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I've finished and posted my Yuletide fic, it was amazing.

Although [personal profile] nepenthe keeps telling me it's not actually a story, it's the first chapter to a much longer fic. She's right. But I'm not thinking about it, right now, because Yuletide has eaten my brain for the past two weeks. It's all I've been talking about - my twitter is one long Yuletide spam (with cranky whining occasionally mixed in).

I'm thinking about picking up something for Yuletide Madness. There's this hole in my life where my Yuletide fic used to be.

So. Projects already slated for 2010:

* Get the [current code name: PRINCESS] project off the ground.

* Work on sequels to Yuletide fic.

* Write movie with roommate (we've been watching bad gay movies and have decided we could do better. And apparently she knows Israel Luna pretty well, so who knows).

It feels like 2010 is going to be amazing, you know? Or at least better then 2009 (not that 2009's been as bad to me as it has to other folks I know). I should make a year-in-review post, hmm.
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