Oct. 14th, 2010

effex: I just want to steal it a *little* (I just want to steal it a *little*)
And the nominations are [drumroll]:

Blue Beetle
Hayate x Blade
The Losers (movie)
The Middleman (tv show)
Natsume Yuujinchou (anime and manga)
Undercovers (Any one have a link to an overview? I thought about using Racialicious, but the joy, it is not there.)


I have lots of comments about the way Yuletide is being run this year but I'm gonna wait to see how things play out and resist the urge to nominate, like, Digimon. Or Sailor Moon. Or Dragon Ball or Legend of Zelda or Trigun or Ranma 1/2 or Pokemon or WORLD OF WARCRAFT and okay, I'm stopping now.

It looks like they might close the 'new fandom' loophole, though? Most excellent.


As you might guess from the list, I am watching Undercovers! And enjoying the heck out of it - it's cheesy and ridiculous and doesn't make a lot of sense and Sam and Steven (and Hoyt, though the boy needs to get laid) are so awesome and all of that works for me.

Also started watching Noah's Arc with the roommates to counteract the lack of gay in our current lineup. So far it is silly and charming!


We're also working our way through S's Bollywood collection - we just finished Veer-Zaara and are about a third of the way through Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham..., which I suspect is made out of sunshine and joy.


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