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Just got my Yuletide assignment so it must be time to post my DYA letter, right? Right! This is my first Yuletide (and my first Dear Yuletide Author letter) - forgive me if I get a bit wordy and effusive. Or incoherent :D .

To start: I'm fine with gen and slash/femslash of pretty much every type and rating, but am much pickier about het - the characters need to go above and beyond awesome-wise, both individually and as a couple, for it to work for me (Paco and Brenda, Jaime and Traci, Policeguy and Hipbone, Akira and Utako, as examples). [shrugs] It's because I'm queer myself, I expect, and prefer to see that reflected in the romance/sexin' I read. I'm good with... actually, it'll be easier to list the stuff I'm *not* good with, which is heavy angst, rape, dubcon, partner betrayal, a strong dom/sub dynamic, character death, song fic, and lack of research (I know a fair bit about Japanese culture, for example, and nothing will throw me out of a fic faster then improper use of honorifics, an inaccurate depiction of their school system, Americanisms, etc).

I prefer lengthy, plotty fics as a rule but would also be happy with something shorter and character-focused. Or crack, crack is always good. Also pwps, if you give it a little buildup first.

I like stories with: adventure, happy endings, explosions, crossovers, genderbending, first times, mad science, banter, strong women (please, please, please), strong men, cats, shenanigans, goggles, magic, libraries, detailed (and accurate) settings, tea, swearing, first time sex that *doesn't* involve penetration (or heals or Makes Everything Better), frottage, superpowers, plots that make me think, or cry, or laugh, or (best of all) all three.

I don't like stories with: a strict uke/seme (top/bottom) delineation, sad/dark/depressing endings, mpreg, soul-bonds/destined lovers, female bashing, threesomes, petnames not taken from canon, fades to black, romance without proper development (I want to *feel* it), sex without preparation/protection, 'perfect' sex, telling-not-showing, excessive use of the words 'giggle,' 'smirk,' and 'weep' (and all variations thereof), and the word 'cum,' *ever* (unless someone's reading email spam, or something). Also, and I mention this only because two of my requests are manga (and I'm a touch obsessive ^^:), I'd prefer you to avoid using Japansese words wherever possible (see here and the first paragraph here for why - did I mention obsessive?).

[dusts off hands] Right! On to the fandoms:

1. Blue Beetle

Firstly, I am totally up on Blue Beetle canon, don't worry about spoiling me on anything. Ditto for the DC universe as a whole - even if I'm not following the title chances are pretty good I know who they are.

Secondly, I love Blue Beetle. Love it. I love Jaime, for being such a teenager and so damn strong at the same time (and for having a little Ted Kord shrine in his room, 'cause I adore Ted as well). I love his family and how real they are and how much care they have for each other, I love Brenda and Paco for being so totally kickass, I love the scarab and it's slow awaking to autonomy (and snark), I love Traci for being so competent, and the rest of the cast for having their own lives and opinions and motivations. I love that the Reyes are Hispanic and that the majority of the cast is non-white. I love the humor, and the writing, and the heart.

This means, should this be the fandom you're working with, that you can write me *anything* and I will love it and kiss it and hang it on my wall. Anything. Tell me more about Jaime and Traci's relationship (they don't get nearly enough screen time as a couple), tell me about Paco and Brenda's not!dates, about Jaime's parent's waiting up at night, about a day in La Dama's life, about Jaime learning to work with two different teams (his own and the Teen Titans), about what Milago wants to be when she grows up. If you're up for a title crossover, tell me about new!Beetle and new!Question fighting crime (Renee Montoya is my heroine, forever and ever) or Jaime and Eddie (Kid/Red Devil) being dorky boyfriends (be still, pairing of my heart), or Jaime and Batman teaming up to do anything, because that is never not awesome.

