Nov. 11th, 2008

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Just got my Yuletide assignment so it must be time to post my DYA letter, right? Right! This is my first Yuletide (and my first Dear Yuletide Author letter) - forgive me if I get a bit wordy and effusive. Or incoherent :D .

To start: I'm fine with gen and slash/femslash of pretty much every type and rating, but am much pickier about het - the characters need to go above and beyond awesome-wise, both individually and as a couple, for it to work for me (Paco and Brenda, Jaime and Traci, Policeguy and Hipbone, Akira and Utako, as examples). [shrugs] It's because I'm queer myself, I expect, and prefer to see that reflected in the romance/sexin' I read. I'm good with... actually, it'll be easier to list the stuff I'm *not* good with, which is heavy angst, rape, dubcon, partner betrayal, a strong dom/sub dynamic, character death, song fic, and lack of research (I know a fair bit about Japanese culture, for example, and nothing will throw me out of a fic faster then improper use of honorifics, an inaccurate depiction of their school system, Americanisms, etc).

I prefer lengthy, plotty fics as a rule but would also be happy with something shorter and character-focused. Or crack, crack is always good. Also pwps, if you give it a little buildup first.

I like stories with: adventure, happy endings, explosions, crossovers, genderbending, first times, mad science, banter, strong women (please, please, please), strong men, cats, shenanigans, goggles, magic, libraries, detailed (and accurate) settings, tea, swearing, first time sex that *doesn't* involve penetration (or heals or Makes Everything Better), frottage, superpowers, plots that make me think, or cry, or laugh, or (best of all) all three.

I don't like stories with: a strict uke/seme (top/bottom) delineation, sad/dark/depressing endings, mpreg, soul-bonds/destined lovers, female bashing, threesomes, petnames not taken from canon, fades to black, romance without proper development (I want to *feel* it), sex without preparation/protection, 'perfect' sex, telling-not-showing, excessive use of the words 'giggle,' 'smirk,' and 'weep' (and all variations thereof), and the word 'cum,' *ever* (unless someone's reading email spam, or something). Also, and I mention this only because two of my requests are manga (and I'm a touch obsessive ^^:), I'd prefer you to avoid using Japansese words wherever possible (see here and the first paragraph here for why - did I mention obsessive?).

[dusts off hands] Right! On to the fandoms:

1. Blue Beetle )

2. Clamp School Detectives )

3. Girly )

4. Ranma 1/2 )

Whew! That's it, I think - time to stop poking at this and post it, already. Thank you so much, Yuletide Author - I know I'll love whatever you end up writing me.


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