Nov. 20th, 2010

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Firstly - Hi! Hello! I'm really excited about Yuletide and finally getting to write this letter, thank you so much for participating! And for writing me a story!

Secondly - Feel free to ignore the following. I'll be happiest with a story you were happy to write, please go where ever inspiration takes you.

That said, I like stories with: adventure, happy endings, explosions, romance, crossovers, mad science, banter, friendships, mountains, oceans, well characterized characters (heh), animals, shenanigans, magic, families, libraries, detailed (and accurate) settings, food, artists, swearing, first times, first times that *don't* involve penetration, frottage, superpowers, spaceships, explorations of sexuality and gender and race and culture and politics and privilege, plots that make me think, or cry, or laugh, or (best of all) all three.

I prefer stories that don't have: sad/dark/depressing/unresolved endings, mpreg, soul-bonds/destined lovers, character bashing, slavery, petnames not taken from canon, romance without development, unexamined privilege, excessive emo, sex without preparation/protection, 'perfect' sex (coming at the same time, please no) kinks involving bodily fluids, and the word 'cum,' *ever* (unless, idk, someone's reading email spam).

I'm very much a slash fan but I've chosen fandoms where slash, gen, or het would also make me happy so, please, have at. I'm comfortable with any level of sexual explicitness and most kinks.

If you really want to know more about me and my tastes/preferences, you can read my about me post, browse my delicious tags, or watch me ramble on twitter.

Right! On to the fandoms:

1) Hayate x Blade )

2) Dostana )

3) Community )

4) Sanctuary )

Thank you again! May your Yuletide be a good one :D :D


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