2. Clamp School Detectives

Mmm, classic Clamp. I've got both the manga and the anime, feel free to use whichever version you're comfortable with and to throw in stuff from the rest of the universe - 20 Faces, School Defenders, Paranormal Investigators, Tokyo Babylon, X. Or, heck, use one of the alternative versions from Tsubasa - I'd be totally down with that.

Now, for this request, I'd really, really like Souh/Nokoru slash (of any rating) - it's one of my favorite pairings and fic for them is rare on the ground. I do, however, realize not everybody wants to/can write slash (in general or this pairing in particular), in which case I'd be fine with friendship fic. I'd prefer the boys to be aged up a bit (highschool-ish) if you're going ahead with pairing!fic, any age is fine for gen.

Aside from the Souh/Nokoru, I'd adore me some case!fic - I think I mentioned rescues and daring-do in my prompt, yeah? Something with [waves hands about], oh, fights in high places, and Nokoru being ridiculously clever, and the blimp (I love the blimp), and the destruction of paperwork. It can be as serious (the boys are older, their responsibilities are heavier) or as lighthearted (there's a ghost haunting the gardens/cafeteria/tokyo tower!) as you'd like (or a nice blend). A side note - I'm a huge sucker for get-together fic. Just, you know, throwing that out there.

3. Girly

Last I checked I was the only one offering/requesting this fandom, something that makes me very, very sad inside - Girly's *awesome.* To cut/paste from my 'rec a rare fandom' post: Adventure! Cats! Ray guns! Lesbians! Elephants! Cheap gags! Girly, a webcomic featuring all of these things (and more!), has been running since 2003 and currently weighs in at 619 strips (14 chapters). This is a bit much to absorb quickly, sure, but cheaters new readers can start at chapter 11 (a recap) and be in good shape. It's a fun series full of great characters, wacky situations, and true love.

On the off chance none of the other prompts are working for you and you want to try something new and full of awesome and lesbians, here's what I'm looking for: Otra and Winter, being a team and a couple and getting into wacky situations. You can use one of the adventures alluded to in the comic (the unicorn adventure, the mermaid adventure, etc) or come up with something new - I quite fancy the idea of a steampunk adventure, myself, or something with giant robots. Or, ooh, noir (maybe even a noir AU?) - something with mobsters and guns and Otra as the world-weary private dick and Winter as the woman (with gams up to *there*) who's waltzed into her office (her *parents* are missing, god, I am suddenly so in love with this idea). Alternatively, something with Collette - how she got her rhythm, being half cut/paste in a 3D world, what she's studying in college, etc.

4. Ranma 1/2

The thing I love about Ranma 1/2, when I'm dreaming up stories for it, is that you can take the characters *anywhere.* Rampaging monster attacking downtown? Canon! A vast multitude of wacky martial arts hijinks? Also canon! Superheros, magical girls, wizards, monsters, the apocolypse, alternate dimensions, road trips? Sure! A crossover with xxxHolic/Harry Potter/Doctor Who? Why the hell not (and then I imagined the Doctor constantly running after Ryoga and my brain imploded a little)? Plus, there's all sorts of room to explore gender, sexuality, and identity (something the series avoided, sadly). I've only read the first 18 volumes (and the very end, which I promptly pretended out of existence - *not* an Akane/Ranma fan) and haven't seen any of the anime, but don't let that limit you - I pick things up fast.

If at *all* possible, I'd like the fic to feature Ranma/Ryoga (emphasis on the slash, yo). I know slash isn't everyone's cup of tea, but... [puppy eyes]. Other then that... like I've mentioned, I love adventure/case!fic/plotty epicness best of all (also get-together fic <3), something with fights and explosions and romance. But, should you instead want to tell me about a day at school, or a quiet movie night, or comedic series of misunderstandings, I would be perfectly happy. I love the entire cast (and other favorite pairings include Akane/Ukyo and Mousse/Shampoo), feel free to use whomever you'd like in the story.

Whew! That's it, I think - time to stop poking at this and post it, already. Thank you so much, Yuletide Author - I know I'll love whatever you end up writing me.
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