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Quick post to remind myself - finally decided on my four Yuletide request fandoms, which are: Darkwing Duck (the world needs more floofy Drake/Launchpad slash. Needs it bad), Fairy Tales (I'm gonna ask for kick ass women and dramatic trope subversion and loads of queerness, yes), Runaways (Karolina/Xavin forevvvvvvvvar), and Night at the Museum Blue Beetle.

For, you know. Now. I'm not 100% sure on the last one.

oshit, Reborn!'s a nominated fandom? And the Dresden Files, and the Jurassic Park movies, and Hayate x Blade (well, yeah, I nominated that one), and Live Free or Die Hard, and Blue Beetle (hmm, might actually change to this one... yeah).

How was nothing with Ted Kord ala Blue Beetle v.2 and Booster Gold nominated? Justice League International and/or Booster Gold should be totes small enough.

Ooooh, DuckTales *was* nominated.

[ETA from the FUTURE (Dec. 22): ha, and then I changed it ten times]
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