide story - it's quick and simple and very powerful. On growing up and childhood dreams.

* Four Times Hardison Told His Nana He Was Sorry, And One Time He Said He Was (But Totally Wasn't) - Leverage: Sometimes, a geeky fanboy has to do what a geeky fanboy has to do. Oh, Alec. You are my favorite <3 <3 <3.

* Synthesis Song Soul and Thousand Voices, One Fight - Metropolis the Chase Suite (Janelle Monae): Music is the lens through which we view the soul; music is how we make ourselves whole. | The revolution started with Cindi Mayweather, but it will not end there. Two really, really nice ficlets for Janelle Monae's amazing Metropolis album (and if you don't own it, you need to get on that stat. I'll wait). I'm 90% sure they were written by the same person but, even if not, they really should be read together. The first is a closer look at Cindi, how she was made and where she's going, the second a wider look at the revolution. Top notch stuff, very lyrical, a must read even if you haven't heard the music.

And the longer (15K+) fic:

* No Man's Land - Crossover: Torchwood, Doctor Who, Lord Peter Wimsey: "We're all dead to you, aren't we?". This hits all my long!scifi!plot! buttons with a vengeance (there are not nearly enough fics that do). Takes place during Jack's second time through World War I.

* Clean Linen - Heyer novel crossover: April Lady and The Unknown Ajax: Claud Darracott isn't looking forward to going home for Christmas: for a Dandy like Claud, there's nothing to do in the country, and on top of that, the Darracotts will be a sorry bunch, because his cousin Richmond, in Paris with Wellington's Army of Occupation, has still not returned. Being trapped by a blizzard at a country inn on the way turns out to be a blessing in disguise, when he meets Felix Hethersett. But inviting Hethersett to the family home seems to have been a mistake: something's afoot there, and whatever it is, with the Darracotts, it's bound to be a mess.... The author has a really fantastic period voice - the idioms, fashions, and attitudes of the time roll off the page effortlessly. If you're a fan of period romance (and I know I am) but wish it was queerer (and I know I do), this is the story for you. Also, there are hijinks.

* Not Gonna Write You a Love Song - American Idol RPS: "Adam can never write a song about this." Speaking of queer romances, this is a fun'n'sweet one starring his Glambertness and Dustin Lance Black (screenwriter for Milk) [pets them both].

I'm tagging Yuletide favorites as I read them on delicious, if you want recs in real time.


And while I'm here - Happy New Years, folks! I'mma go out tonight with a bunch of friends (if they aren't all housebound due to flu), will let you know if adventure and/or hijinks ensue.


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